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1* ActingForTwo: ˛** In the Mexican Spanish dub, Hathi and Louie are voiced by Rommy Mendoza, and Mowgli and young Baloo by Diana Santos.˛* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: ˛** DVD's and VHS copies of this show are very sparse. All of the episodes are currently available on [=YouTube=], except Shere Bliss, The Great Kaadini, and Hulla Baloo, which have been blocked worldwide by Disney. ˛** Finally averted when the series became legally allowed on [=YouTube=] for small fees.˛* OneBookAuthor: Tyler Mullen, who voiced Mowgli in the VHS scenes, had no other credits. He isn't even on the Website/{{IMDb}}.˛* TheOtherDarrin: Justified for advancing 3 of the characters to match them growing up.˛** Bagheera: Creator/ElizabethDaily to Creator/DeeBradleyBaker.˛** Louie: Creator/JasonMarsden to Creator/CreeSummer.˛** Hathi: Creator/RobPaulsen to Stephen Furst.˛** Averted with those characters for certain foreign dubs of season 2, including German and Mexican Spanish.˛** In the Mexican Spanish dub, all the adult characters from the original film, excluding Mowgli and Shere Khan, are replaced by new voice actors˛* RemakeCameo: A curious case happens in the Mexican Spanish dub, and also overlaps with ActingForTwo: Both Mowgli and young Baloo are voiced by Diana Santos, who also reprised the role of Mowgli from the [[Disney/TheJungleBook original film]].˛* RoleReprisal: Also from the Mexican dub, adult Baloo is voiced by Ruben Moya, who reprised the role from ''WesternAnimation/TaleSpin''. The same goes for Shere Khan, who was voiced by the late Carlos Petrel.˛----


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