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1* BreakawayPopHit: The song "Tongue Tied" was so popular amongst fans that it was released as a single (complete with remixes) in order to coincide with Series VI, several years (and four series) after the episode aired - and even made the UK Top 20. This is especially impressive because the show never spawned an actual soundtrack album. The episode is one of the most popular of Series II largely because of this song.* TheCastShowOff: "Tongue Tied" is an opportunity for Danny John-Jules to show off his singing and dancing ability.* DawsonCasting: Despite supposedly playing an otherwise-identical DistaffCounterpart of Lister in this episode, Angela Bruce was 38 years old during filming, compared to the 25-year-old Creator/CraigCharles.* OldShame: ** Doug Naylor later admitted that the episode didn't handle the gender politics very well.** Chris Barrie later went on record at the Manchester Comicon 2014 that he didn't enjoy doing the opening "Tongue Tied" musical intro and stated that Creator/CraigCharles and himself are not great dancers and that he doesn't remember much about it.* PropRecycling: The dream recorder that the Cat uses at the beginning is the same prop from the observation dome in "[[Recap/RedDwarfSeasonIIBetterThanLife Better Than Life]]" and "[[Recap/RedDwarfSeasonIIThanksForTheMemory Thanks for the Memory]]".* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: The characters briefly talk about "masculinists", which gender-swap stereotypes associated with second-wave feminism, rather than third-wave feminism common today.


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