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1* Creator/{{Funimation}} licensed the television series, while Creator/CentralParkMedia originally licensed the OVA.* BigNameFan: Creator/ZackSnyder has stated that he's a fan of the series and [[ cited it]] as an influence for ''Film/ManOfSteel''--[[ and sure enough]], people have compared the fight between Superman and Zod at the end of ''Man of Steel'' to the [[spoiler: fight between Birdy and Nataru at the end of season 2 of ''Decode''.]]* DoingItForTheArt: ''Decode'' was commercially unsuccessful, but still produced a second season of excellent quality. Sadly, it looks like the series will have another cliffhanger ending.* GodCreatedCanonForeigner: Several original characters who made their first appearances in anime were designed by original author Masami Yuuki, such as Hikawa in the OVA, Shyamalan and Sayaka Nakasugi in ''Decode'' season 1. * KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Funimation lost the license for ''Decode'' in late 2016, meaning it can no longer stream the series or sell the [=DVDs=]. Likewise, the collapse of Central Park Media means the OVA is out of print, too.* NamesTheSame: This series doesn't star an English pop star, [[VideoGame/TheMirrorLied Leah's]] MissionControl, [[Film/NobodysFool a bartender]], [[VideoGame/ConkersBadFurDay a scarecrow]], [[VideoGame/BombermanJetters a Jetter]], or [[ComicBook/{{Sabretooth}} an associate of Victor Creed]].* NoBudget: A borderline case. Second season budget was significantly affected with the commercial failure of the first one, with a lot of cutting corner techniques applied to compensate. The artstyle is much more simplified, with infamously sketchy episodes 7 and 12 (the very ''final'' one) and regular lapses in animation all around entire season, with only simple static cues suggesting actual action. Those lapses are extremely jarring when compared with fluid and detailed animation of the first season.* PlayingAgainstType: For both Creator/KenichiSuzumura and Creator/ToddHaberkorn, their respective role as Satyajit Shyamalan, a villainous SmugSnake plotting mass genocide. Although for the latter, he's started playing roles in the style of Shyamalan more often since moving to L.A.* RoleReprise: ''Decode'' features Mako Hyōdō reprising her role from the OVA series as [[BigBad Christella Revi]].* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: The OVA being a product of the 1990s, seeing as Tsutomu sports a mullet as well as the clothes many people are wearing.----


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