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1!!The novel˛* InspirationForTheWork: Creator/StephenKing first got the idea in 1998 at a book signing when somebody asked him what happened to Danny. This was a question King had often asked himself as well as what would have happened to Jack Torrance had he found [=AA=]. King started thinking about how old Danny was and where Wendy was now, and decided to find the answers with a sequel, but it was a tall order.˛* SequelGap: Released in 2013, 36 years after its 1977 predecessor. The book self-references this, making oblique references to every American president from UsefulNotes/JimmyCarter to UsefulNotes/BarackObama, and incorporating technological advances (cell phones, GPS, iPads, and so on).˛* ThrowItIn: According to King, he never originally intended for Abra's name to stem from "abracadabra," and it was just a "happy accident."˛˛˛!!The film˛* AcclaimedFlop: The film earned solid reviews across the board from critics and audiences (with a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes to boot), with quite a few saying that it captured the essence of King's work better than most. However, box office figures were unfortunately not reflective of the praise. See BoxOfficeBomb for those details.˛* ActorInspiredElement: ˛** Abra's love of ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' in the movie, from the memorabilia in her room [[spoiler:to her taking on a hairstyle similar to recurring villain Emerald Sustrai in her mental projection]], is thanks to her actress Kyleigh Curran, who is a big fan of the series in real life.˛** Similarly, Rebecca Ferguson came up with the idea for the various trinkets that Rose the Hat would wear, envisioning them as "hunting trophies that she would love to wear HiddenInPlainSight."˛* ActorSharedBackground: Creator/EwanMcGregor is a recovering alcoholic, like Dan.˛* ApprovalOfGod: Writer/Director Creator/MikeFlanagan worked closely with Creator/StephenKing as well as the Kubrick estate to ensure the movie was a pleasing adaptation of both the book and the film. By most accounts, all parties involved are happy.˛* AwesomeDearBoy: Creator/RebeccaFerguson is not a fan of the horror genre, but ''is'' such a massive fan of Stephen King's work that she instantly signed on to star in the film as soon as it was announced.˛* BoxOfficeBomb: Budget, $47 million. Gross, $31,581,712 (domestic), $72,281,712 (worldwide). The cause is believed to be the film being released after Halloween, the unfamiliarity of younger moviegoers with the source material (the older Creator/StephenKing novels and ''The Shining'' film, which came out in 1980), and the film's mediocre marketing campaign that seemed to have aimed more at imagery from the preceding film rather than the film's own imagery.˛* DyeingForYourArt: Henry Thomas had to shave his head and wear a wig to convincingly match the hairline of Jack Torrance from ''The Shining''.˛* FakeAmerican: Scottish Creator/EwanMcGregor as Dan Torrance and New Zealander Cliff Curtis as Billy.˛* FakeNationality: Swedish Rebecca Ferguson plays Rose the Hat, who sports an Irish accent and is implied to be Romani by birth.˛* TheOtherDarrin: All of the returning characters from [[Film/TheShining the original film]] have been recast; necessarily so since Creator/ScatmanCrothers (Dick Halloran) passed away in 1986 and all three original Torrances (Danny Lloyd, Creator/JackNicholson, and Creator/ShelleyDuvall) have all retired from acting. All flashbacks to the events from the original have been [[FlashbackWithTheOtherDarrin re-shot with new actors]], albeit in such a way to match the original as closely as possible.˛* ProductionPosse: Creator/MikeFlanagan used some of the same actors he cast in ''Film/GeraldsGame'' and ''Series/TheHauntingOfHillHouse''.˛* RoleReprise: In stark contrast with the original English version, in the Latin American Spanish dub, Humberto Solorzano reprises his role as Jack Torrance from the dub of [[Film/TheShining the original film]].˛* SequelGap: The film was released in 2019, 39 years after its 1980 predecessor.˛* VindicatedByCable: While a BoxOfficeBomb when it was released in 2019, the film has enjoyed [[ a noteworthy resurgence in popularity]] on streaming services (i.e., Creator/PrimeVideo) during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantine.˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ˛** Creator/MattSmith, Creator/ChrisEvans, Creator/JeremyRenner, and Creator/DanStevens had discussions for the part of Danny Torrance before Creator/EwanMcGregor was cast.˛** Reports indicate that Creator/WarnerBros were looking into further expanding the Shining mythos with a Dick Halloran prequel film, a prospect that has been dropped with ''Doctor Sleep'''s mediocre box office results.˛* WordOfSaintPaul: According to Rebecca Ferguson, the large needle in her character's hat is meant to [[{{Fingore}} dig deep underneath the fingernails of children]] so as to extract more purified Steam. Additionally, Ferguson has claimed that Rose the Hat is around 700 years old during the film's events.˛----


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