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1* BlackSheepHit: She's known primarily as a hellraiser, but the more subued ballads "White Liar" and "The House That Built Me" are two of her biggest hits.* BreakthroughHit: After several years of failing to get a big hit, she had a #1 (on Mediabase at least) with "White Liar". Her career swiftly kicked into high gear.* ChartDisplacement: Many of her most famous songs, such as "Kerosene", "Gunpowder & Lead", "White Liar", "Automatic", and "Mama's Broken Heart", didn't get to #1 on ''Billboard'' (although the latter three did get to that position on ''Mediabase''). By comparison, "Heart Like Mine" topped both charts but was not as enduring in the long run as her biggest hit overall, "The House That Built Me".* CreatorCouple: With Music/BlakeShelton for five years.* HitlessHitAlbum:** With little radio promotion, both of the Pistol Annies albums have done surprisingly well. The first one even got to #1 on Top Country Albums without a single hit to its name.** ''The Weight of These Wings'': certified platinum, but none of its singles made much noise at radio.


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