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1* ActingForTwo: Due to the relatively low budget of the game, many of the cast members voices two or more characters:²** Creator/HannahTelle: Max / Courtney²** Creator/AshlyBurch: Chloe / Stella / Taylor / Sarah / Weird Lady²** Dayeanne Hutton: Kate / Alyssa / Juliet²** Nik Shriner: Nathan / Trevor / Daniel [=DaCosta=] / Luke²** Dani Knights: Victoria / Dana / Brooke / Dr. Hedorah²** Carlos Luna: Warren / Justin / Evan²** Don [=McManus=]: David / Hayden / Logan / Truck Driver / Diner Man / Anderson / Weatherman (Episode 2)²** Derek Phillips: Mr. Jefferson / Samuel / Zachary / Diner Fisherman / Daniel Lee / Weatherman (Episode 3)²** Eric Morgan Stuart: Principal Wells / Diner Cop / Diner Trucker / Old Guy²** Cissy Jones: Joyce / Homeless Woman / Diner Woman²** Daniel Bonjour: Frank / R.J. / Diner Dude / Officer Corn / DJ Doom²* BigNameFan: Creator/TaroYoko is a major fan of the series.²* DoingItForTheArt: A genre that only got a revitalization in TheNewTens, a concept that requires some good coding chops to implement well, and a female lead that got them rejected at almost every publishing studio, plus a unique art style and hipster soundtrack? This has all the makings of an indie film, only it's a game, one that DONTNOD is most certainly not making for the fame and fortune.²* ExecutiveMeddling: Averted. DONTNOD said that several publishers they approached wanted them to change the lead to a male, but luckily Creator/SquareEnix was the only one that didn't want them to change anything about the concept.²* FanCommunityNickname: Shaka brah(s).²* FanNickname: ²** Fans have taken to calling Victoria "[[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents Icky Vicky]]".²** Some fans refer to Nathan as "[[{{Satan}} Sathan]]".²** [[UsefulNotes/SchrodingersCat Schrödinger's Kate]]: [[spoiler:Is she alive? Is she dead?]] Depends on what you do.²** Mr. Jefferson earned himself the nickname of [[spoiler:"Jeffershit" after turning out to be the BigBad at the end of Episode 4.]]²** Bae or Bay, the decision [[spoiler:which is the last ever in the game]] where you choose to either [[spoiler:let Chloe die in the first place or leave Arcadia Bay to be wrecked near the lighthouse at the very beginning, while in front of the storm.]]²** Relatedly, the large number of attractive young women in the game are often collectively referred to as the "Arcadia Baes." This term is sometimes used as an IdiosyncraticShipName for Max and Chloe as well.²* FanSequel: Sort of. A group of dedicated and talented fans came together to create a VisualNovel called ''VisualNovel/LoveIsStrange'', which takes some of the original plot elements, jettisons [[LighterAndSofter all of the angst]] and makes it a full-on DatingSim between [[YuriGenre Max and the girl of her choice]].²* LetsPlay: ²** [[ A]] [[ pretty]] [[ comprehensive]] [[ one]] by LetsPlay/GeekRemix.²** [[ And here's one]] done by That Annoying Guy.²** [[ Another one]] by WebVideo/TwoBestFriendsPlay.²** [[ This one is]] by WebVideo/VideoGamesAwesome.²** [[ Here's one]] by ''WebVideo/GameTheory''.²** [[ One hilarious one]] by LetsPlay/DashieGames.²* LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition: The ''Limited Edition'', which was released on January 19, 2016 for the UsefulNotes/XboxOne, UsefulNotes/PlayStation4, and PC. It includes a copy of the game's soundtrack, an artbook, and a copy of the game with directors' commentary. ²* MeaningfulReleaseDate: Episode 5 was released the day before "Back to the Future Day" (October 21, 2015), the date Marty [=McFly=] travels to in ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartII''.²* MissingTrailerScene: Episode 4's trailer had Nathan shout "The storm is coming! You're all gonna die!" Not only is this line not in the game, [[spoiler:there's nothing in the game that indicates that Nathan was ever aware of the storm.]]²* PlayingAgainstType: Creator/AshlyBurch usually voices characters that are all-the-way comedic, but this time, she voiced a TroubledButCute girl who has gone through a lot of misery in her life, which became one of her best performances in her career. ²* ProductionPosse: A good portion of the cast also voice some of the characters in ''VideoGame/Fallout4''.²* ScheduleSlip: ²** Not to an extreme extent, but still very much in place. Though there was [[ originally speculation that the episodes would be spaced six weeks apart]], this was quickly expanded to 6-8 weeks. After Episode 3 came out at the eight week mark, Episode 4 ended up being released at the ten week mark, with Episode 5 scheduled to come out twelve weeks after Episode 4. These delays occurred partially because of an overly optimistic approach on the part of DONTNOD; though they initially expected to be able to [[ work on all episodes at once]], during development of later episodes, it became clear that [[ focusing on one episode at a time was necessary]].²** The second issue of [[ComicBook/LifeIsStrange the comic book sequel]] was delayed from December 19, 2018 to January 3, 2019.²%%* SerendipityWritesThePlot: A lot of the plot beats in Episode 5, such as [[spoiler:being trapped in the Dark Room again]] and [[spoiler:the entire nightmare sequence]] seem like they were written to accommodate DONTNOD's lack of a budget.²* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: ²** The E3 trailer shows at the end that [[spoiler:you can rewind after focusing into a picture]]. A downplayed example, as it only covers the first three episodes and follows their official release rather than preceding it.²** Episode 5's launch trailer spoils that [[spoiler:the tornado comes from Max's powers.]]²%%* TroubledProduction: DONTNOD started running out of money when making Episode 5, which is specifically cited as the reason why [[spoiler:the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending is so short relative to the Sacrifice Chloe ending.]]²* WhatCouldHaveBeen:²** In the files for Episode 3, there is a confrontation between Mr. Jefferson and Max, probably intended for after Chloe angrily drops Max off. However, the developers decided to have Max silently exit Chloe's car, followed by an immediate transition to her room.²** Also from the Episode 3 files, Chloe's rant was originally supposed to end with her saying, "[[spoiler:Max, if I had your power, I would go all the way back and change everything! Everything!]]" The line was most likely removed because it would have been FiveSecondForeshadowing to what was about to happen.²** Episode 3 was originally going to include a scene where a man wearing a suit and gloves examines the red binders. The scene was most likely removed because [[spoiler:the figure's build matches Mr. Jefferson's and the developers didn't want to give away the twist.]]²** Unused audio files from the confrontation with Nathan in Episode 4 show [[spoiler:Nathan hinting at an oncoming "storm", suggesting that he knows about the storm in Max's vision]]. Interestingly, [[spoiler:Nathan saying, "the storm is coming! You're all gonna die!"]] was included in the trailer, but didn't make it into the game. As revealed in a [[ spoilercast]], Nathan was originally intended to have had a vision of the storm. However, [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse this wouldn't have gone anywhere]], so they cut it.²** One idea during development was that Max would have been caught red-handed while euthanising Chloe in Episode 4, resulting in her arrest and a NonStandardGameOver.²** In Episode 5's NightmareSequence:²*** [[spoiler:Unused audio files indicate that William was going to be one of the characters stalking Max in the labyrinth. He would have yelled at Max for killing him and for either killing Alt!Chloe or leaving her to suffer.]]²*** [[spoiler:More unused audio files show that Rachel Amber would have appeared before Max in the Dark Room sequence and would have blamed her for her death.]]²* WordOfGod: ²** The [[spoiler:Sacrifice Arcadia Bay]] ending was seen as lacking in many aspects by some of the fandom, especially as it is seemingly ambiguous on if [[spoiler:anyone survives, what happens next, and if Chloe and Max are a romantic couple]]. Michel Koch, one of the directors, has [[ elaborated some on the intention of said ending]], noting that the ambiguity for some of those things was intentional, and some was not. [[ He also occasionally posts on the subreddit for the game]], with a few additional tidbits in his comments.²** During DONTNOD's charity livestream of Episode 5, the developers confirmed that the person that Rachel said changed her life right before she vanished and the person she was talking about in her letter to Chloe that Max can find in the junkyard in Episode 2 is [[spoiler:Mr. Jefferson]].²* WordOfSaintPaul: Creator/AshlyBurch, Chloe's voice actress, did [[ an interview with FemHype]] where she provided some of her personal interpretations of Chloe's character. Among other things, Chloe's sexual orientation and gender identity are fluid and her love for Rachel was unrequited.²----


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