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1----* CreatorBacklash: Louise Jameson was not happy with Leela's exit; she wanted Leela to have a DyingMomentOfAwesome. However, the production team were holding out hope that she'd stay on for next season up until the last minute.* CreatorsFavorite: Graham Williams loved the Sontarans, hence their re-appearance.* TheOtherDarrin: Angus [=McKay=] was unable to reprise his role as Borusa, so John Arnatt took over. * ThemeTuneExtended: The musical bridge known as the "middle eight" is used in several of this story's episodes, making a rare appearance in the Baker era before Peter Howell's arrangement was used.* TroubledProduction: Between labour and budget issues and the fact that it was a last-ditch replacement for an over-ambitious script, it's amazing this one ever got finished.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ** Leela was supposed to be killed off in this episode, dying defending the Doctor against the Sontarans. Ultimately, the creators felt that this would traumatise children.** Creator/RobertHolmes was supposed to write this story, but he declined, not wanting to return to the series having just left his post as script editor.** Initially, it was revealed that the Time Lords were not native Gallifreyans, but rather had been permitted to construct their Citadel there in return for ensuring that the planet's populace lived in total comfort and security. It was these indigenous Gallifreyans that Leela met following her banishment. ** The Doctor's actions as President originally threw the Time Lords into open civil war, and part two ended with several rebellious Time Lords threatening to execute the Doctor (much as Andred does in the part three cliffhanger of the finished serial).** The Vardans were also to betray the Doctor, ordering his annihilation at the close of episode three.* WorkingTitle: ''The Invaders of Time''.* YouLookFamiliar: Milton Johns (Castellan Kelner) had previously appeared as Benik in "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS5E4TheEnemyOfTheWorld The Enemy of the World]]" and Guy Crayford in "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS13E4TheAndroidInvasion The Android Invasion]]".----


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