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1%%%²%%²%% This page has been alphabetized. Please add new examples in the correct order.²%%²%%%²TranquilFury in anime and manga.²----²²* The eponymous Afro in ''Anime/AfroSamurai'' uses this to call upon his subconscious to come up with an on-the-fly fighting style to counter his ''MirrorMatch'' robot double. It could be argued that Afro is in a constant state of quiet rage for the entire series.²* Briareos in ''Manga/{{Appleseed}}'' is quite good at this. Having a blank metal plate and five cameras in lieu of a face certainly helps.²* In the final battle of ''Manga/AssassinationClassroom'', [[spoiler:Kayano is fatally impaled by Number Two's tentacles]]. Koro-sensei barely raised his voice or uttered a word despite his absolute fury, instead [[spoiler:turning ''pure white'', concentrating his entire power into one final, decisive attack that made short work of his enemies]]. But only in the manga. The anime has Koro-sensei roaring in rage for several seconds when this happened.²* Levi in ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' genuinely showed so little emotion that the only way to tell if he is angry is through the shadowing of his eyes and his tone. For example, when speaking to [[spoiler:the Female Titan]], his voice is icy and it's clear he is pissed that his soldiers are dead because of [[spoiler:her]]. And again, when he sees [[spoiler:his personal squad being killed by the Female Titan]], his eyes are shadowed ''almost completely black'' before he eventually unleashes hell on [[spoiler:the Female Titan]] while showing [[NotSoStoic the most emotion]] he probably will ever while still containing himself and his desire for revenge.²** He's like an evil version of Batman: whenever a regular person would scream at a spineless coward to suck it up, or passionately torment a captain to spill the beans, Levi does that without the emotion showing. His usual suck it up speeches involve choking or otherwise threatening death while calmly explaining the do-or-die decision the person has to make. His usual torment interrogation involves crippling his victim while simultaneously debating with the victim's point-of-view. ²** Turns out his uncle taught him that. [[spoiler:Kenny]] REALLY hates his nephew, enough to pull twin guns in an otherwise fair fight, but remains focused and humorous while going on a regular murderous rampage after him.²* Luck Gandor demonstrates Tranquil Fury in the first ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}!'' light novel, in contrast to his brother Berga's furniture-smashing rage over the deaths of several of their men. When Berga rejects Luck's request for him to calm down, Luck patiently explains -- while gripping a piece of broken wood hard enough to draw blood from his own hand -- that he is in fact very angry, and that he wants to rip those responsible to pieces with his own hands, and that he is keeping himself occupied with thinking over the details lest he go on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge and possibly even kill police or innocent bystanders if they got in the way. He then asks his brother to shoot him if it's necessary to keep him from doing so; all the while, his expression never changes, and by the time he's done Berga apologizes and says that Luck needs to calm down even more than he himself does.²** [[BigBrotherMentor Maiza]] also exhibits Tranquil Fury, although not to such a dramatic degree as the above, when a police officer makes the mistake of [[BigBrotherInstinct insulting Firo in his presence]].²* Though his signature reaction to most serious situations is UnstoppableRage, Guts from ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' often starts out with Tranquil Fury. When he [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice confronts]] the man who [[spoiler:tortured and mutilated Griffith for a year]], Guts [[ gives an expression that is on the same level of creepiness]] as his signature SlasherSmile, just to show how dangerously enraged he is inside.²** Another time came in volume 17, when a possessed and demonized horse is about to rape Farnese, who was Guts' hostage at the time. This scene was [[BerserkButton particularly triggering for Guts]], as [[spoiler: it reminded him of the rape of his lover Casca by Griffith]] and so after brutally decapitating the demon horse, he rather creepily and nonchalantly chastises Farnese for reminding him of his past, and goes onto saying in flat voice, "Thanks. Now I'm in a ''really'' bad mood. I've got until dawn to kill all of you." Cue to the next morning, where everything in Guts' radius save for Farnese is obliterated. ²** It's rather telling that the few times when Puck gets really scared of Guts are when he reacts [[SlasherSmile gleefully to the prospect of violence]] or when he becomes horrifyingly calm.²* Train Heartnet of ''Anime/BlackCat'' is a living incarnation of the LetsGetDangerous trope, so he has many moments of this. The crowning example, however, has to be when [[spoiler:Creed is killing Saya]]. Train doesn't even shout or anything. He just punches Creed away and says, very calmly, "Creed, what the hell are you doing?" Then, as Creed attempts to justify himself, he punches him hard enough to smash him into a wall more than 10 feet away. "Cut the crap. You have a death wish don't you?" Keep in mind, Train is a ''gunfighter'', so punching Creed that far means that he's ''spectacularly'' pissed. On top of that, he's currently [[spoiler:had his Hades confiscated by Sepheria]], so [[spoiler:he's effectively picking a fight with Creed, who is every bit his equal, ''without his weapon of choice'']]. Even [[AxCrazy Creed]] doesn't like the odds of taking on Train in this state, as he runs away without a fight.²** Train has another terrifying example in the pilot chapter. After hunting down [[spoiler:the assassin who killed his and Sven's sweeper target]], he has the man pinned to the ground with his gun to his head. All he says is "when you see the old man, tell him that one day we're gonna break bread together." And then he kills the guy with a smile on his face. ²** Another when the Doctor has [[spoiler:injected Mundock and Fudou with the Berserker nanomachine and forced them to fight Train and River, as well as badly hurt Kevin]], because [[ItAmusedMe it's fun]] for him. River starts roaring at him over the intercom, but Train simply says "When I find you, I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life." He proceeds to make good on that threat with two punches once he finally reaches the bastard.²* Revy's "Whitman Fever" from ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', which is more of a relapse of AxCrazy than anger -- when she starts to look like she's sleep-deprived and ''stops'' yelling and swearing, there will be blood and there will be lots of it.²** And [[LadyOfWar Balalaika]] is almost always calm, controlled and polite, even when she's furious.²* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':²** In a {{Filler}} arc, [[BigBad Shusuke Amagai]] is so chillingly icy during his fight with Ichigo that he seems to combine Tranquil Fury with CreepyMonotone.²** Uryuu can get ratty, mostly where Ichigo is concerned, but true anger is a different matter entirely. Ulquiorra lampshades this when Uryuu attacks after Ichigo is almost killed, stating he believed Uryuu was the calm one. Uryuu points out that he is calm. It's Mayuri, however, who has felt the true sting of Uryuu's tranquil rage. After boasting about how he tortured Uryuu's grandfather to death, he found both himself and his bankai defeated in a single strike by an icily infuriated Uryuu. ²** Byakuya never visibly loses his temper, his level of focus simply changes to 'lethal'. When Byakuya arrives in Hueco Mundo, he finds Zommari standing over Rukia's unconscious body. He asks if Zommari's responsible for his sister's condition; Zommari isn't, but informs Byakuya that he was going to finish the job his dead colleague began. Byakuya's [[DeathGlare eyes narrow]] in response. In the ensuing fight, Byakuya's mood doesn't so much as twitch and he spends his time lecturing Zommari on every single move the Arrancar [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide attempts and fails]]. Even when Byakuya disables his own arm and leg to counter Zommari's ability to control his body, he doesn't twitch, much to Zommari's amazement. When Zommari is finally defeated, he rants that Soul Reapers have no divine-mandated right to hunt Hollows. Byakuya calmly replies that he's not killing Zommari because he's a Soul Reaper, he's doing it because Zommari dared to point a sword at his sister.²--->'''Zommari''': What's that look? Are you telling me you won't show me mercy?! Are you going to cut me?! Are you going to execute me?! Don't you see how arrogant that is?! You Soul Reapers slay us as though we were vermin! Who do you think you are?! A god?! By what right do you slaughter us Hollows?! Is it because we devour humans?! Who made you their protectors?! No! No-one gave you that authority!! You Soul Reapers call us evil and slay us because you think you hold the power of justice in your hands!! But you're just...\²'''Byakuya''': What makes you think I'm acting as a Soul Reaper? I'm going to slay you because you [[KnightTemplarBigBrother aimed your blade at my pride]].²** Ulquiorra is TheStoic to the point he doesn't really know what emotions are all about, but Ichigo's refusal to stay down and stay dead throughout their fights starts chipping away at his patience. By the time he finally activates his release form during their final showdown, Ulquiorra begins shouting at Ichigo to just give up even as he {{No Sell}}s Ichigo's strongest attacks and beats him to a pulp.²** Kyouraku is usually the [[BrilliantButLazy most laid-back Captain in Soul Society]], preferring to drink and party his days and nights away. However, when Wonderweiss stabs his best friend [[IllBoy Ukitake]] straight through the chest, Kyouraku's whole demeanor turns murderous and he doesn't waste a second in trying to [[WouldHurtAChild kill the young Arrancar]].²** When Yamamoto defeats [[DarkActionGirl Halibel's]] three fracción, [[MamaBear Halibel]] proceeds to unleash a brutal NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on Hitsugaya in an attempt to finish the fight as fast as possible so she can take her revenge against Yamamoto. She fails, [[spoiler:if only because Aizen cut her down himself for failing to live up to expectations]].²** After the invasion of Soul Society resulted in the deaths of half Yamamoto's division, Yamamoto enters this state (and his [[ThePowerOfTheSun bankai]]) and doesn't ever leave it again. [[spoiler:It's driven by the death of Chourjirou, who's been at his side for two thousand years. The only thing that ends his tranquil fury is his death.]]²** Rose enters this state after learning what the Stern Ritters have done to the Shinigami, but especially after learning what they've done to Kira, someone he had bonded closely with during the time-skip due to their shared artistic natures.²* The end of the first arc of the ''Manga/ACertainScientificRailgun'' anime has Mikoto, a {{Tsundere}} with ShockAndAwe powers [[ going Tranquil Fury on the AIM Burst]]. You can pick your jaw off the floor now.²* In ''Manga/{{Change123}}'', if Motoko Gettou is in tranquil fury mode, then that means [[spoiler:[[SuperPoweredEvilSide Zero]] has come out to play]]. And if that said tranquil fury is directed at you, you had better start praying. ''Fast.''²* Only to be expected given the [[TinMan slightly weird]] [[LackOfEmpathy mindset]] of contractors in ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack''. We see it the most from Hei (unless someone hits his BerserkButton, in which case the "tranquil" part disappears), but it's also fairly prominent when November 11 is really mad.²** Good November 11 example would be after his partner, April, gets badly injured. As he watches her at the hospital, his face is no longer his perpetual smirk, or even the expected rage; it's expressionless, although slightly glum. This is DullSurprise made terrifying.²* In ''LightNovel/DemonKingDaimao'', while Sai Akuto is capable of UnstoppableRage, in some of his fights, he will [[LampshadeHanging comment on]] how calm he is despite a ton of power flowing through him at the time. Some of the other characters accuse him of this as a sign of him becoming the [[BigBad Demon Lord]].²* In ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' Season 2, T.K. confronts the Digimon Emperor this way, after giving his TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome He takes a whip crack from the Emperor into his face without even flinching, calmly looks at his injury then proceeds to beat the crap out of the Emperor]].²* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'':²** The trope was when [[BigDamnHeroes Goku returns]] from [[TrainingFromHell King Kai's planet]] and proceeds to [[CurbStompBattle tear Nappa a new one]] with a somewhat stern look on his face the entire time. The chapter was fittingly called ''The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku''. ²** The Super Saiyan form is typically unlocked after emotional stress and anger reaching peak. Once they do this, the Saiyan becomes truer to their nature, becoming colder and more sadistic, although with enough training these negative traits fade away. ²** The way Goku describes Super Saiyan the first time he reaches it is "a calm quiet heart awakened by intense anger". ²** When Son Gohan hits Super Saiyan 2, he becomes completely calm and completely cruel. He spends several episodes just dodging and parrying Cell's attacks with zero effort, giving him cold gazes in-between. It's more noticeable in the movie Bojack Unbound when he, with some reluctance, reaches Super Saiyan 2 once again. In that state, he's merely advancing towards Bojack at an eerily slow pace. Bojack's minions use a ki-attack that tries to bind him, but he just keeps walking through, not giving a damn, still creepily slow. This was the most frustrating technique Bojack's gang had, deployed with frightening ease, completely paralyzing and sapping energy. [[NoSell Gohan showed it no respect.]]²** When Gohan faces off against the Cell Jrs., one of them takes Krillin hostage, threatening to kill him if Gohan tries anything. Gohan raises his hand to kill both Krillin and the Cell Jr., causing it to run away.²*** In the video games, this is one of Gohan's special attacks. The name? Quiet Rage.²** Future Trunks' [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge final showdown]] with the Future Androids has him [[CurbStompBattle toying with and blasting them out of existence]] with an almost completely stone-cold demeanour outside of a calm glare.²** In ''Anime/DragonballZResurrectionF'', Vegeta, of all people, takes this tack when it's his turn to fight. Freeza probably shouldn't have called him "Prince of No One" a second beforehand.²*** He also does this again in ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', as when Frost threatens to poison him, he only bothers holding back only enough to keep himself from killing him and then knocks him to hell and back [[SingleStrokeBattle with one blow.]] Then eventually after Goku Black kills his Future wife and tries to kill Future Trunks, he becomes strangely melancholy and subdued about the matter outwardly, although he's plotting to kill him brutally and savagely, and it's only when he trains for this does the [[UnstoppableRage true extent of his rage]] become visible.²** Goku Black mixes this with FauxAffablyEvil. He utterly hates mortal life, but he remains completely composed as he vaporises their cities and he can maintain a conversational tone when meeting anyone unfortunate enough to stand before him. When he realizes that he can grow stronger through ThePowerOfHate, he very matter-of-factly lists his grievances against humans, gods, [[spoiler:and his own past self Zamasu]] before [[BeyondTheImpossible yanking a giant energy scythe out of his hand and cutting a hole in reality itself]].²** [[spoiler: Goku's reaction to Goku Black confessing gleefully to him that he had murdered his wife and son while acquiring his body [[PapaWolf elicits from him the angriest response since his first Super Saiyan transformation]], and although he [[UnstoppableRage freaks out]] for several seconds, he quickly becomes focused and controlled in his new goal of killing Goku Black with his bare hands. One moment highlighting this is when he delivers an OffhandBackhand to Future Zamasu with only a scowl to show his desire to see Black dead.]]²* ''Manga/ElfenLied'': The Diclonius. All of them, and in Lucy's case, all the time. Whenever a Diclonius hits the breaking point they become deadly calm, their eyes become [[DullEyesOfUnhappiness empty]], and ''everything around them'' '''dies'''.²* In episode 22 of ''Manga/FairyTail'', after [[PlayingWithFire Natsu]] learns that Lucy has been kidnapped, he captures a mook and drags him across a mountain trail. While dragging the guy, he orders him to reveal where Lucy is being held. When the mook won't answer, Natsu sets him on fire, then calmly declares that if he doesn't answer, the flames won't go out until he's ash.²** Black Mage Zeref needs only to flash a DeathGlare at somebody and announce they've angered him to have everyone on the floor shitting themselves.²* Circe Augusta von Zerbst, from ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero''. Usually hot-blooded, she gets unusually calm and lady-like when angered.²* Kenshiro of ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'' does this ''every single time'' that there's anything shown between the mook of the week crossing the MoralEventHorizon, and Ken getting into his screaming RapidFireFisticuffs.²* ''Anime/{{Free}}'':²** Happens to Miho Amakata when Nagisa suggests her to wear a swimsuit to get more members of the swim club, and at one point, she threatens to quit as the club's supervisor.²** Gou Matsouka, in a conversation with the above-mentioned Nagisa, he calls her by her first name, and then she sharply corrects him by telling him to call her "Kou", which is accompanied by a plastic smile and awkward silence for a couple of seconds before resuming the discussion.²* ''Manga/FruitsBasket'': When Tohru's {{Jerkass}} cousin calls Tohru a "little tramp" in front of Yuki and Kyo, Yuki calmly gets in his face and stuns said cousin and his equally-jerkish parents speechless with a single sentence, in his usual stoic manner:²-->'''Yuki''': Don't you ''ever'' talk about Miss Honda that way again, you ''lowlife''.²* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'': ²** King Bradley [[spoiler:is the embodiment of wrath]] but never seems angry. He swaps between this and DissonantSerenity. This is because [[spoiler:he is the embodiment of WRATH, not rage]]. The former lasts longer than the latter, and [[spoiler:''BigBad'']] is even more [[GambitRoulette long term]] in his plans.²** Lust points this out about Roy Mustang when he [[spoiler:incinerates her about eight times without even blinking]]. Later when he takes on [[spoiler:Envy]] he becomes alarmingly less tranquil, almost to the point of crossing his moral event horizon.²** In [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime version]], Izumi Curtis enters South Headquarters and tears the place open with a calm, blank look on her face to retrieve Wrath.²** An earlier example is when the Elric brothers find out that [[spoiler:Shou Tucker painfully, forcefully, and remorselessly ''fused his dog and his five-year old daughter into a twisted abomination'']]. Ed enters UnstoppableRage mode and has to be calmed down by his brother, but Al makes it clear that even though he is calm, he is just as close to ripping [[spoiler:Tucker]] a new one.²*** In fact, Ed is so consumed by his rage, all that stops him from beating [[spoiler:Tucker]] to death with his metal arm is said amalgamation of pet and little girl biting his coat and asking him to stop hurting her daddy.²* About 3/5 of the way through ''[[Anime/GaoGaiGar King of Braves GaoGaiGar]]'', GGG takes on the first major BigBad, [[spoiler:EI-01, aka Pasder]]. After [[spoiler:being on the receiving end of a CurbStompBattle, GGG pulls out [[DangerousForbiddenTechnique Projectile X]] which radically powers up the four mecha in the fight. Right before letting out one of his loudest HotBlooded screams and [[LetsGetDangerous opening the biggest can of whoop-ass in the entire series at that point]]]], Guy Shishioh AND the titular mecha [[ have that look on their faces.]]²* After spending the whole movie, and by extension 2000+ years, gripped in rage Colin from ''Anime/HighlanderTheSearchForVengeance'' finally manages to control his emotions to kill the big bad in a couple of seconds.²* ''Manga/HunterXHunter'' has done this with a number of characters, such as [[spoiler:Gon. Ever since his mentor Kaito was savaged by the Chimera Ants, Gon's been getting progressively more scary quiet, to the point that people will recoil from him when he's ''just sitting there''. After finding out Kaito is KilledOffForReal, Gon has apparently [[ aged ten years and unlocked incredible power]]]].²²** This also happens to [[spoiler:Killua during the Chimera Ant arc when he uses Godspeed for the first time on Youpi. He stated very calmly that "He is just releasing stress" before beating up Youpi.]]²²* In ''Manga/InuXBokuSS'', Soushi does this in episode 3 when two young men are insulting Ririchiyo. After dousing them with his drink, he very calmly, very politely says, "Pardon me, it's just that, you've angered me."²* ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}'': Sesshoumaru is a stoic in all circumstances except where his [[HotBlooded brother]] is [[NotSoDifferent concerned]]. His tranquility even when being insulted or having his {{protectorate}} attacked is so infamous, deviation results in [[OOCISSeriousBusiness in-universe comment]]. When Mouryoumaru tries to press Inuyasha's BerserkButton by insulting Kagura's death, it's Sesshoumaru who snaps; seeing Sesshoumaru's tranquil fury expand into an UnstoppableRage leaves both Inuyasha's group and Mouryoumaru himself absolutely shocked. ²* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'''s Giorno Giovanna can seem calm at the most tense of moments, but really, he is just plotting your demise in a very sneaky and sometimes quite horrific way. The best example of this is [[spoiler:once he gains Gold Experience Requiem and faces off with Diavolo floating in the air with his new Stand]].²** Let's not forget what he did to Cioccolata. He was eerily calm to the entire time he was talking to him, but there was no question Giorno was pissed for what Cioccolata [[MoralEventHorizon did to the]] InnocentByStanders with his Stand. It isn't until the bastard tried to attack him that Giorno unleashes his fury through Gold Experience giving him a 7 page/30 second long NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.²** Jotaro Kujo's defining character trait is this, as he believes showing emotions is unnecessary as people can easily read him just by looking at him. During his fight against [[spoiler:DIO]], he was notably more furious than usual, with [[spoiler:the deaths of Avdol, Kakyoin, and Joseph]] being pretty huge contributing factors to his infernal rage. He even mentions that [[spoiler:DIO]] would've won if this hadn't been his final straw.²-->'''Jotaro:''' There's only one reason you lost, [[spoiler:DIO]]. One simple reason... '''You really pissed me off.'''²** In the anime adaptation of ''Stardust Crusaders,'' Polnareff enters this state after accepting [[spoiler:Avdol and Iggy died saving him]] when facing Vanilla Ice for the last time. It's striking, given Polnareff's usual buffoonish and blubbering demeanor, to see him [[CurbStompBattle calmly rip into him]] and then quietly deduce his transformation into a vampire, defeating him with a gentle shove into the setting sun.²** Josuke of Part 4 enters this state when he's truly angered. Whether it be [[BerserkButton insulting his trademark hair]], or threatening someone closet to him, you will regret your crimes as soon as Crazy Diamond gives a furious beatbown.²* In ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn,'' the standard Dying Will mode is a form of UnstoppableRage, while Hyper Dying Will mode is more Tranquil Fury.²* Akira Hongo, the YAMI group's "God Fist" from ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'', has this as his way of showing when he's well and truly pissed off. As Sakaki Shio, Hongo's rival from their teen years, points out while watching [[spoiler:Hongo's fight to the death against fellow YAMI master "Demon Fist" Silcardo Junazard]], Hongo won't lose control of his emotions when he gets angry -- instead, his movements in battle become colder and more precise. Specifically, he attempts to [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice use his hands as stabbing implements]] multiple times [[spoiler:[[BerserkButton after Junazard insults the memory of Hongo's dead student Sho Kanou]]]].²* In ''Manga/{{Kuroko no Basuke}}'', we get to see kindly, blank-faced, pacifistic Kuroko Tetsuya ''completely enraged'' all of once. Faced with Kirisaki Dai-Ichi's underhanded tactics and after being talked down to by [[MagnificentBastard Hanamiya Makoto]], Kuroko sits in the locker room staring at the wall. When we see his expression, his normally [[TheStoic blank blue eyes]] and neutral face are locked into a near-expressionless DeathGlare terrifying enough to make even [[TheAce Kagami]] flinch. When he goes back out onto the court, [[LetsGetDangerous he almost single-handedly destroys]] Hanamiya's Spider's Web formation, then proceeds to launch an Ignite Pass so close to Hanamiya's face that he audibly chokes in shock and terror. The scariest part? All of this is done without dropping his usual polite manner of speaking. Kuroko becomes one of the scariest examples on the list [[BadassPacifist without resorting to any actual violence]].²--> '''Aomine:''' "You're going to lose. [...] It's because you made Tetsu angry. That's all."²* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'':²** Nanoha displays this during the mock battle with Teana and Subaru in ''[[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers StrikerS]]'', when it becomes clear that the two of them chose to ignore all of her instructions in favor of reducing the mock battle to an all-out brawl. She never raises her voice, but her actions and demeanor make her anger and disappointment very apparent.²** [[SmugSnake Quattro]] actually compliments Nanoha on being pretty calm once she meets her and simply stands there while she taunts her into attacking. Nanoha's final words for the bespectacled Number were a cold "I found you." [[WaveMotionGun before unleashing a Blaster 3 Divine Buster]] [[DungeonBypass right through the floors and walls of the Saint's Cradle]] [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome just to get to her]].²** This was [[LadyOfWar Signum's]] reaction in ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce'' when [[ButForMeItWasTuesday Cypha acted flippantly about her massacre of a world]]. No roaring, no screaming, just pure, controlled rage from Signum as she completely dismantles Cypha, leaving the latter on the ground and missing an arm. [[spoiler:[[HealingFactor Unfortunately]], [[AntiMagic it]] [[WreckedWeapon wasn't]] [[SoLastSeason quite]] [[TheWorfEffect enough]]]].²** Used for NightmareFuel in ''Anime/VividStrike'' when [[spoiler: Rinne delivers a brutal NoHoldsBarredBeatdown to the three bullies that [[NeverGotToSayGoodbye kept her from being with her grandfather when he died]]. The entire time, her face is locked in a icy DeathGlare]]. ²* Negi from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' spends most of Chapter 315 in this state [[spoiler:after he sees that [[AxeCrazy Quartum]] has cut [[RobotGirl Chachamaru]] in half. He [[CurbStompBattle curb stomps]] Quartum, culminating in Quartum '''[[LaserGuidedKarma being ripped in half.]]''']]²** Back in chapter 195, Negi had a truly ''epic'' moment of tranquil fury when he saw {{Jerkass}} Tohsaka [[spoiler:use a ShockCollar to punish a student of Negi's who had been MadeASlave]]. The page starts with a full-blown DeathGlare, and ends with Negi, who usually speaks politely even to his enemies, giving a quiet, deadly, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness "Shut up."]]²* This is said to be the highest state of mind for a fighter in ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam,'' a serene calm that cannot be broken by the strongest of maelstroms. It is through this rather than his trademark UnstoppableRage that Domon Kasshu finally manages to become truly worthy of his status.²** This is a state of mind only -- Domon becomes arguably more hotblooded when his Hyper Mode activates. It appears that his is a hot blood tempered controlled, but not stemmed, by calm. It also demonstrated the difference between excitement and flat out anger.²* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans'': This is Mikazuki's default state when in battle. Not that Mikazuki emotes much anyway, but out of battle he's more relaxed and laid-back. When in battle with an enemy before him, every line in his face seems to be set in stone-cold fury, with a look in his eyes that clearly says anyone obstructing his path will die in short order. It's like watching a berserker, but with no trace of the screaming rage.²* Kira Yamato's "SEED Mode" in both ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED''. At first it was a sort of UnstoppableRage but even after it became this, it is still just as exciting.²* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'':²** [[TheStoic Kakashi]]. After Zabuza completely disregards Haku's sacrifice and attempts to ''cut right through him'' to get at his enemy, Kakashi decides ItsPersonal now. He proceeds to destroy the previously impregnable Zabuza in four economical moves.²** After Pain destroyed the village, he came on the receiving end of [[SuperMode Sage Mode]] Naruto's Tranquil Fury. By the time he managed to get control of the battle again, Naruto had destroyed ''five'' of his bodies. Pain finally pressed Naruto's BerserkButton and triggered his UnstoppableRage ''later'', when he nearly killed [[LivingEmotionalCrutch Hinata]] [[ForcedToWatch right in front of Naruto]].²** One way or another, it seems Zabuza is Kakashi's BerserkButton. In one manga arc [[spoiler:Zabuza and Haku's resurrected bodies were taken over]] to fight in the war and their [[spoiler:minds blanked out for greater efficiency]]. This disrespect to their friendship and sacrifice is the final straw...²--->"Look, it takes a lot to get me worked up, but this time my boiling point's as low as it's ever been. The Copy Ninja Kakashi, the man who copied one thousand techniques… is about to go on a rampage!"²** [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome We're not shown the ensuing fight]], but it wipes out the [[spoiler:Seven Ninja Swordsmen]].²** We never see Jiraiya get truly angry during the series, but the few times he gets close to it, he hints at this trope. When Jiraiya and Tsunade talk about Orochimaru's offer, Jiraiya very coldly and calmly tells Tsunade ([[UnrequitedLoveLastsForever who, by the way, he is in love with]]) that if she ever betrays the leaf village, ''he will kill her.''²* Whereas Rei II of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' was quiet but obedient to orders, even starting to show signs of a DefrostingIceQueen, [[spoiler:her [[CloningBlues successor]] Rei III harbors an unspoken resentment toward Gendo, and by the end, stops him from carrying out Instrumentality on his terms, instead choosing to give that power to Shinji. Despite this, her betrayal of Gendo is carried out in the same EmotionlessGirl tenor that Ayanami is famous for]].²* ''Manga/OnePiece'':²** Monkey D. Luffy is a master of this, especially in the original Japanese. There are few times when Luffy will go in screaming and rip roaring mad, though to look at him you'd suppose otherwise. His most angry, serious look tends to be blank eyes.²*** Perhaps the best example of this is during his fight with [[spoiler:Rob Lucci]]. After fighting a mostly even battle (With the assistance of Gear Second), [[spoiler:Lucci brings out an attack that causes severe internal damage, even to a Rubberman like Luffy. Then he hits him with it AGAIN. Luffy is near death, until Usopp gives him his own WorldOfCardboardSpeech, and he gets back up, glaring down Lucci whilst saying, in a completely calm tone, 'Until I beat you, [[{{Determinator}} I am not going down again.]]']]²*** Another memorable example is when [[spoiler:the World Noble Charloss]] shoots [[spoiler:Hachi]], leaving him bleeding out on the steps of a slave auction. Luffy adopts a DeathGlare, but otherwise forgoes his usual RoaringRampageOfRevenge. Instead, he calmly walks up the stairs, dodging bullets with almost no visible movement (''without Gear Second''), and punches [[spoiler:Charloss]] (''without even the use of his rubber'') hard enough to send him across the building. This, all the while knowing that [[spoiler:striking a World Nobles is considered a declaration of war against the entire world but Luffy had absolute zero fucks about that load of pure, steaming horseshit]].²** Whitebeard is known for [[UnstoppableRage going apeshit over anyone harming his]] "[[AFatherToHisMen sons]]". Killing one of them is a different story. In fact, it's this trope when [[spoiler:[[MagmaMan Akainu]] kills Portgas D. Ace, and Whitebeard silently but brutally punishes him by using a MegatonPunch and sending him through a fault with his earthquake-powers. The only words he said were after Akainu ''[[OnlyAFleshWound burnt half his face off]]'': "I'm just getting started". Fittingly, the chapter was called ''Silent Rage'']]. Of course the Marines promptly shit themselves knowing what kind of force Whitebeard tends to be. ²* ''Anime/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'': [[CuteBruiser Honey Senpai]] is normally depicted as cheerful. However, when he is threatened or refused something, his face will become extremely calm and he will most likely attack, even if it isn't a big deal [[spoiler:like when Mori Senpai refuses him cake]]. He is also shown to be powerful enough to [[spoiler:take down over 100 men with minimal effort and help]].²* In ''Anime/Persona4TheAnimation'', [[TheHero Yu]] prefers to keep his emotions [[TheStoic under wraps]], so when he ''does'' get mad, it's this trope. One of the more chilling examples comes in Episode 23 [[spoiler:drags Namatame over to the TV and nearly throws him into it (essentially trapping him in a DeathWorld)]] without a hint of emotion on his face.²* [[BigEater Diamond]] of ''[[Manga/PokemonAdventures Pokémon Special]]''. Whenever he finds himself with less than savory characters, he will simply state that he doesn't approve of what they're doing before fighting. What really stands out though, is when he tells Pearl that he has his own mind and refuses to be bossed around without ever raising his voice.²* ''Anime/PrincessMononoke'' had a good example with this when Ashitaka simply walks up to the dueling Mononoke and Eboshi -- surrounded by the [[spoiler:blue-black glow of the demon inside him]], but still calm nonetheless. Which was preceded by a FoeTossingCharge... while he leisurely walked forward through the crowd.²* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'': When she's not totally emotionless, this is Homura Akemi's default state. Of particular note is the final few minutes of Episode 3, [[spoiler:where, having realised that Mami is dead, she coldly disposes of the Witch, and then coldly chews out Madoka and Sayaka for ever even considering becoming magical girls, leaving the latter two in a shattered state]].²* When switching on his blue lantern, Randel Oland from ''Anime/PumpkinScissors'', enters a trance that focuses him single-mindedly on his goal, making him impervious to pain and turning him into a fearless, heartless, lethal automaton. He only retains enough humanity to know when to switch it off, and then he returns to normal.²* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' offers the Three-Year Smile of Death, a terrifying technique of the Chinese Amazons where they store their anger at a target, hide it behind a smile, and then attack him in small but painful and potentially lethal ways that seem accidents for ''three years''. Mousse reveals the existence of this technique after he tripped and had a rocket go off in Shampoo's face and she didn't beat the crap out of him but forgave him with a smile, and shortly after that discovers all his spare glasses and weapons have been mysteriously broken, [[spoiler:but it turned out Shampoo doesn't even ''know'' of the Three-Year Smile of Death, she had just accidentally broken the glasses and weapons and so when Mousse had that rocket go off in her face she forgave him with a smile-that once. The next time he annoyed her in the attempt of breaking the technique, she beat him up as usual]].²* Kenshin's golden-eyed "[[SuperpoweredEvilSide Battousai]]" state in ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'' is his state of Tranquil Fury. He's not necessarily mad, he's just done playing nice and is now ready to beat you to a pulp.²** Though as the original Hitokiri Battousai he was more of a "kill off my emotion for efficiency" [[EmpathicWeapon empathic killer]].²** Kenshin loses it in one story arc where the cast attacks a rich mogul who says that his only motivation for doing what he does is plain and simple: [[MoneyDearBoy Money]], saying that it can do anything. After he kills the henchmen that have turned against him with a {{gatling g|ood}}un, Kenshin runs at him. Due to the efforts of said henchmen, the gun jams, and the guy starts begging for mercy. Kenshin replies by screaming "If you value your life, PRAY TO YOUR BELOVED MONEY!!" before smashing the guy's face in.²** And again in the Kyoto Arc. During the fight with Chou "Sword Hunter" Sawagejou, Chou makes as if to impale an infant on his sword, in an effort to break Kenshin's concentration. It works. Sort of. Kenshin does indeed lose his focus, but instead of forgetting about Chou's special attack, [[spoiler:Kenshin instead forgets that he doesn't want Chou's cervical vertebrae to part ways. He was only saved by the fact that the new sword was, unbeknownst to everyone, a sakabatou. Even then, the sheer force of the blow might have Darth Mauled him anyway(and would certainly have snapped his spine), if not for the BFS wrapped around his torso like a bandage]].²* ''Manga/SailorMoon'' examples:²** The anime has the protagonist in this mode as she confronts Queen Beryl in the final scene of season one [[spoiler:after the deaths of her fellow Senshi]]. Dub hate aside, Sailor Moon's voice actress Terri Hawkes evokes this powerfully:²--->''"[[Awesome/SailorMoon I hear you, Luna. I am not afraid anymore.]]"''²** The manga has a scene with the usually very emotive Sailor Venus: Queen Beryl was about to [[PrehensileHair strangle Sailor Moon with her hair]] when Venus suddenly became ''very'' calm, [[ThatMakesMeFeelAngry announced that now she was furious]], and then first cut Beryl's hair before ''cutting her belly open with a poisonous sword''.²* In ''Manga/{{Saiyuki}}'', StepfordSmiler Hakkai is very good at this, able to carry on polite conversations as he is engaged in battle. But his [[spoiler:past life]] Tenpou in the ''Gaiden'' manga raises this to a very creepy new level, politely saying "excuse me" before he calmly punches his superior's lights out, and [[spoiler:in the battle where he sacrifices his life]], engages in all manner of meaningless prattle that is unrelated to the battle at hand.²* ''Anime/SamuraiChamploo'':²** Mugen is usually crazy energetic, especially when he's enraged. However, after being betrayed, blown up, and left for dead by his childhood friends in Episode 13, he tracks them down and eerily limps towards them. when one of his old friends tries to attack, he immediately cuts him down in a few choice strokes, all with NO emotion.²* In ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}'', Yume seems rather calm when she [[CurbStompBattle beats up]] two Disciplinary Squad members effortlessly. Miya, the landlady of Maison Izumo, also seems rather calm as she trains Musubi and Tsukiumi in her backyard.²* In ''Manga/SoulEater'' Black*Star, a HotBlooded IdiotHero, is most dangerous when [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness he's not yelling at you]].²* ''{{Manga/Toriko}}'': Toriko got into this mode for a brief moment when [[spoiler:Komatsu's heart was literally '''smashed''' by Teppei and then Toriko proceeded to kill every NEO member on the spot. After that he got into a UnstoppableRage against Teppei]].²* In ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}},'' Shiki's occasional bouts of homicidal insanity come in a variety of flavors, depending on what triggers them. His usual version tends to be a "cold" fury, and he rarely if ever falls prey to a "hot" fury.²** There's a convenient scale on Arcueid's path: [[spoiler:Killing Arcueid? Definitely heated fury. Killing Nero? Middle-ground. Killing Roa? Pure calm]].²* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'':²** Sensui (the real one). It's a really good idea to shake his hand.²** Also, Kurama. He never loses his reserve, but you can always tell when he's mad. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Yeah, you can definitely always tell]].²²----


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