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Context Trivia / AngelS05E12YoureWelcome

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1* ActingInTheDark: Creator/CharismaCarpenter agreed to do the episode on the condition Cordelia wasn't killed off. She was initially furious when she found out that was going to happen, but upon seeing the script and how it would be done, she was moved to tears.
2* TheCastShowoff: Creator/ChristianKane, who went through two-and-a-half months of sword training for his role in ''Film/SecondhandLions'', approached the writers to see if they could work his new skills into the episode. Kane ended up performing [[NoStuntDouble his own stunts]] for the sword fight sequence, including [[WireFu wire work]].
3* CompletelyDifferentTitle:
4** German: Menschen wie wir ''(People like us)''
5** French: Le retour de Cordélia ''(Cordelia's return)''
6* ContentLeak: There were initially two endings penned for this episode, the real one, and another with Cordelia simply leaving rather than dying. This was an attempt to keep the real ending a secret from the spoiler leaks that occurred with most episodes. However, the real ending was leaked shortly before air, rendering the attempt unsuccessful.
7* CreatorBacklash: Creator/ChristianKane was legitimately offended by a line where Angel refers to Lindsey as a "tiny Texan" - which he claims Creator/JossWhedon put in there as a TakeThat to him. Kane was born in Texas, but his family eventually settled in Oklahoma and he attended the University of Oklahoma - which has a longstanding rivalry with the University of Texas.
8* EnforcedMethodActing: As Creator/DavidBoreanaz was uncomfortable remembering the late Glenn Quinn, Creator/ChristianKane says the plot point of Lindsey pretending to be Doyle helped add to the animosity between them on-screen.
9* LoopingLines: Creator/CharismaCarpenter had to re-record Cordelia's final line after filming wrapped because she was originally so choked up while saying it that she gave away Cordelia's surprise fate.
10-->I guess I had indicated in a way [that] I was sharing a loss, like I was sad. I knew what was coming. And they didn't want it to be given away.
11* MilestoneCelebration: This is the 100th episode of the series. Creator/JamesMarsters also appeared in the 100th episode of ''Buffy'', "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E22TheGift The Gift]]".
12* RecycledSet: David Fury used tight camera angles during Spike's apartment scene with Lindsey to disguise the fact that the same set was used earlier for the opening teaser. "Everything is a bit contained; the reason is if I turn around, this is where they found the dead nuns," Fury explains.
13* ThrowItIn: During the fight scene between Eve and Harmony, Mercedes [=McNab=] slapped Sarah Thompson accidentally. "She was so worried she'd hurt me but it actually worked well for the take because I reacted by really screaming."
14* UncreditedRole: Though not credited, Creator/JossWhedon wrote the final scene between Angel and Cordelia.
15* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Cordelia's role was originally meant for Buffy and you can see the end of the previous episode foreshadowing a Buffy appearance. Creator/SarahMichelleGellar had to cancel at the last minute, due to a death in her family. The episode plot would have revolved more around Buffy's conflicting feelings for Spike and Angel.
16* WrittenInInfirmity: Creator/DavidBoreanaz was recovering from knee surgery at the time, so many scenes were written to have Angel sitting down.