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1* BreakthroughHit: Needless to say, Fruit Ninja became Halfbrick's first major success, and the one to establish them on the gaming market. * FollowTheLeader: [[ Veggie Samurai]].* FlagshipFranchise: If you think of Halfbrick Studios, ''Fruit Ninja'' and ''VideoGame/JetpackJoyride'' are usually the first two games to come to people's minds.* MilestoneCelebration:** On its 5th anniversary, the game has recieved a huge update that added a "Festival" mode, where players could win new Golden Ember blade. Many other Halfbrick games have recieved ''Fruit Ninja''-themed content at the same time.** ''Fruit Ninja 2'' had its worldwide release on the original games 10th anniversary. The original game was also overhauled and ported over to Unity engine with new graphics.* SleeperHit: Nobody was expecting this game to become such a huge success, let alone being downloaded [[ more than 1 bilion times]] in 5 years.* TheWikiRule: The [[ Fruit Ninja Wiki]], and another [[ Fruit Ninja Wiki]].----


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