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Context Trivia / RavensHome

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1* AdoredByTheNetwork: Creator/DisneyChannel ''loves'' airing reruns of this series multiple times every day.
2* RealLifeWritesThePlot:
3** Near the end of production of Season 3, Raven-Symone injured her wrist from a hoverboard accident. So, in the final three produced episodes, she wears a bejeweled sling, having broken her wrist from a slip-up.
4** Subsequent episodes of Season 4 (starting with "Mad About Yuletide") feature an in-universe quarantine, according to the Coronavirus Pandemic which resulted in a real-life quarantines itself. As a result, some of the background characters are seen wearing surgical masks, like how people nowadays wear them to avoid spreading the disease.
5* SequelGap: It premiered ten years after the [[Series/ThatsSoRaven original series]] ended, and nine years after the [[Series/CoryInTheHouse spinoff]] ended.
6* ThoseTwoGuys: Isaac Ryan Brown (Booker) and Leslie David Baker (principal) both work on ''WesternAnimation/PuppyDogPals''.
7* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
8** Before Devon Carter was revealed to be Raven's ex-husband and the father of Booker and Nia, Raven's ex (and the twins' dad) was originally going to be a man named David (nothing was said about his last name).