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1* ActingForTwo: Played straight in the Creator/{{Capcom}} game as Creator/MitsuruMiyamoto voices both Doppio and Diavolo but [[spoiler:justified as they are the same person]]. Averted in the Cyberconnect game however where Creator/AkiraIshida voices Doppio and Creator/ToshiyukiMorikawa voices Diavolo, and in the anime, where Creator/SomaSaito voices Doppio and Creator/KatsuyukiKonishi voices Diavolo.** ''Everyone'' gets in on this during [[spoiler:Silver Chariot Requiem's [[FreakyFridayFlip soul swap]]. Rather than switch voice actors, they chose to keep voices the same, which means we get things like Daiki Yamashita, Narancia's usual VA, channeling [[Manga/MyHeroAcademia Deku]] as he plays Giorno.]]* ActorAllusion: Creator/KyleMcCarley once again [[LightNovel/{{Durarara}} voices an ill-tempered gangster who is]] OlderThanTheyLook who gets stabbed in the hand with a pen.* ApprovalOfGod: In this [[ Facebook post]], Robert Fripp of Music/KingCrimson acknowledged the "it just works" meme in regards to the identically-named stand. Fripp even left a reply to one of the commenters implying that the other band members are aware of the meme as well.* ColbertBump: ** While not as huge as the attention Parts 1 & 2 gave to Roundabout, a lot of readers after reading this part have found themselves giving ''Music/InTheCourtOfTheCrimsonKing'' a listen. It also helps that before JJBA was popular, Music/KingCrimson was very well liked on internet music communities.** One of {{Music/Prince}}'s songs, [[ Pussy Control]], skyrocketed in popularity due to it being most likely the basis of the song (it was remixed to prevent copyright issues) that was played on Narancia's stereo in Episode 5 and more importantly, the tune that was used in the famous torture dance scene. The Youtube videos' comments section was dominated by JJBA fans after the Episode 7 aired. ** When the new ED came out for the second half of the anime, the [=YouTube=] comment section for Music/{{Enigma}}'s [[ Modern Crusaders]] was immediately flooded with [=JoJo=] fans.* CreatorRecovery: Araki has stated that he was going through hard times for personal reasons during the publication, heavily influencing his stories to be more shocking and cruel. Case in point, he initially planned an EvilAllAlong plot twist that he felt was too dark even for a work such as ''[=JoJo's Bizarre Adventure=]''. However, he also explains that his work on the part helped him go through this phase as he took example from the characters he wrote.* FanNickname: ** Giorno's name is often shortened to "Gio" (sometimes written as [[BoldInflation "GIO"]]) in reference to his parentage.** Pannacotta Fugo is sometimes referred to as "Cheese Boy," mainly due to his clothing resembling Swiss cheese.** The "[[ Torture Dance Song]]" that plays in the anime as the protagonists torture Zucchero is only ever referred to as such, rather than its proper name "Favorite Song / Canzoni Preferite".** "The 7 Page Muda", for Giorno's NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on Cioccolata for 7 straight pages.** Team Bucciarati is often referred to as the "Bucci Gang", based on the Music/LilPump song "Gucci Gang". Another nickname for the gang is the "Modern Crusaders," as a reference to the second ED for Part 5 and the ''Stardust Crusaders.''** The scene in episode 19/chapter 515/chapter 76 where Giorno heals Mista after the fight against Ghiaccio is refered to as "golden succ" since it was deliberately made to look as if Giorno is giving Mista a blowjob (that's an in-story misinterpretation by Narancia as well as the filthy imagination of the fans).* FanTranslation: A rather infamous one has existed for quite a while but [=JoJo's=] Colored Adventure gave this part an updated one. Like with every part from ''Diamond is Unbreakable'' onwards, this is the only way to read this part in some territories at the moment.** The same team also took time to work on a translation to the 2002 game adaptation, which released timed with the debut of the anime in October 2018. * GodNeverSaidThat: The theory that Cioccolata was created to fill the void of the aborted "[[spoiler:Fugo Betrayal]]" storyline. Araki originally intended for [[spoiler:Fugo to return to the story as a villain but decided against the idea and simply wrote him out of the story]]. The fact that Cioccolata, a later antagonist, had a Stand ability that was [[spoiler:eerily similar to Fugo's led fans to believe that this was the story originally intended for Fugo]]. Araki neither confirmed nor denied this theory.* MemeAcknowledgment: ** As stated in ApprovalOfGod, Robert Fripp acknowledged the "it just works" meme in a Facebook post.** Phillip Reich's [[ announcement]] as the English voice of Giorno is based on the "Coda" memes.* NoExportForYou: As stated in ScrewedByTheLawyers and WhatCouldHaveBeen below, the Capcom game ''[=GioGio's=] Bizarre Adventure'' was never released outside of Japan due to issues with Music/{{Prince}}'s lawyers.* TheOtherDarrin: Given how they were several years apart and made by different developers, the cast of the original Capcom game and the Cyberconnect games differs. And the anime changes it from there again.** Giorno is voiced by Creator/RomiPark in the Capcom game, and Creator/DaisukeNamikawa in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/KenshoOno in the anime.** Bucciarati is voiced by Creator/TakahiroSakurai in the Capcom game, and Creator/NoriakiSugiyama in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/YuuichiNakamura in the anime.** Abbacchio is voiced by Creator/TetsuInada in the Capcom game, and Creator/TaitenKusunoki in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/JunichiSuwabe in the anime.** Mista is voiced by Creator/KentaroIto in the Capcom game, and Creator/KenjiAkabane in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/KosukeToriumi in the anime.** Narancia is voiced by Creator/FujikoTakimoto in the Capcom game, and Creator/YukoSanpei in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/DaikiYamashita in the anime.** Fugo is voiced by Creator/HiroakiMiura in the Capcom game, and Hisafumi Oda in the Cyberconnect g ames, and Junya Enoki in the anime.** Trish is voiced by Rio Natsuki in the Capcom game, Creator/NaoTouyama in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/SayakaSenbongi in the anime.** [[spoiler:Diavolo]] is voiced by Creator/MitsuruMiyamoto in the Capcom game, Creator/ToshiyukiMorikawa in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/KatsuyukiKonishi in the anime. ** Vinegar Doppio is voiced by Mitsuru Miyamoto in the Capcom game, Creator/AkiraIshida in the Cyberconnect games, and Creator/SomaSaito in the anime.* PlayingAgainstType: ** Creator/{{KENN}}, who's most famous for playing the role of [[TheHero Judai Yuki]] from ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'', voices [[SycophanticServant Secco]] here. (Ironic, considering Giorno's voiced by Creator/KenshoOno, the voice of Yuya Sakaki from ''Anime/YuGiOhArcV''.)** Creator/KyleMcCarley usually voices soft-spoken young men. Here he plays Narancia, the most HotBlooded among the cast.* PostScriptSeason: Even more so than ''Diamond is Unbreakable'' as most of this part is disconnected from the events of the first three parts. Made even more apparent with the spinoff novels that this part ended up producing which expand on the story.* PromotedFanboy: Mick Lauer was a ''huge'' fan of ''[=JoJo=]'' for almost 30 years--to the point where he made his own part on Youtube called ''Blood Sun Vendetta''. Now, he's playing Leone Abbacchio, a dream come true for him.* RecastAsARegular:** Creator/RayChase previously voiced supporting/villain characters such as Loggins in ''Battle Tendency'' and Rubber Soul in ''Stardust Crusaders'' before being casted as Bruno.** Ditto for Phillip Reich and Creator/SeanChiplock, who voiced Yuya Fungami and Toyohiro Kanedaichi respectively in ''Diamond is Unbreakable'' prior to becoming the voice of Giorno and Mista.%% Do not put entries here if VAs just happen to coexist in more than work together, unless the characters they play have a significant relationship with one another that is acknowledged within the entry. Lest we be here forever, due to how prolific VAs are in general.* RelationshipVoiceActor: [[Creator/NobuhikoOkamoto Ghiaccio]] and [[Creator/SomaSaito Doppio]] are volleyball teammates in ''Manga/{{Haikyuu}}'', and [[Creator/TomoakiMaeno Squalo]] formerly attended their school.* ScrewedByTheLawyers: The reason why the [=PS2=] video game was never released outside of Japan. Araki had got himself into a conflict with Prince's lawyers over the use of Gold Experience's namesake.* UrbanLegendOfZelda: For a long time it was and still is commonly believed that [[spoiler:Fugo]] was PutOnABus due to Araki realizing his stand was a StoryBreakerPower and having difficulty coming up with interesting fights for him. In reality it was because of Araki's depression making it hard to go through his original plan for the character and finding it easier to have him exit the story painlessly instead, as described under WhatCouldHaveBeen. * WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** ''[=GioGio's=] Bizarre Adventure'' by Capcom was set for an international release, but [[Music/{{Prince}} Prince's]] lawyers didn't approve of Gold Experience being referenced in the game and Araki was unwilling to change the name. As such the international release was cancelled.** Araki originally planned to have [[spoiler:Fugo stay in Bucciarati's group post-betrayal, acting as TheMole who was still secretly loyal to Diavolo.]] [[RealLifeWritesThePlot Because of the depression Araki was going through at the time]], he shelved this idea and instead simply [[spoiler:[[PutOnABus wrote Fugo out of the plot]] by having him not join his friends as traitors.]] It is rumored that Cioccolata was written in his place, due to how similar their Stand Abilities are.** Leone Abbacchio was going to be included in ''[[VideoGame/JoJosBizarreAdventureEyesOfHeaven Eyes of Heaven]]'' as a playable character with a playstyle that would involve using Moody Blues to rewind the opponent's actions. However he was cut from the game since the developers found his Stand wouldn't work well for fighting, though a full model of him does exist in the story mode.


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