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1* ActingForTwo: Three instances of this:** Devan Leos portrays both Alan and Hapax The Elder.** Augie Isaac portrays both Gus and Skylar's Dorenbosch.** Paris Berelc is an Acting For Six case: She portrays Skylar and five identical female Calderans. * ActorAllusion: ** In "Living The Dream", Oliver decides to adopt the pseudonym [[Series/ANTFarm "Quimby Fletcher"]].** Another episode mentioned Jordan's hatred of dolphins, a reference to Cozi Zuehlsdorff starring in the movie ''Film/DolphinTale''.* DuelingShows: With both ''Series/TheThundermans'' and ''Series/HenryDanger'', both of which are in Disney's perpetual rival network {{Creator/Nickelodeon}}. Also, with ''Series/LabRats'', which it had a crossover with, and the two shows end up merging into a SpinOff, ''Series/LabRatsEliteForce''.


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