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1* CreatorBacklash: ** He's disowned ''Film/Alien3'', due to the amount of ExecutiveMeddling he had to endure (hence why it's listed as his BerserkButton on the main page).** He's also admitted in interviews that he is not proud of ''Film/TheGame''. He has explained that he was fighting with executives at Creator/PolyGramFilmedEntertainment, which was the distributor of the film and that he agreed with his wife Cean Chaffin, who produced the film, that he never should've made the film, citing that they couldn't get the third act, "and it was my fault, because I thought if you could just keep your foot on the throttle it would be liberating and funny."* ProductionPosse:** Creator/BradPitt has acted in three of Fincher's films, and was set to work with Fincher a fourth time on the ''Film/WorldWarZ'' sequel before it was cancelled; Creator/RooneyMara, Creator/JaredLeto and Creator/CharlesDance have also made two films each with Fincher.** Producer Cean Chaffin ([[CreatorCouple who is also Fincher's wife]]) has worked on all of his films since ''Film/TheGame''.** Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth has [[Film/FightClub shot]] [[Film/TheSocialNetwork four]] [[Film/TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo2011 films]] [[Film/GoneGirl for]] Fincher; Donald Graham Burt has served as production designer for all Fincher's films since ''Film/{{Zodiac}}''; Trish Summerville has worked as costume designer on three of his films; Laray Mayfield has been casting director for all his films since ''Fight Club'', and his most prominent editors have been Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter (together, they won the Best Film Editing Oscars for ''Film/TheSocialNetwork'' and ''Film/TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo2011'').** Music/HowardShore composed music for ''Film/{{Seven}}'', ''Film/TheGame'' and ''Film/PanicRoom''; since ''Film/TheSocialNetwork'', all of Fincher's films have been scored by [[Music/NineInchNails Trent Reznor]] and Atticus Ross.* WhatCouldHaveBeen:** He was considered to direct ''Film/SpiderMan1'' before Creator/SamRaimi; his version would have covered the origin story in the opening credits and been based on "ComicBook/TheNightGwenStacyDied".** Was considered to direct ''Film/CatchMeIfYouCan'', but turned it down in order to direct ''Film/PanicRoom''.** Was originally set to direct ''Film/MissionImpossibleIII'', before dropping out and being replaced by Joe Carnahan (who also walked from the project before Creator/JJAbrams was hired); Fincher's version would have dealt with the black market trade of body parts in Africa.** He was set to direct ''Film/TheBlackDahlia'', but left during pre-production as he felt he would be unable to make the film exactly as he envisioned, being replaced by Creator/BrianDePalma.** He was hired to direct a remake of ''Film/TwentyThousandLeaguesUnderTheSea'' for Creator/{{Disney}} in 2010, but the project fell apart after Fincher and Disney disagreed over casting (Fincher wanted to cast Creator/ChanningTatum as the lead, while Disney wanted to cast Creator/ChrisHemsworth).** He was selected to direct ''Film/SteveJobs'' in January 2014, but departed in April over contractual disputes.** As mentioned above, he was set to reunite with Brad Pitt on a sequel to ''Film/WorldWarZ'', which was ultimately cancelled in February 2019 due to Creator/{{Paramount}}'s concerns over the film's budget, leading to Fincher moving on to direct ''Mank'' for Creator/{{Netflix}} instead.----


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