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1* GenrePopularizer: ''Cool Boarders'' was the first major snowboarding video game in the market, and inspired a wave of [[FollowTheLeader similar games]], including ''VideoGame/TenEightySnowboarding'', ''Amped'', ''VideoGame/{{SSX}}'' and ''Shaun White's Snowboarding''.* NoExportForYou: ''Cool Boarders: Code Alien'', which was only released in Japan (even though it was intended for a North American release).** In reverse, ''Cool Boarders 2001'' was not released in Japan.* WhatCouldHaveBeen:** ''Code Alien'' was intended to be UEP Systems' first installment back with the series since ''2'', and they heavily promoted it to North American audiences in 2001. However, a series of underwhelming game releases (which ended with the company going under) meant that ''Code Alien'' was never released [[NoExportForYou outside of Japan]].** UEP Systems' other series installment released before their dissolution, ''Cool Boarders Burrrn'', was a DivorcedInstallment / SpiritualSuccessor by the time it hit U.S. shores as ''Rippin' Riders'' for the UsefulNotes/SegaDreamcast. Not only was the game released soon after ''3'', but it has cameos from several characters that were in ''2'', along with various [[ContinuityNod nods]] to the franchise (including the training course from ''2''). It is unknown how well the game would have fared if it had been promoted as an actual sequel to ''2''.** [[ Cool Boarders: Sold Out]], a cancelled [[UsefulNotes/PlayStation2 PS2]] title from 2002 that was intended to be developed by Idol Games after the release of ''2001''. It had a more cartoony style than the previous installments...and that's all we know about the project.----


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