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1----* CaliforniaDoubling: The episode is supposed to be set in London, but features many noticeable Cardiff locations that give away the fact that Cardiff is doubling for the capital. While this is not unusual for ''Doctor Who'', it is particularly glaring in this episode, especially as one scene was filmed in front of a well-known Cardiff monument.* DeletedScene: [[ One after Clara's death]], in which the Doctor carries her body indoors and orders Ashildr not to wipe Rigsy's memory, so that Rigsy can tell Clara's family and take care of her body. This scene, for some reason, is not included in the DVD release, however several other sequences are, including a joking reference to Creator/DerrenBrown possibly being an alien and a grief-stricken Rigsy reuniting with his wife after Clara's death (likely cut because using that to end the main action of the episode would have undercut the {{Cliffhanger}} of the Doctor being teleported away by focusing on a character who doesn't even appear in the episodes that follow).* EnforcedMethodActing: According to interviews given by Creator/JennaColeman, when they filmed Clara's death scene, she had not yet been made aware of how her character arc was going to be resolved at the end of the season.* ThrowItIn: Arguably the episode's most touching moment - Clara stroking the Doctor's face and him then kissing her hand - was not scripted, but added by the actors.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** This was originally written as a standalone story, with Rigsy, Ashildr, and the StoryArc plot developments (i.e. Clara's death) added later. In fact, it was originally ''announced'' as a standalone episode like "Sleep No More", but shortly after "The Woman Who Lived" aired it was confirmed that this episode would pay off its SequelHook, and by the time it aired it was clear that its events would have a huge impact on the Series 9 arc.** In the sequence where Clara takes the tattoo from Rigsy, she was scripted to use a FullNameUltimatum while persuading him.** According to the published script a scene was cut that would have suggested that magician Creator/DerrenBrown was an alien and the Doctor didn't like him to the point of banning his name from being mentioned around him. The scene is included in the deleted scenes section of the DVD release.** According to script writer Sarah Dollard, [[ the episode was originally going to open with Clara and Jane Austen doing some of the pranking that Clara alludes to in the final episode.]] In particular, Clara was to be shown teaching Jane how to be a card shark at poker. Presumably, the sequence might have also cleared up the "is she or isn't she bisexual" debate regarding Clara's sexual orientation.* WorkingTitle: "Trap Street".----


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