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Context Trivia / FatalDeviation

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1* TheCastShowoff: Jimmy Bennett is an actual martial artist. The film is mostly an excuse for him to show off his skills.* TheDanza: Pretty much the entire cast. Justified in that none of them had ever acted before and would probably have difficulty responding to other names.* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: For years, getting a full working copy of this movie was damn near impossible. The film really only gained its cult popularity after Colin Murphy reviewed it on ''Series/TheBlizzardOfOdd''.* NoBudget: This movie cost £8900 to make.* OldShame: For Mikey Graham anyway. For a member of a band like Boyzone, who have a collective career load of {{Old Shame}}s, this is really saying something. Apparently, he appeared in this movie as a favour for a friend.* ThrowItIn: The car crash in the climax was unscripted; Bennett flipped the car over while turning on a dirt road. Him and the director rolled with it and added a scene where the car explodes.


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