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1!! The 2001 movie˛!!! '''Trivia tropes'''˛* ActorInspiredElement: The clumsiness in Creator/JulianneMoore's character was her idea after her original trip on the step.˛* BoxOfficeBomb: Budget, $80 million. Box office, $38,345,494 (domestic), $98,376,292 (worldwide). The Website/RottenTomatoes consensus accused Creator/IvanReitman of attempting to remake ''Film/Ghostbusters1984'', and several critics panned it for its liberal usage of ToiletHumour and {{Squick}} regarding the enemy aliens. It got an animated continuation that same year, but said show ran for only one season. Reitman would not direct his next cinematic movie for five years.˛* CreatorBacklash: Averted. While Don Jakoby's original script was far more serious, he actually liked the rewrites from co-writers David Diamond and David Weissman that changed the film into a science fiction comedy.˛* DivorcedInstallment: Had Creator/BillMurray signed on, this would have been ''Ghostbusters III''.˛* MidDevelopmentGenreShift: The film was originally pitched as a serious drama to Creator/ColumbiaPictures and Creator/DreamWorks; but when Creator/IvanReitman came on board as director, he had different ideas.˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ˛** According to some design sketches, the final form of the alien's evolution would've been a much more humanoid form. However, seeing how difficult it how to make this a realistic threat, instead they went with the giant cell.˛** Creator/RobbieColtrane was considered for Gen. Woodman.˛** Creator/JohnCusack and Creator/LeonardoDiCaprio were considered for the role of Ira.˛** Creator/JenniferAniston were considered for Allison.˛** Creator/WillSmith were considered for the role of Harry.˛** Creator/BillMurray were considered for the role of Governor Lewis.˛** Creator/MichaelJFox were considered for the role of Wayne.˛* TheWikiRule: [[ The Evolution Wiki]].˛!!! '''Miscellaneous trivia'''˛* The mall that features in the third act was, in reality, a ghost mall abandoned for several years. The production team added store fronts and set dressing to make it look fully functional.˛* According to Ivan Reitman on the commentary track, contrary to popular belief, the prominent feature of Head&Shoulders was ''not'' a case of product placement; P&G wasn't approached for placement, no money was paid for the appearance, and the bottles shown were acquired by the production.˛˛!!The [[{{VideoGame/Evolution}} video game]]:˛* DummiedOut:˛** There are a few unused tracks in ''Evolution Worlds'', including all of the dungeon tracks from ''World of Sacred Device'', either as leftovers or an indication that those dungeons were meant to be in the game at one point. In the final game, the dungeons in the first half use the Blaze Ruins theme from ''Far Off Promise''.˛** Additionally, there are (dubbed!) voice clips for the [=NPCs=] of the Pannam Port and the [=KronPrinz=] [[spoiler: including lines for the various {{Mooks}} from the BattleshipRaid in the original]]. Given the fact that the first game didn't even have voice acting outside of the occasional battle grunt/phrase to begin with, the presence of dubbed voice clips, much less anything clips at all, could be an indication that the first game was meant to be preserved more closely [[AdaptationDistillation than it ended up being]]. ˛* MarketBasedTitle: The name of the Gamecube port is ''Evolutia'' in Japanese and ''Evolution Worlds'' in English.˛* PortingDisaster: ''Evolution Worlds''. Considering how unfinished the entire second half of the game is, it makes you wonder why they would consider packing both games on one disc considering the way they mangled the first chapter.˛* TheWikiRule: A small one can be found [[ here]]˛˛!! The Wrestling stable˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Mark Jindrak was at one point slated to be part of Evolution, but for unknown reasons Wrestling/{{Batista}} joined instead. The rumours suggest that Triple H had taken a liking to Batista mostly because they would work out together and became gym buddies.


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