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1* AllStarCast: Surprisingly, for such a low-budget film.˛* BeamMeUpScotty: 2 is widely associated with his famous catch phrase "This is smashing!" which was never put in the film, but on a couple of old trailers and an obscure [[ B-roll]].˛* DoingItForTheArt: Just ''look'' at [[SceneryPorn those]] [[SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome visuals]]...˛* FanNickname:˛** "Mr. Fab," the Fabrication Machine. An alternate to this is "Fab Mac"˛** [[WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime Petrie]] for the pterodactyl monster.˛** 1 is the Sack Pope. He is also known by Pope Doll and 1Pimp. Now there is this [[{{Earworm}} ridiculously addictive]] song for [[ Pope Doll]]. ''Pope Dooooooolllllll! He enters the rooooooooooooom . . .''˛*** [[ Now with '''face melting guitar intro!''']] "He's got a cape, he's got a staff, he's got a great big '''BODYGUARD!'''"˛** On certain Website/DeviantArt communities, 5 is known as "Angst waffle".˛*** He's also sometimes referred to as [[PyroManiac Pyro5]] and "Gerbil Butt".˛** 9 is also commonly referred to as [=9Noob=] due to his IdiotHero moments.˛** 2 is commonly known as either [="Pedo2"=] (by those who make him a MemeticMolester), or [[CoolOldGuy "Grandpa2."]]˛** He's also called [[MemeticMolester "Creeper2"]] by some on Deviantart.˛** There's also [=Pedo9=], which originated from a very creepy looking figurine made before the movie came out. It's for the best that it isn't linked to here.˛* MeaningfulReleaseDate: The movie came out on September 9, 2009 (9/9/09).˛* QuoteSource:˛** FearIsTheAppropriateResponse˛** GoBackToTheSource˛* {{Trope Namer|s}}˛** FearIsTheAppropriateResponse˛** GoBackToTheSource˛* ViralMarketing: Little bit. One of the most interesting ones was a random online-clip that showed Elijah Wood getting his soul sucked out while in the theater.˛** The Facebook account "9 Scientist" (still up, surprisingly) is the Scientist's online diary. It tells readers of the man's struggles with creating the B.R.A.I.N device, and of his misgivings with the Chancellor. Not ''necessary'' to enjoy the movie, but it furthers your appreciation and understanding.˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Looking at the deleted scenes, the key around 6's neck would have been more important to the plot, with 8 playing keep away with it, and the survivors using it at the end to open a box the scientist was holding. Inside is a mirror, and a note labelled "hope" as the survivors look at their reflections. That box was instead used to be the final message from the Scientist to 9. ˛----


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