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1* ColbertBump: The Switch version of the game saw a noticeable boost in interest among western gamers on sale sites such as Amazon after the Hero was introduced as a DLC fighter for ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBrosUltimate''.* FanNickname:** Eleven for our hero, since this is the 11th main series ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'' game.** Eight is used as a codename for [[spoiler:Hendrik]] in order to not spoil his inclusion to the party.* MemeAcknowledgement: Not in the usual in-joke sense of "meme", but still something that caught on and spread throughout the fandom: In the Switch version's Tickington quests,[[note]]unable to confirm whether or not it's in the 3DS version as well[[/note]] the ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIX'' quests involve a dungeon called the "Ruby Path of Doom". Far from just one of ''IX''[='s=] randomized grottoes, this is specifically the name of the infamous "Masayuki's Map" that spread through the playerbase because its 15th floor held nothing but Metal King Slimes.* MilestoneCelebration: While not quite released for ''Dragon Quest's'' 30th anniversary, the amount of callbacks to the franchise as a whole, and its western release (especially for the Switch version) being 30 years after the original game, help cement it as this for the ''Dragon Quest'' franchise.* NamesTheSame: Coincidentally, two characters named "Goliath" and "Sylvia" appear in the second ''Dragon Quest Mystery Dungeon'' game. Naturally, neither has anything to do with Sylvando (whose Japanese name is Sylvia/Goliath).* NewbieBoom: ''XI'' is easily the most successful ''DQ'' title internationally since the original trilogy, and has brought in a large number of new players and newfound fans. This helped propel the game into being [[ one of the most successful titles in franchise history]].* NoDubForYou: Inverted with the game's initial release in Japan, which had no voice acting at all, while the western release a year later would include English voice acting. It would not be until the Nintendo Switch port in 2019 that the game would finally receive a Japanese voice track as well.* NoExportForYou: There are no plans to release the UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS version outside of Japan.* SignificantDoubleCasting: Both the Luminary and [[spoiler: Calasmos]] are voiced by Rasmus Hardiker in the English version, suggesting an innate duality between their respective roles as the harbingers of light and darkness.* TroubledProduction: Not the game as a whole, but the Switch port specifically. Creator/SquareEnix claimed the reason that the port took so long is that the original game was built on an older version of Unreal Engine 4 that didn't support the Switch, and that they needed to update the game to a newer version of the engine, which was a significant undertaking. As a result of the Switch version coming out later, the developers chose to incorporate additional content to make up for the delay.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ''Dragon Quest XI'' was being considered as an open world title like ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild Breath of the Wild]]''. If one squints a bit, there are definite remnants of this idea in the final game.* TheWikiRule: The [[ Dragon Quest Wiki]] and Fandom [[ Dragon Quest Wiki]].----


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