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1* AuthorAppeal: Pairings involving tsundere characters, especially on both sides. In her own words:--> '''Lopoddity:''' "i have a thing for tsundere jerks being awkward together, what can i say"** Ironically enough, she subtly deconstructs this notion with Bruce and Pandora's relationship and how their mainly antagonistic interaction caused the relationship to collapse, since they were too insecure to truly open to one another, despite genuine feelings existing.* FlipFlopOfGod: Lopoddity was unsure whether to canonize Demeter, Discord's deceased mother, although she eventually did so.* IKnewIt: The reveal of Moondancer's father being [[spoiler: Blueblood]] isn't too much of a shock considering his appearance gave him away.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** Maud Pie could've been Cupcake's mother instead of Pinkie Pie. Before Cupcake's parentage was confirmed, her biopage mentioned her being related to Pinkie and Cupcake's resemblance to Cheese along with her Maud-like personality led to the theory of Cheese Sandwich and Maud Pie being her parents. These suspicions were reinforced when [[ Lop drew a picture of Cheese Sandwich and Maud Pie, even describing how they would've met, with Cheese falling for Maud.]][[WordOfGod Lopoddity]] herself admits she seriously struggled between Maud and Pinkie being Cupcake's mother with Pinkie ultimately being chosen. Ironically, Cupcake was designed before Maud Pie was revealed on the show (her personality based on Big Patty from ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'')** Bruce's original character concept had him less as TheRival to Pandora and more of a straight-up [[TheBully bully]]. This was later changed to make him less antagonistic and to have Pandora give as good as she got, chiefly because Lopoddity did not like the idea of a bullying character. Even earlier, Bruce was originally a pretentious artist batpony named Mako that had a weird stalker-ish crush on Pan. Mako would eventually be the name given to the colt born between Bruce and Pandora in an alternate timeline. ** An early storyline, set a thousand years in the future, had Twilight, not being immortal, die of old age. Discord, realizing that Pandora is mortal as well, transfers part of his power to her to prevent her from sharing her mother's fate, but dooms himself in the process, forcing Pandora to take up his throne and become the Goddess of Chaos. Oddball was originally conceived in this future setting from an unknown father (possibilities included an earth pony inventor and a dragon prince). Lopoddity retconned this setting on grounds of it being too depressing, and Oddball became Cupcake's and Pandora's son in the much closer future.** Artemis was originally designed as a batpony alicorn. This design was later scrapped since Lopoddity felt it was too similar to [[Creator/{{Kilala97}} Nidra.]]** [[ One early concept]] [[BizarreSexualDimorphism had female draconequi (namely Pandora) grow mustaches in the same way as males (namely Discord) grew beards.]] While the idea was kept, Pandora's original adult design with a full-time mustache was not.** Pandora was originally named Havoc, had pigtails, and was sweet and kind, but misunderstood by the mean old ponies. She also randomly shapeshifted into a giant, destructive version of herself and would have grown up to be the evil goddess of destruction and mayhem.** Cupcake had a massive crush on Pandora that Pandora was [[AllLoveIsUnrequited completely oblivious to]]. This was later switched around to have Pandora have a crush on Cupcake.** Early drafts of Moondancer had him eventually enter a relationship with Cupcake's younger brother, PB, though [[WordOfGod this is no longer the case.]] He also was originally going to be a [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain totally dorky failure of an "evil overload"]] who [[GoshDarnItToHeck "swore" by foods]] and [[PokeThePoodle was pretty harmless]]; [[KnightOfCerebus not so much anymore]].** The first drafts of Pandora [[ originally had her with antlers]] instead of horns.** Fluttershy and Bulk were originally going to have a little filly named [[ Snowflake]]. She was an albino who was painfully shy, deaf, [[CuteMute mute]] and played the violin. Lop scrapped her due to her being too similar to Fluttershy and replaced her with Rosemary.** Bruce was a "pretentious artist batpony named Mako" whose concept was ultimately split across several characters.


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