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1* BeamMeUpScotty: The phrase "direct rule from London" never actually shows up in-game. The closest line to it is "Ireland must be directly ruled from London!".* DevelopmentGag: [[ Freikorps Officer Himmler]] talking about him wanting to "build himself a chicken farm" in the Baltics is a reference to early lore when Himmler was an actual chicken farmer in the Baltics.* FanNickname:** The Corn Lord for UsefulNotes/NikitaKhrushchev, a potential leader of Socialist Ukraine in-game, for his infamous real life campaign to cultivate corn in the Soviet Union.** The American Augustus for UsefulNotes/DwightDEisenhower, if he becomes a successor to [=MacArthur=], who is known as the American Caesar.** Battle Pope for the [=NatPop=] Pope candidate Julius IV (originally Theodore Innitzer, later replaced by Alfredo Schuster in the Garibaldi's Nightmare update), for his hardline militarist stand against syndicalism and as a reference to the comic book series ''ComicBook/BattlePope''.** ''Italianization'' is used instead of [[BalkanizeMe balkanization]] because of the extreme division of what once was Italy, now divided between the Republic of Italy, Socialist Republic of Italy, Two Sicilies, Papal States and Sardinia.** Mittelafrika Explosion for the collapse of Deutsch-Mittelafrika, due to its suddenness and the extreme amount of states created in its aftermath.* MemeAcknowledgment: ** "Direct rule from London" is referenced in the one of the loading screen tips in [=HoI=] IV. Also, one of the focuses for Totalist Chile is named "Direct rule from Santiago".** One of the loading bar labels is "Hiding Trotsky"** Also, "Soviet Anime", specifically in the [[ Patch Notes]] for the hotfix that removed the references to foreign animators, which mentions it as "Soviet anime studios are no longer a thing, this upsets us as well".** "Leon Degrelle constantly shouting" is stealthily acknowledged in the mod's files: His leader portrait's filename has his name in all-caps, when all the other leader's have normal capitalization.


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