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1* CastingGag: One of the block hosts, Alyson Court, played Island Princess in ''Series/TheNoddyShop'', one of the shows broadcast. Coincidentally, one of the toys seen in the background during some of her segments is a Noddy plush, which is sometimes accompanied by one of Big Ears.* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: ** It's hard to find so much as a ''mention'' of the block online, and footage from it didn't even make its way to Website/YouTube until April 2015 ([[ here]]). If you have at least some of the segments recorded on VHS during its lifetime, you'd better hold on to those recordings, and having them converted into computer files and then uploaded to [=YouTube=] is strongly recommended!** According to Wiki/ThatOtherWiki there was also a rare CD pressed during the block's run entitled ''Get Set to Sing With Alyson and Michael''. Hopefully there are a few copies of that CD floating around the yard sale and/or thrift store circuits. (One cut from the album, "Teddy Bear Search", is included as a music video in the linked bumper collection.)


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