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1* TroubledProduction:** The first game was put into development so that Hidden Path Entertainment could prove themselves as a game developer, and got a juicy deal with Microsoft to help promote their online marketplace. The game itself had a very clean production cycle, and was even praised for how crisp the gameplay and how stable the UsefulNotes/GameEngine was. Some Microsoft staff changes caused some problems, as while the game was very good it was the result of the previous regime. The game was originally supposed to have the price tag of about $15 and it was deemed by just about everyone that it was worth it, but the new execs decided to postpone the X Box launch for nearly a year and release it for $10. This sort of worked in their favor, as Hidden Path took the opportunity to release in on PC and build up capital to start work on the DLC.** The second game had very little support at Microsoft, in part due to the behind-the-scenes issues that came from the first game and despite being a critical and commercial success, it wasn't THAT big. Hidden Path took to Kickstarter in an attempt to fund development on the second game, and while they didn't meet their goals they did end up attracting an investor who was a fan of the first game. Unfortunately, being almost entirely independently funded meant that expansions were unlikely.


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