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Context Trivia / Fantomas

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1!!1960s movies:
3* ActingForTwo: Creator/JeanMarais played both Fandor and Fantômas. In ''Fantômas Unleashed'' he's Acting for Three since he's also Pr. Lefèvre (whom ''both'' Fantômas and Fandor disguise as).
4* CaliforniaDoubling: The "Scottish" castle in ''Fantômas Against Scotland Yard''? It's the castle of Roquetaillade, in Mazères, near Bordeaux, in France.
5* ProductionPosse: Three of many other films directed directed by André Hunebelle starring Jean Marais, including ''Film/{{Le Bossu|1959}}'', ''Film/LeCapitan'' and ''Film/TheMiracleOfTheWolves''.
6* WhatCouldHaveBeen: A fourth movie tentatively titled ''Fantômas in Moscow'' was talked about. It never got off the ground.
8!!In general:
9* CanonWelding: Fantômas is the canonical grandfather of the supervillain Phantom Limb on ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', thanks to being a public domain character. (It is unknown if Helene or Fandor is his parent.)