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1* ActingForTwo:** In both animated series, Ginger and Mary Ann were both voiced by one actress: Jane Webb in ''The New Adventures of Gilligan'', and Dawn Wells (the original Mary Ann) in ''[[RecycledInSpace Gilligan's Planet]]''.** In one episode, Tina Louise played both Ginger and IdenticalStranger [[BeautifulAllAlong Eva Grubb]].* CaliforniaDoubling: The harbor the ''Minnow'' is seen sailing from in the opening credits (in the color seasons) is really the harbor at Newport Beach. The cave Gilligan sometimes hid in is located a little south from there, at Corona del Mar, and is still known today as 'Gilligan's Cave' by locals.* DescendedCreator: Harold Hecuba was played by Phil Silvers, whose production company Gladasya ("Glad to see ya," get it?) made the series.* {{Determinator}}: A meta example in Creator/SherwoodSchwartz. Everyone hated the show when it was first pitched, right up to the original pilot, which was rejected by CBS. Schwarz plunged ahead despite all the negativity, and the show became one of the most popular comedies of all time. * EditedForSyndication: Syndicated repeats in the 1970s-80s had the ending theme with "each week" edited out, leaving "So join us here my friends, you're sure to get a smile..." for fear viewers wouldn't know he show would be on again the next day, otherwise.** In the late 1980s, Ted Turner colorized the black-and-white first season for airing on TBS. Both versions are shown in syndication and cable.* ExecutiveMeddling: One documentary made about the show reveals that the higher-ups had no idea why the show was popular and kept making changes; at one stage, they wanted Gilligan to gain a pet dinosaur.* HeyItsThatPlace: Schwartz used the lagoon set and space capsule prop for his series ''Series/ItsAboutTime''.* HostilityOnTheSet: *While the rest of the cast got along famously well, Creator/TinaLouise (Ginger) did not. She felt the show was beneath her and feared it would keep her from doing Shakespeare on stage as she really wanted. This attitude did not endear her to the rest of the cast; as a result her rescue from the island was meant to be the fourth season's premiere episode but the show was canceled before that could happen.* IAmNotSpock: Happened to many of the regulars, Bob Denver especially, but Tina Louise (Ginger) never got over it. To this day, she pretty much refuses to speak about the show. Averted with Alan Hale Jr. who embraced his character and made numerous public appearances as the Skipper.[[note]]According to Russell Johnson, there was almost no difference personally between him and the Skipper; he frequently had his castmates on his own boat[[/note]] Having already had a long distinguished career as a character actor, he was generally appreciative of a role that brought him recognition, especially among children.* OldShame: Tina Louise was ''not'' on this show. Don't even try to talk to her about it. She was the only surviving cast member to refuse to participate in the animated series or the reunion movies, which naturally resulted in her being portrayed in ''Surviving Gilligan's Island'' as a vapid bitch while everyone else had no negative traits at all.** Louise seems to have mellowed out though over the years. On Twitter she occasionally makes jokes and references to the show (even noting in her description that she is "still living on an island (Manhattan)"), and she did occasionally attend reunion specials, and seemed to be having a good time. It's been theorized that the real reason she didn't take part in the biography special was because it was co-produced by Dawn Wells. The two actresses never got along well.** For many years, the entire first season was an OldShame in regards to syndication, since it was in black-and-white (Seasons 2 and 3 were in color) and thus episodes from it were rarely aired because of a perceived preference for the later color episodes. TBS' efforts to "colorize" the first season episodes allowed many viewers to see them for the first time.* TheOtherDarrin: Ginger in the reunion movies was recast with Judith Baldwin, and then Constance Forslund. She was voiced by Jane Webb on ''The New Adventures of Gilligan'' and Dawn Wells in ''Gilligan's Planet''.* RealLifeRelative: Bob Denver's son played Gilligan in a dream sequence version of Jack and the Beanstalk.* RecycledSet: Over the course of the series, two Western-themed {{Dream Sequence}}s were filmed on the ''Series/{{Gunsmoke}}'' set. To further lampshade the connection, a rescored version of the ''Gunsmoke'' theme was used as incidental music in both.* ReferencedBy: Gilligan cameos in ''CommandAndConquerRenegade'' as the First Mate of the Nod Cruiser.* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Originally intended to have a fourth season, the show was cancelled at the last minute to make room for ''Series/{{Gunsmoke}}''. The latter was supposed to be cancelled, but was renewed at the last minute at the insistence of then CBS chairman William S. Paley, as it was the favorite program of Paley and his wife, Barbara Mortimer. Sherwood Schwartz was so furious that he took [[Series/TheBradyBunch his next show]] to ABC.* [[TalkingToHimself Talking to Herself]]: Jane Webb voicing both Mary Ann and Ginger in ''The New Adventures of Gilligan''. Dawn Wells would do the same for ''Gilligan's Planet''.* TheOtherMarty: Ginger and The Professor were both replaced after the original pilot. * SpinOffCookbook: ''Mary Ann's Gilligan's Island Cookbook'' was written by Dawn Wells (who played Mary Ann), Ken Beck, Jim Clark and had a foreword from Bob Denver (who played Gilligan). It has a lot of coconut pie recipes.* UnfinishedEpisode: A fourth season was planned, but cancelled at the last minute. Story treatments of the Season 4 episodes are available, though a TV retrospective suggested that actual scripts had already been written.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** Instead of Mary Ann, the cast in the first pilot included a blonde secretary named Bunny. Ginger was also a secretary instead of an actress, and the Professor was instead a high school teacher.** Creator/RaquelWelch auditioned for Mary Ann.** Creator/JerryVanDyke was approached for the part of Gilligan, but turned it down because he thought the show was "too strange".* TheWikiRule: [[ The Gilligan's Island Wiki]].* WordOfGod: Erika Tiffany Smith, played by Zsa Zsa Gabor, explained about the island and the Castaways, but couldn't offer the exact longitude nor latitude, plus no one could decipher her diary (which was written in Hungarian, which nobody in the Navy could read). The sailor who brought her could have told people but apparently, he "suffered a major coronary and died."* YouLookFamiliar:** Vito Scotti played both the Japanese sailor and Dr. Boris Balinkoff.** Denny Scott Miller played Duke the surfer as well as Tongo the ape-man actor.** Eddie Little Sky appeared in three unrelated episodes portraying island natives.----


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