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1* ActingForTwo: [[spoiler:As well as reprising his role as ZX, Shun Sugata is also serving as FakeShemp for his enemy, the Badan Empire's Ambassador Darkness. This is eventually revealed to be because ZX is ''impersonating'' Ambassador Darkness.]]* DyeingForYourArt: In his blog post, Kento Handa remarked that he had to dye his hair in order to play Takumi Inui... a role he originated ten years ago.* InMemoriam: This film is dedicated to Tohru Hirayama (producer from the original ''Series/KamenRider'' series all the way up until ''Film/KamenRiderZX'') and Takao Nagaishi (who was the director for the first decade of the franchise's Heisei era).* MilestoneCelebration: ** This film commemorates the following celebrations for the franchise -- 40 years for ''Series/KamenRiderX'', 35 years for ''Series/KamenRiderSkyrider'', 30 years for ''Film/KamenRiderZX'', 25 years since ''Series/KamenRiderBlackRX''[='=]s finale, 20 years for ''Film/KamenRiderJ'', 15 years for ''Series/KamenRiderKuuga'', 10 years since ''Series/KamenRiderFaiz''[='=]s finale, and 5 years for ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'' and ''Series/KamenRiderDouble''.** The film also seems to celebrate how there are an equal amount of primary Showa and Heisei riders, as seen with Kamen Rider Fifteen.* NamesTheSame: ** This movie features three Ichigos -- Kamen Rider ''#1'', Gaim ''Strawberry'' Arms, and Toq ''#1''. ''Ichi'' and ''Go'' by themselves is 1 and 5, put it together and you get the number of Showa Riders and Heisei Riders facing off. Acknowledged when the [[Series/ResshaSentaiToQger [=ToQgers=]]] show up and Raito offers to lend his power to Hongo as a "fellow #1"** Keisuke's granddaughter is named Mari, which presumably rubs a sore spot with Takumi for very good reasons.** When Tsukasa goes to Fuuto, Kaito Kumon offers to go with him. This isn't the first time Tsukasa has worked alongside a {{Jerkass}} named [[PhantomThief Kaito]]...* OldShame: Hiroshi Fujioka was ''not'' happy with how he was portrayed here. So much so that he helped with rewrites in 2016 film ''Film/KamenRiderIchigo'' to get his character right.* TheOtherDarrin: Creator/TomokazuSeki voices [[spoiler: the Badan Empire's incarnation of the [[Main/HijackedByGanon Great Leader]] following the passing of his original voice actor, Creator/GoroNaya, in 2013.]]* ProductionForeshadowing: We learn in the end that Murasame Ryo and Ambassador Darkness [[ActingForTwo just happen to resemble each other]] [[spoiler:because they actually are the same guy. [[Series/KamenRiderGaim Guess what we learn about Mai]] [[WhamEpisode and the Girl at the Beginning later]].]]* RealitySubtext: Series/KamenRiderDenO and Daigo of ''Series/ZyudenSentaiKyoryuger'' have both been accused of being the SpotlightStealingSquad (Daigo within his own show at least, while Den-O has had one movie or cameo after another). So what happens when they're in the same movie? [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Argue over who gets to be on top, of course.]] [[LeaderFormsTheHead The combined mecha, that is.]]* RecycledScript: The reason why the Riders are killing each other being because [[spoiler:"dying" actually sends them to another dimension, alive and well, so that the villains think the heroes are all dead and then bring out their super-weapon into the open, unaware of the BigDamnHeroes incoming from the few survivors opening up that dimension]]... looks like Hongo directly ripped some pages off Tsukasa (and Captain Marvelous) during the events of ''Film/KamenRiderXSuperSentaiSuperheroTaisen''. Well, that's ''half'' the reason why...


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