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1* AcclaimedFlop: It was a critical darling, yet didn't make its money back due to stiff competition.* ActingForTwo: Creator/AlbertFinney also plays the matron in the ladies' restroom. No, really.* BoxOfficeBomb: Budget: $14 million. Box Office: $5,080,409.* DuelingMovies: ''Film/GoodFellas'', ''Film/TheGodfatherPartIII'', and ''Film/StateOfGrace'' were all released around the same time.* FakeAmerican: Englishman Creator/AlbertFinney plays the Irish-American Liam "Leo" O'Bannon.* LifeImitatesArt: The Coens found it first hilarious, then infuriating, that while filming this movie full of police corruption they were repeatedly hit up for bribes by New Orleans Police Department officers.* ProductionPosse: This was the Coens' first collaboration with Creator/JohnTurturro, Creator/SteveBuscemi and Creator/JonPolito.* RealLifeRelative: Joel Coen's wife Creator/FrancesMcDormand is the mayor's secretary.* StarMakingRole: For Creator/MarciaGayHarden, who has become one of the most respected actresses in the industry since her breakthrough in this film.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** The initial script has Tom's last name as "Duschaine" instead of Reagan, and The Dane was called Bluepoint.** Eddie Dane was originally written for Creator/PeterStormare and was to be named The Swede. Stormare had to decline as he was appearing as ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' in the Broadway production. The part was then re-written and re-cast, and became The Dane.** Creator/WillemDafoe and Creator/AndyGarcia were considered for Tom Reagan.** Creator/IanHolm was conisdered for Leo.** Creator/MichaelGambon was considered for Johnny Caspar.** Creator/GaryCole and Creator/KevinSpacey were considered for Eddie Dane.** Creator/LindaFiorentino, Creator/JenniferJasonLeigh, Creator/DemiMoore and Creator/JuliaRoberts auditioned to play Verna.* WorkingTitle: ''The Bighead'', which was Creator/TheCoenBrothers' nickname for Tom Reagan.----


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