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1[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:2005 Film]]²* ActorInspiredElement: Creator/PeterStormare came up with his own costume design for the appearance of Lucifer - the off white linen suit with tar dripping down from his feet are specifically mentioned. The producer and director had initially wanted "leather pants, bare-chested ... a dog collar with spikes" and tattoos over Stormare's face and chest.²* DeletedRole: Creator/MichelleMonaghan had a supporting role as Constantine's demon lover Ellie. Most of her scenes were cut. She can be seen briefly in the hospital when the sprinklers are set off - shouting "Holy Water!"²* DuelingWorks: With ''{{Film/Hellboy|2004}}'', which was released a year earlier. The film was even retitled from ''Hellblazer'' to differentiate itself. The two movies both used the same prop as the Spear of Destiny.²* ExecutiveMeddling: The reason why Constantine was change from British to American -- the studio heads wouldn't back the film otherwise.²* FakeAmerican: British actress Creator/RachelWeisz as both Angela and her twin Isabel.²* {{Jossed}}: A rumour circulated that the change in nationality from British to American was to accommodate Keanu Reeves. However the original script had a British Constantine as the lead character, and studios wouldn't touch it. After they changed the lead to American, it was immediately picked up.²* PlayingTheirOwnTwin: Creator/RachelWeisz plays the twins Angela and Isabel.²* PropRecycling: TheSpearOfDestiny prop is the same one as used in ''Film/{{Hellboy|2004}}''.²* RealLifeWritesThePlot: The first scene was supposed to be set in Istanbul. But budget constraints led them to change it.²* TypeCasting:²** Creator/RachelWeisz as the tough, no-nonsense BrainyBrunette.²** Creator/TildaSwinton as the androgynous IceQueen.²* WhatCouldHaveBeen:²** The film was originally greenlit as a Creator/NicolasCage vehicle. The original director Tarsem Singh said he couldn't make the movie he wanted with Cage in the lead. The latter dropped out not long after the former did. Creator/MelGibson and Creator/KevinSpacey were also considered.²** Father Hennessy was supposed to originally die when - hallucinating that he was getting drastically thinner - he would gorge himself desperately on food and choke.²** A lot of fans of the film (and comic) consider the editing out of Constantine's half-demon sex partner Ellie, based on the succubus Ellie from ''Hellblazer'' and played by Michelle Monaghan, to be a loss for the film. The reason given was that it would be harder to believe that Constantine was a bitter loner if he was sleeping with a gorgeous woman, even if she was evil.²** Chaz had more scenes in the original script that ended up cut along the way. As a result, he just sort of vanishes for a good portion of the film. Likewise an additional ending would [[spoiler: show Chaz becoming an angel]].²** The original script had hell as a black void with a floor covered with oil.²* WordOfGod: According to the Director's Commentary on the DVD, Constantine's brass knuckles are made from gold, that was blessed by a Bishop during the Crusades. Also, the rag that Constantine lights on fire to defeat the flying demons, is a piece of Moses' shroud, given to him by Beeman.²----²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:TV Series]]²* {{Blooper}}: In the final scene of the TV series pilot, the level of beer in John's glass changes from full to having a large sip taken out of it and back to full.²* CaliforniaDoubling: ²** The series was filmed primarily in Atlanta. Constantine, Chas, and Zed travel all over the United States, and at one point Mexico, to quell paranormal activity. However, three episodes take place in Atlanta proper; in particular, "A Feast of Friends" prominently features the Fernbank Museum and the Fox Theatre.²** The opening scenes in the pilot is supposed to take place in the Ravenscar Asylum in Northern England; however, the asylum has red, American-style exit signs instead than the green, "figure walking out a door" exit signs used outside the States. The asylum scenes were filmed on the campus of Berry College in northwest Georgia; the exterior scenes of Constantine's millhouse hideout were also shot on the Berry College campus.²* ContentLeak: The premiere was leaked a whole 4 months before its official airing.²* TheDanza: If you squint. "Chas" is usually short for "Charles," and he's played by Charles Halford (although this Chas is actually short for Francis, not Charles).²* ExecutiveMeddling: Due to broadcast restrictions, Constantine couldn't be shown smoking as much as he does in the comics.²* FakeAmerican:²** New Orleans PD detective Jim Corrigan is played by Irish actor Emmett Scanlan.²** Liv was played by British actress Lucy Griffiths.²* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Averted, when it was released on DVD and Blu-Ray under the "Warner Archive" label as a made-to-order boxset.²* NamesTheSame: The TV series was filmed in UsefulNotes/{{Atlanta}}, Georgia, and the show's star Matt Ryan shares his name with the starting quarterback of the [[UsefulNotes/NationalFootballLeague Atlanta Falcons]].²* NetworkToTheRescue: Zigg-zagged, after NBC cancelled the show CW allowed Constantine to guest-star on Arrow for (what was) only one episode only due to rights issues. When those got cleared they decided to bring back the show as an animated web series on CW Seed, which while not the full-fledged revival most fans were hoping for is better than nothing.²* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Placed in a very tough [[FridayNightDeathSlot airing schedule]] despite doing fairly good numbers. ²* TheWikiRule: [[ Perhaps in record time]], the show acquired one. There's also the [[ ''Arrowverse'' wiki]] since the show has been retroactively added to it.²* WhatCouldHaveBeen²** Liv was of course intended to be a regular character. Producers changed their minds at the last minute and reshot the ending of the pilot to write her out. WordOfGod is that they didn't like the idea of a NaiveNewcomer in the cast, worrying that Liv could easily turn into TheLoad.²** In early production, the TV series was supposed to have Constantine based in UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity, as promotional materials have Midtown Manhattan in the background, and the Ravenscar Asylum also in the States; however, the final product had Constantine based in Atlanta and Ravenscar back in Northern England.²** The writers have revealed some of the things they wanted to do for season 2- namely, Papa Midnite would become a regular and among other characters, ComicBook/TheSpectre would be brought in. There would also be a BottleEpisode inside the house.²** "Rage of Caliban" was intended to be the second episode. They later added the scene where Chas explains that Zed is in art class.²** Doctor Thirteen and Judith were originally going to appear in Season 1, before the season was ultimately shortened from 16 to 13 episodes.²** Before said cancellation, there were plans for Creator/StephenAmell to guest star on the show as Oliver Queen, linking Constantine to the rest of the ''Series/{{Arrowverse}}''. Once the show got cancelled, the crossover altered so Creator/MattRyan would appear as John Constantine himself over on ''Series/{{Arrow}}''.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Animated Revival]]²* ActingForTwo: Asa the Healer and Trish are both voiced by Laura Bailey.²* DevelopmentHell: Announced in January 2017 complete with press release and a poster and no new information since then -- not even at that year's Comic Con; very likely it has something to do with the producers trying to get Constantine on ''Series/LegendsOfTomorrow'' in some capacity.²* FakeBrit: One episode had Rachel Kimsey, an American voice actress, using a British accent for the flight attendant. The same goes for Trish, who's voiced by Laura Bailey.²* RelationshipVoiceActor: Damian O'Hare (Chas Chandler) and Rachel Kimsey (the flight attendant) worked together on ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueAction'' as John Constantine and Wonder Woman respectively.²* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The title was originally just "Constantine", but on the premiere date the subtitle - "City of Demons" was revealed.²[[/folder]]


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