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1* AttentionDeficitCreatorDisorder: Josh, big time.* BrickJoke: Done with their merchandise. They sold socks printed with LEFT FOOT written on each of the pair during the ''...Like Clockwork'' tour. The ''Villains'' tour have them selling the RIGHT FOOT pair.* CreatorBacklash: The band did ''not'' have kind things to say about the video for "In My Head", admitting they were essentially forced into making it by their record label; Troy in particular likened it to a "fucking Gap commercial".* CreatorBreakdown: Josh went through this during the time between ''Era Vulgaris'' and ''...Like Clockwork''. In 2010, a combination of drug use and botched surgery left him hospitalized for about four months and caused him to sink into a deep depression. To make matters worse, the surgery performed on his leg was seriously botched, resulting in his ''heart stopping for a few minutes'' before he was revived through a defibrillator. Needless to say, this experience informs a good percentage of the lyrics on ''...Like Clockwork''.** ''Lullabies to Paralyze'' was this, as well. The album's darker and moodier tone was the result of Josh's frustration with Nick Oliveri.** Happened again after Josh and his wife Brody Dalle divorced in 2019. His anguish and loneliness really show in the songs he performed in his bathroom at the start of the UsefulNotes/COVID19Pandemic. * ThePeteBest: [[{{Pun}} No one knows]] who Alfredo Hernández or Gene Trautmann are. Even fewer know that Alfredo was the band's ''fourth'' drummer (with Victor Indrizzo, Eva Nahon and Matt Cameron (yes, [[Music/{{Soundgarden}} that one]]) having preceded him). Likewise, they went through about three bassists (Van Conner, Milo Beenhakker and Mike Johnson) before settling on Nick Oliveri.* TheShelfOfMovieLanguishment: The first version of "Infinity" was recorded circa early 1999, when Alfredo Hernández was still with the band, but didn't see release until over a year later as part of the soundtrack to the movie ''WesternAnimation/HeavyMetal2000''.


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