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Context Trivia / HomeAndAway

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1* AwardCategoryFraud: in 2010, Kate Bell was shortlisted and nominated for the TV Week Logie Awards for Best New Female Talent, despite having previously appeared in two full seasons of ''Series/BlueWaterHigh'', starting in 2005.
2* DawsonCasting: While Sally grew up before a nation, other teenage characters are played mostly by adults.
3* ChannelHop: In the UK, the soap moved from Creator/{{ITV}} to Creator/Channel5 in 2001. Ironically, Channel 5 would air its competing soap ''Series/{{Neighbours}}'' seven years later after it jumped ship from [[Creator/TheBBC BBC One]].
4* DyeHard: The naturally brunette Creator/SaskiaBurmeister dyed her hair blonde to play Tegan Callahan.
5* LifeImitatesArt: Many former actors on the soap try their luck in Hollywood after leaving. Nick Smith in 2003 was one of the few ''characters'' to depart attempting to do so at the same time as his actor, Chris Egan.
6* MilestoneCelebration:
7** Episode #2000 saw [[Creator/MelissaGeorge Angel]] and her new family depart the bay.
8** Episode #3000 saw Mitch's departure, and ended with Alex, Dani and Brodie in a car accident.
9** Episode #4000 was Alf Stewart's birthday party, with numerous past characters returning. This also ended in a tragic car accident, this time fatal.
10* OldShame: Creator/MelissaGeorge does ''not'' like being reminded of her time in Summer Bay.
11* TheOtherDarrin: mainly Flynn, Rebecca, Pippa and Hayley. This show is, like just about all British soaps, notable for a conspicuous ''lack'' of Other Darrins.
12* RecycledScript: And how.