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1* We here at Wiki/TVTropes also have a favorite food: SugarWiki/{{Toblerone}}, the former TropeNamer for BoisterousBruiser.²* Creator/{{Pixar}} employees seem to have a thing for cereal -- so much so that they even have a room with milk, fruit and every kind of cereal imaginable at Pixar Studios, known as the [[ "Cereal Bar."]]²* Animals [[StockAnimalDiet typically have a food associated with them]], even if they don't eat it in the wild or that much in captivity/domestication.²** Mice and rats love cheese, except that they actually don't. It's an old wives' tale that has been debunked. A more practical thing to bait rodent traps with is peanut butter rather than cheese, since it's less likely to spoil, more attractive to rodents, and because of its consistency, it's much harder to remove without setting off the trap.²** Cats really do love milk, except that it's not good for them. They're lactose intolerant. Don't feed your cats milk (unless you're interested in dealing with a bloated cat an hour or two later). Feed your cats (ironically) cheese instead--yes, they ''love'' cheese, and unlike milk they can digest it cleanly, because the cheesemaking process gets rid of most of the lactose; it also contains lact''a''se, which is the natural substance that processes lact''o''se. Cats are also known for hunting mice, fish and birds, even in captivity. Well-fed cats often do it just for fun, which helps give rise to the CatsAreMean trope.²** Dogs like {{Stock Femur Bone}}s. Meat, especially those that leave behind {{Stock Femur Bone}}s, and man-made dog treats, especially those shaped like {{Stock Femur Bone}}s.²** Elephants and peanuts. In reality, elephants are OK with peanuts, but much prefer coconuts. They also like bananas, oranges and watermelons. But they really hate chili peppers, which can result in massive sneezing fits. Many African farmers grow chili hedges around their crops to protect them from greedy wild elephants. Elephants are known for liking buns, and they do eat breads as snacks in captivity.²** Monkeys and apes love bananas. This one dates back to the work of primatologist Jane Goodall, who used bananas in order to get close to the chimpanzees she was studying. Some species do eat bananas in the wild, but only the non-domesticated ones. The domesticated bananas people eat have more sugar, and giving these to monkeys is the equivalent of giving them cake or chocolate. This is why zoos often have a policy of not giving them bananas. Some smaller monkeys are known insectivores.²** Bunnies' love of carrots was actually derived from WesternAnimation/BugsBunny, and though some do, others prefer bananas and grass hay. Ironically, carrots are very bad for them as anything other than a occasional treat. About 11% of pet rabbits have tooth decay from the sugar in carrots. Green veggies such as broccoli and kale, as well as grass are better for them.²** Small birds and seeds or worms, except for parrots and crackers. The latter isn't exactly true in real life; parrots actually prefer fruits, nuts, and seeds.²** Ducks and other waterfowl and bread, which can easily kill them because of many different reasons; they may fail to teach their young to properly forage, often fail to migrate and die of the cold in winter, may get a disease from all the overcrowding of the ducks attracted to the food, and may starve to death because they don't get the nutrition they require from it, and it fills them up so they don't eat their proper food, etc. If you like to feed waterfowl, you should research what is more suitable food for them and feed them that. There are many cheap options available, such as lettuce, corn, seeds, mealworms and specially-made duck pellets. Bread is just as bad for all other birds.²** Horses and hay. Or an apple.²** Sharks and humans. You can thank ''Film/{{Jaws}}'' for this one, [[CommonKnowledge because it's not true]]. The average number of people killed every years by sharks is often in the single-digits, and sharks typically won't eat humans even if they do attack. Apparently, sharks don't like the taste of us. Sharks sense humans as bad-tasting diet food with little fat and lots of bone and which fights back. The real favorite food of sharks depends on the species, but large sharks like Great Whites usually prefer fat-rich seals and dolphins over weedy humans.²** Crocodiles and humans. Unlike with sharks, this is actually TruthInTelevision as crocodiles cause the most human fatalities than other large predators and are known to eat pretty much anything that moves. Nile crocodiles, however, seem to enjoy zebras and wildebeests.²** Bears and honey, fish, or whatever people leave in [[WesternAnimation/YogiBear picnic baskets]]. In fact, in some languages the word for bear roughly translates to honey-eater or honey-pig. This is true, though bears also eat the bee larvae when they find a hive. Bears are also known for hunting salmon. Really, bears put the omni in omnivore, and are known to eat pretty much anything that's handy.²** Anteaters are called anteaters in English for the same reason. Aardvarks also enjoy ants, though they and anteaters actually prefer termites.²** Pandas and bamboo. While they are a member of Carnivora and they can eat meat, they no longer prefer it as [[ they have evolved to lose the ability to sense the taste of umami in meat.]] Pandas in zoos also seem to favour [[ wotou]], a type of northern Chinese bread, but specially formulated for their diet.²** Cheetahs and gazelles.²** Frogs and long-tongued reptiles eat flies.²** Snakes steal eggs or eat rodents whole. Unless if they're constrictors, which usually eat bigger animals.²** Koalas eat mostly eucalyptus leaves, a toxic plant which most other animals can't tolerate or digest, making koalas a vital part of the Australian ecosystem.²** Penguins and fish. They also like to eat squid and krill.²** Giraffes and acacia leaves.²** Leopards are known to be very fond of dog, although other sources say impala (a type of gazelle) is their favorite. They've even been known to leap a fence, [[AdultFear grab a dog right out of its yard, then leap back over the fence and disappear into the savanna.]] Enhancing the AdultFear is the fact that if leopards can't get dogs, they'll go for their second favourite: [[EatsBabies Human babies]].²* Vultures and carrion. Vultures are an essential part of the animal kingdom because they basically serve as waste disposal. Unfortunately, farmers in African countries are using the pain killer diclofenac in food for their cattle. Consequently when cattle die and are consumed by vultures, the vultures suffer kidney failure and eventually death from ingesting the chemical. This is causing the amount of rotting animal carcasses in African countries to increase and the stench is driving the leopards into the inner cities, putting dogs (and babies) more at risk!²** Bats are very strongly associated with blood drinking, but this makes no sense when you realize of the ''950-1,200'' species of bat, only ''3'' drink blood. The rest, depending on the species, eat insects, arachnids, small vertebrates (mice, lizards, birds, etc), and fruits and nectar. Some will even snatch fish out of water. ²** Sperm whales and squids, especially the GiantSquid.²** Dolphins and fish. Orcas not only also like to eat fish (particularly sharks) but also seals, penguins, and whales.²** ''TyrannosaurusRex'' and ''Triceratops'' or hadrosaurs.²** ''Allosaurus'' and ''Stegosaurus'' or ''Camptosaurus'' or sauropods.²** ''Velociraptor'' and ''Protoceratops''.²** ''Oviraptor'' and eggs. This is due to the fact when the dinosaur was first discovered, it was found near a clutch of eggs as if it was going to steal them. It was later revealed the eggs actually belonged to the dinosaur, meaning the "egg thief" was really a parent trying to take care of them. As of now, ''Oviraptor'' is considered to be an omnivore. Mind, omnivorous animals ''will' eat eggs if they can find any, as eggs are very nutritious - usually not their own eggs, though.²** Spinosaurids and fish.²** ''Pteranodon'' and fish.²* Ladies and gentlemen, [[UsefulNotes/ThePresidents the President of the United States]]:²** UsefulNotes/GeorgeWashington had a fondness for ice cream, having spent 200 dollars on the stuff over the course of the summer of 1790 alone (in modern times, that would be approximately ''5,000 dollars''. Note that ice cream, particularly in the summer, was considerably more expensive in the days before mechanical refrigeration.) He also adored green peas - in fact, a failed British plot to assassinate him involved poisoning a plate, but Washington was warned by his housekeeper in time. He was also known to buy entire barrels of nuts for snacking.²** UsefulNotes/ThomasJefferson loved macaroni (with and without cheese), and served it to his guests often. He is probably responsible for macaroni & cheese in its original modern American form (baked, with a cheddar-based cheese sauce and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs and more cheese), and frequently moaned about how there wasn't really an adequate skill base for macaroni making in America (the stuff had to be imported from Italy). As a gourmet, he was also so obsessed with wine that he ended up with serious financial problems from importing European wine. His efforts to turn Monticello into a winery failed.²** UsefulNotes/AndrewJackson was known to be so fond of cheese that he had a giant wheel of it delivered to the White House so he could share it with everyone else. He also liked beer. [[TheAlcoholic Lots and LOTS of beer.]]²** UsefulNotes/MartinVanBuren liked strawberries and celery. His contemporaries mocked him for this, because [[RealMenEatMeat they believed such fare was not "manly" enough.]]²** UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln liked apples.²** UsefulNotes/UlyssesSGrant was famous for eating pickles for breakfast. His favorite dessert was [[ rice pudding]] and he ordered it whenever possible.²** UsefulNotes/WilliamHowardTaft was known for being a BigEater and for the lavish banquets he held at the White House. His preferred meal was steak and potatoes, which he had for every meal he could until his health began declining. However, he had a surprisingly healthy favorite food: almonds. He ate them when he was worried, and claimed they helped him think. He kept up the almond habit after losing over a hundred pounds and becoming Chief Justice; since thinking is more or less a judge's job, we'll assume he ate a lot of almonds then.²** UsefulNotes/DwightDEisenhower enjoyed grilling outdoors on the White House roof and often put a pot of his own beef stew on the stove to simmer in the kitchen.²** UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy loved clam chowder ([[HollywoodNewEngland He was Bostonian, after all]]) and vanilla ice cream.²** UsefulNotes/LyndonJohnson loved chicken-fried steak, barbecue, and chili; his preferred recipe, Pedernales River Chili, was sent out on recipe cards by Lady Bird.²** UsefulNotes/RichardNixon -- cottage cheese and ketchup. He once explained he picked up the habit because his grandmother credited cottage cheese for her living into her 90s, and he wanted to live longer as well. However, he hated the taste of cottage cheese, but loved the taste of ketchup, and found combining them made cottage cheese much more palatable. ²** UsefulNotes/GeraldFord liked cottage cheese and A.1. Steak Sauce. %% The sauce is properly rendered as "A.1."²** UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan and jelly beans, to the point that there is a portrait of him at his presidential library ''made'' of Jelly Bellies (his preferred brand) and he required that Air Force One have them at all times. There's a duplicate at their factory too. He started eating them regularly to [[AddictionDisplacement help him quit smoking]] and the habit never went away. On the 1983 flight of the [[UsefulNotes/{{NASA}} Space Shuttle]] orbiter ''Challenger'', Reagan had some jelly beans stashed on board in secret as a surprise for the astronauts. ²** UsefulNotes/GeorgeHWBush was partial to crispy fried pork rinds, aka chicharrones. This salty snack is a Southern American and Mexican staple and is slightly similar to the British favorite pork cracklings (except cracklings aren't as "clean" as pork rinds). He also had [[DoesNotLikeSpam a trademark least favorite food]]: broccoli. ²** UsefulNotes/BillClinton was known for his love of UsefulNotes/McDonalds and fried chicken, to the point where it gave him a heart attack and forced him to undergo cardiac surgery. Bill's habits led to several amusing incidents in TheNineties like the one where the President, after going on a morning jog per doctor's orders, stops by a UsefulNotes/McDonalds near the White House to order a breakfast (with, at least according to some reports, "[[AndADietCoke a small diet soda]]"). A ''New Yorker'' cartoon shows a crew member handing him a to-go bag with a cheery "Have a nice Administration!" Clinton went vegan after leaving office.²** UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush's favorite food is enchiladas, a Mexican dish consisting of shredded, melted cheese and meat (usually chicken or beef) rolled into softened corn tortillas and topped with a spicy, chili powder-based sauce, more cheese, and diced onions. He often had the White House chef prepare them for him and based his favorite restaurants in his home state of Texas off of the strength of their enchiladas.²** UsefulNotes/BarackObama is a fan of fancy chocolates; especially Fran's Chocolates, an artisan chocolate brand from Seattle. He also likes [[ chili]], specifically his family's recipe (turkey-based with red wine vinegar, turmeric and basil plus the staple ingredients like kidney beans, onions, peppers and so on; served over rice).²** UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump likes to have bacon and eggs for breakfast. He also likes cherry-vanilla ice cream and has a memetic fondness for [[AndADietCoke KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, and Diet Coke]]. He has [[ one specific order]] he loves at UsefulNotes/McDonalds: [[BigEater two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fishes, and a large chocolate milkshake]]. He even [[ had a McDonald's buffet]] (mostly Big Macs) for a White House dinner.²** UsefulNotes/JoeBiden is extremely fond of ice cream, to the point of it becoming a MemeticMutation. Pictures of Biden eating ice cream cones have achieved such status ever since his days of Vice-President, and he posted a picture of a pint of ice cream as his "prep" for his first debate of the 2020 general election. His favorite flavor, according to an interview, is chocolate chip. He's also a longtime lover of classic Italian-American "red sauce" dishes and is known among many Wilmington restaurants as a regular.²* In this [[ interview during March 2013]], former First Lady, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate UsefulNotes/HillaryRodhamClinton says that, since 1992, she has used hot chili peppers to maintain her stamina. ²** This came up hilariously in the news in April 2016, as in an interview with NYC radio show The Breakfast Club, Clinton told DJ Charlemagne Tha God that she carries hot sauce in her purse. Charlemagne took this as a PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy reference to {{Music/Beyonce}}'s then-new song "Formation" and joked about her "pandering to black people." Turns out it's 100% true.²* [[UsefulNotes/ThePope Pope Francis]] has several favorites, as outlined in the new cookbook ''[[ Buon Appetito, Swiss Guard]]'' (compiled by David Geisser, a member of the Swiss Guard and a cook himself), including ''colita de cuadril'' (grilled sirloin steak) and ''dulche de leche'', a milk pudding that originates from his native Argentina. As a second-generation Italian-Argentine, it should also come as no surprise that he's a big fan of pasta. ²* The favorites of other recent Popes are detailed in the book:²** John Paul II liked ''pierogi'', a Polish dumpling made from unleavened dough, stuffed with potato, sauerkraut, meat, cottage cheese or fruit.²** Benedict XVI likes specialties from his native Bavaria, including wurstel salad (potato salad with bacon and cucumber), ''schweinsbraten'' (roast pork served with potatoes and onions) and baked cherries topped with whipped cream. ²* NFL coach Andy Reid, currently with the Kansas City Chiefs, '''''LOVES''''' cheeseburgers. To {{memetic|Mutation}} levels. After President Trump served a fast food buffet to the Clemson Tigers after their 2018/19 NCAA Football title and the Chiefs made the AFC Championship game in 2020, [[ jokes flew left and right]] about the possibility of Andy getting cheeseburgers when visiting. When the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship in the 2019/20 season, he was asked how he celebrated the victory, and he responded with an absolutely straight face, "I ate a cheeseburger and went to bed." When they won the Super Bowl two weeks later, he promised "I will find the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen. Might make it a double!"²* Various cultures often have a [[HollywoodCuisine stereotypical food associated with them]], which is often fodder for slurs.²** Britain has quite a number of these:²*** English sailors were once known for eating limes to fight scurvy. This is the origin of the slur "limey", and a British ship was called a "lime juice tub". They originally used lemons, but lemons were produced in French colonies and limes in British colonies, so they switched to the more patriotic (and less vitamin C rich-limes have about half as much vitamin C per pound as lemons do) option. ²*** One of several French slurs against the British is to call them "''les rosbifs''", [[note]]French pronunciation of "the roast beefs"[[/note]] due to the British stereotypical love of roast beef. To be fair, during the Napoleonic Wars, this was very much TruthInTelevision, as the British viewed French cooking as effete and wimpy, and took pride in eating "manly" dishes like roast beef, and the British even wrote [[ a song]] [[ about it]].²*** Brits also are also particularly big on toast, especially with jam or orange marmalade. Some of the other notable toast-based dishes include baked beans on toast, egg on toast (usually fried or scrambled), and the [[ toast sandwich]]. Yes, that ''is'' a piece of toast in between two slices of bread.²*** A SpotOfTea is also considered quintessentially British.²*** Regions in Britain have their own trademark foods:²*** The Northern English and their black pudding and tripe.²*** Londoners and their jellied eel.²*** The Welsh and leeks (see Shakespeare's ''Henry V'') and cheese (the English have been joking about the Welsh affinity for cheese for centuries, with a 16th-century book making reference to a Welshman loving ''caws pobi'' -- baked cheese -- and "Welsh rabbit" -- which, for the uninitiated, is a beer-based cheese sauce over toast -- being named after this joke.²*** Scots and their haggis and porridge (recall Samuel Johnson's dictionary definition of ''oats'').[[note]]If you don't know it: "Oats. ''n.s.'' [aten, Saxon.] A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people."[[/note]]²*** Working-class Brits are famous for their love of take-out curry and other Indian fare, with their most popular choices being the [[ Balti]] -- which is especially popular in Birmingham, to the point where there exists a "Balti Triangle" of restaurants specialising in the dish -- and the Anglo-Indian [[ Chicken Tikka Masala.]] Most often, they're served with sides such as rice[[note]]Typically Basmati or Pilau.[[/note]], poppadoms, and naan bread with mango chutney. ²** In a country where food is SeriousBusiness, [[UsefulNotes/SnailsAndSoOn the French]] naturally have a few of these:²*** French and frog's legs, sparking the slur "frog", which was later expanded to include French Canadians. They also enjoy ''escargot'': snails cooked in their shells with white wine and garlic butter, served with crusty bread. ²*** They also have a thing for cheese, given that many major cheeses such as brie, camembert and roquefort are named after the regions in France where they originated. Most formal meals in France will have a cheese course.²*** France is also famous for its wine production. French cuisine is considered to be the best in the world, and WineIsClassy, after all. As with cheese, the names of French wines are taken from the regions in which the grapes are grown.²** Belgians and French fries (which has nothing to do with France, but with the verb "to french"). Other Belgian dishes are mussels, sprouts, waterzooi and waffles. Very much TruthInTelevision in central Brussels, where every pub stinks of cooked mussels and there is at least one French fries vendor at each corner.²** Dutchmen, Swiss people and Frenchmen have a penchant for cheese.²** Dutchmen and herring which is eaten by tilting your head back and putting the fish slowly down in your mouth. More often, it is served cut in pieces with onions and pickles.²** Germans and kraut-based foods, hence a slur during UsefulNotes/WorldWarII when Germans were called "Krauts" by American soldiers.²** While in Russia, Germans (and Austrians) have been called ''kolbasniki'' (sausage-makers) for centuries, such as in Tolstoy's ''Literature/WarAndPeace''.²** In Russia and Ukraine Belarusians are sometimes referred to by the nickname/mild ethnic slur ''bulbashi'' - ''bulba'' is the Belarusian word for "potato" and potatoes are a staple of their cuisine. The most well known example of Belarusian cuisine is ''draniki'' - potato pancakes.²** Ukrainians are well known for their love for salo - cured slabs of pork fat.²** Irish people have also been stereotyped as eating nothing but potatoes, which comes from the sudden influx of Irish immigrants to the US because of the Potato Blight. Not to mention the reputation Irishmen have for loving whiskey.....²** "Spaghettis" and "Macaronis" can be used as anti-Italian slurs in German-speaking countries.²** East Asians are considered synonymous with rice.²** Pork is so important to Chinese cuisine that when the word for meat (肉) appears in the name of a dish without qualification, it invariably refers to pork.²** Hong Kong, being known as "food paradise", has a huge range of cuisine from all over the world, but one possibility would be fishballs in the local style, and maybe dipped in curry or satay sauce, a very popular street food. Cheung Chau island in particular is known for their fishballs the size of small oranges. In general, Hong Kong has one of the highest meat consumption per capita in the world. Even compared to nearby Taiwan, Hongkongers eat twice as much fish and five times as much beef per capita.²** Korea has several:²*** Koreans are well known for their love of [[ Kimchi]](especially Baechu(napa cabbage)-Kimchi). They eat it as a side dish in nearly every meal.²*** Koreans are also infamous for ''[[ boshintang]]'', aka [[EatTheDog dog soup]]. China sometimes gets lumped in with them on this. However, dog soup is falling out of favor with younger Koreans due to concerns over animal rights and sanitation, since the raising of dogs for food is not regulated like the raising of livestock such as chickens, pigs and cows.²** The USA:²*** Depictions of Americans from other cultures will often feature a love of burgers and fries. Americans also have a reputation for slathering everything with melted cheese. And can deep-fry ''anything''. Including ice cream.²*** Americans also ''love'' Mexican food - to the total bemusement of actual Mexicans. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mexican dishes like enchiladas lend themselves very well to being smothered in copious amounts of melted cheese.²** Regional trademark foods:²*** UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity is famous for its pizza, Chinese food, bagels, and deli sandwiches. Most of the establishments that serve these also stay open late, lending to the "City That Never Sleeps" nickname.²*** Hawaii is one of the only places in the world where you'll be able to find SPAM in a UsefulNotes/McDonalds or Burger King. They even make sushi out of it!²*** In UsefulNotes/NewJersey and certain surrounding areas, the favored processed meat is [[ pork roll]], a/k/a Taylor Ham. This Trenton creation has been popular in NJ, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, and northeastern Maryland basically since the stuff was invented in 1858. The name is a point of contention: it was originally called Taylor Ham, and people in North Jersey continue to call it that, but in 1906 the federal Pure Food and Drug Act forced the Taylor Company to stop calling it ham, so in South Jersey the newer but technically correct usage "pork roll" predominates. (Trenton, where the stuff is from, is in Central Jersey, where they use a mix of both; the city's [[ official celebration of the meat]] is called the "Pork Roll Festival", but this is at least partly done to avoid alienating the two or three other companies hawking their variant on the stuff at the festival.)²*** Somewhat similarly, [[ scrapple]], a meaty loaf made of "every part of the pig but the squeal" (plus some cornmeal) is popular in eastern UsefulNotes/{{Pennsylvania}}. Pennsylvania is also a huge fan of pretzels: the soft ones are popular across the state (although the Philadelphia area argues with the rest of the state about what shape they should be), and the hard ones were invented in PA.²*** Western Pennsylvanians love to put french fries on sandwiches, salads and pretty much everything else. Chocolate is also a statewide favorite. Hershey's is headquartered in the state, after all--and Mars (makers of M&Ms, Milky Way, and Snickers with US HQ in relatively nearby Hackettstown, NJ) has a factory in nearby Elizabethtown. (Because of Hershey's and to a lesser extent Mars, the Port of Philadelphia has the East Coast's largest entry point for cocoa beans. Eastern Pennsylvania therefore has an unusual number of small chocolate producers, since they can easily piggyback on the two chocolate giants' enormous supply.)²*** Chicago loves sausages. Kielbasa, bratwurst, hot dogs...if it's made of meat and put in a casing, Chicago will gobble it up. Also known for their pride in their local deep dish pizza.[[note]]In fact, sausage is the most popular pizza topping in Chicago, in contrast with pepperoni in most of the rest of the US.[[/note]]²*** Both Boston and Baltimore are stereotyped as having obsessions with seafood (clams and crabs, respectively). This is absolutely true.²*** Boston got the nickname "Beantown" due to the popularity of baked beans there.²*** Almost all of New England has an affinity for Dunkin' Donuts, with memes being shown of certain places in Massachusetts and New Hampshire having a Dunkin' Donuts next to a Dunkin' Donuts. ²*** Racist depictions of African-American people invariably feature a love of fried chicken and watermelon, rustic foods from the South. Collard greens are another stereotyped food. The entire "Soul Food" style of cooking is based around foods that are actually popular in the black community.²*** Southerners are also associated with certain foods, such as barbecue, corn pone, mint juleps, moonshine whiskey, and of course peanuts, immortalized in the song "Goober Peas" popular with the [[UsefulNotes/AmericanCivilWar Confederate Army]] and the mileage comedians all over the world got out of President UsefulNotes/JimmyCarter owning a peanut farm.²*** In addition to many typical southern foods, Louisiana has gumbo, jambalaya and po' boys (the local nickname for the kind of sandwich that's also known elsewhere as a [[IHaveManyNames hoagie, submarine, grinder, hero, etc.]], and most often filled with fried seafood).²*** [[UsefulNotes/TheOtherRainforest The Pacific Northwest]] is stereotyped for salmon, apples, bread, craft beer, and wine. The region grows more apples than anywhere else in the US, the Yakima Valley grows about half of the domestic hops output (explaining the breweries). Wheat and wine grapes also do well in the "dry" halves of Washington and Oregon. Salmon is native to the area. Coffee? Blame (or thank) the Scandinavians who settled in the area in the 19th and 20th centuries, the East Africans who came more recently, and the tech-based workforce; all of which are powered by coffee. ²*** UsefulNotes/{{Seattle}} has another staple on top of these. Teriyaki places are almost as prolific as coffee shops. [[ Seattle-style teriyaki started with Japanese immigrants, but proliferated under Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino immigrants]] (some of who bought the restaurants after the original owners retired). The end result is like Japanese dishes married Korean barbecue, and then took a honeymoon through Vietnam and the Philippines before settling in America.²*** Cincinnati has a couple. For starters, [[ chili]]... which is nothing like what most Americans think of when they hear the word. In almost all of the US, chili is a thick stew originating in Tex-Mex cuisine based on chili peppers and meat (usually beef), and often with tomatoes and/or beans (though beans are an especially controversial topic among chili aficionados). Cincinnati's form has its origins in Greek cuisine, with spices typical of that region; has a much thinner consistency closer to that of a sauce; and is almost never eaten by itself. Cincinnati chili is typically served over either spaghetti or a hot dog, usually topped by cheddar cheese and often by onions and/or kidney beans. A chili-topped hot dog is locally known as a "coney" (or "cheese coney" if cheddar is added). The other is [[ goetta]] (pronounced "GET-uh"), a meat-and-grain sausage combining pork (or a pork-beef mixture) with steel-cut oats, also including spices and onions.²*** San Francisco is famous for its seafood, particularly Dungeness crab and shrimp, as well as sourdough bread. Being home to several Asian diaspora communities, it's also famous for Chinese, Japanese and Indian food. And as California has a large Mexican-American population, San Francisco is also known for its Mexican food, particularly the "Mission burrito".²*** For Puerto Ricans, it would be "Arroz con habichuelas" or some Tostones and Mofongo.²** Scandinavians: ²*** All Scandinavians are commonly stereotyped as eating nothing but fish, [[MasochistsMeal cooked in the most repulsive ways they can imagine]], all day, every day. ²*** Sweden has regional stereotypes as well. People from Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden, are heavily stereotyped as consuming nothing but fish and a kind of local pastry known as "spättekaka", to the point where there is a slur referring to them as "sillstrypare" (herring strangler).²*** Swedes and the rest of Scandinavia consider pickled herring a delicacy, and it is eaten at Christmas, Easter, Walpurgis night, and Midsummer's eve. Surströmming however, is only a trademark food.²*** Finnish people are stereotyped as having their favorite candy being salty licorice (salmiakki), which is an acquired taste in other cultures. Other Scandinavians and Eastern Europeans also like it, but it's not as widespread.²*** The people of the Nordic countries are also known for drinking [[MustHaveCaffeine large amounts of coffee]], which is frequently served black, because they feel that any additions such as milk or sugar dilute the flavor.²** Mexicans are often slurred with the term "Beaner", referring to the black, pinto, and refried beans common in Tex-Mex food. Their love for tacos is also well known, and you're very likely to come across multiple taco stands if you visit Mexico. They also love to put spice on just about anything imaginable, including children's candy (with pretty mild chili powder, but still with some spice).²** Australians will put another shrimp on the barbie! Oddly enough, though, this stereotype is completely inaccurate - firstly, they call them prawns, not shrimp, and secondly, they prefer sausages, chops and steak on the barbie. The association with beer, meat pies and Vegemite is accurate, though.[[note]]The Australian tourism ad featuring Creator/PaulHogan that created the "shrimp on the barbie" trope deliberately used "shrimp" because it was created specifically for US broadcast.[[/note]]²** 22 out of 23 dishes on a Romanian restaurant's menu probably contain pork, with the 23rd usually being a salad.²*** There is also the tradition, which drives the [[StrawCharacter straw vegetarians]] [[BerserkButton nuts]], of sacrificing the pig for the Christmas meal, which has to include roasted pork, pork sausages and pork bacon.²** Canadians love poutine (french fries covered in gravy and cheese), originally a [[UsefulNotes/{{Quebec}} Québécois]] dish but now common nationwide. And [[ Timbits]] (aka donut holes, most famously sold by the Tim Hortons chain). And Kraft Dinner (macaroni and cheese), as immortalized in the Music/BarenakedLadies song "If I Had $1,000,000". Also, maple syrup. ²** Japanese: Sushi, rice, bento, ramen, onigiri, sake, [[BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce wasabi, hot mustard]], and, for the more harshly stereotypical angle, [[BreadEggsMilkSquick whale meat]].²** Argentina: Red meat in general. Especially asado cooked (more or less like a barbecue) and mate, the national drink of choice. ²** Spain: Paella, gazpacho, tapas, wine, olive oil, jamón.²* UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte loved potatoes and onions cooked in olive oil before every battle.²* Based on a few "about the author" blurbs, Creator/NeilGaiman appears to really like sushi.²** And Creator/UrsulaVernon once fought him for free nachos.²* The other wiki has [[ an entire page devoted to national dishes]] which don't necessarily align with the aforementioned examples, as those are often just stereotypes.²* Dave Kellett (creator of the webcomic ''[[ Sheldon]]''), is extremely fond of [[ Hobnobs]], which aren't readily available in the US. Bringing him boxes of them at conventions has become something of a RunningGag.²* According to some sources, eggs are the TrademarkFavoriteFood of the Parsi (Indian Zoroastrians) community. There is an authentic Parsi recipe out there for eggs on potato chips.²* Music/ElvisPresley had a few, being a BigEater later in life.²** He loved fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch, sometimes with bacon.²** Bacon, in fact, seemed to be something he loved in general, mostly because it was a luxury that his mother couldn't afford when he was a child. As an adult, he often kept a large plate of it on his piano to eat while he played it. ²** He also really liked the [[ Fool's Gold Loaf]], an ''extremely'' rich and expensive sandwich made by the Colorado Mine Company (which [[NonindicativeName is in fact a five-star restaurant in Denver]]) consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of Italian bread, a full jar of peanut butter, a full jar of jelly, and a full pound of bacon. Each one of these has about ''8,000'' calories. Elvis and two Colorado police officers were discussing the sandwich late at night on 1 February 1976 at Elvis' Graceland Ranch in Tennessee. Just talking about the sandwich made them all very hungry for one. What did they do? They hopped on Elvis' private jet, landing in Denver two hours later, where they found 22 Fool's Gold Loaves (Elvis having made arrangements with the owner of the Colorado Mine Company, a personal friend) and ate ''all of the sandwiches'' between him, the policemen, and the pilots of Elvis' plane over the course of three hours (that's 4-5 sandwiches=4-5 ''pounds'' of bacon and ''32-40,000'' calories per person ''in three hours''), washing them down with Perrier and Dom Perignon. After the sandwiches were gone, Elvis, the police officers, and the pilots flew back to Memphis without ever leaving the airport.²** When feeling less ambitious, Elvis would often "settle" for a simple Monte Cristo, a ham and cheese sandwich egg-batter-dipped, pan-fried, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a side of syrup for dipping. When [[Creator/AndyKaufman Bob Zmuda]] asked a man who had been one of Elvis' personal assistants if he thought Elvis was still alive, the man responded, "Nobody can eat that many Monte Cristo sandwiches a day and expect to live."²%% Doesn't this count as WeirdCurrency instead?:²%%* The Trobrian Islanders of Papua New Guinea - Yams. To the Trobrianders Yams aren't just a food source, they're a major way of economic and political life. For them, trading yams is like trading money. A chief's power is usually symbolized by how many yams he has in his yam house (yam houses are like bank accounts to the Trobrianders), which is the result of marrying many wives and the families of those wives tending his yam gardens. A slight subversion to this trope is that unless out of hunger or for a truly special occasion (like marriage, with the sharing of yams creating alliances and social obligations), the Trobrianders rarely eat their yams because eating them is like eating their own currency.²* After John Glenn was reported to have eaten steak and eggs for breakfast just before becoming the first American in orbit, it became tradition for all NASA astronauts to have a steak and egg breakfast on the morning of a lift-off. Glenn also confessed to smuggling some bologna sandwiches with him on board.²* Creator/WaltDisney loved sandwiches and home-style/comfort food, but his favorite meal was chili and beans with a glass of V-8 juice and soda crackers on the side. He had his favorite [[ homemade chili recipe]], but when he was feeling less ambitious he would take a can of Gebhardt's (a lot of meat and few beans) and a can of Dennison's (a little meat and lots of beans) and mix them together.²* Creator/SalvadorDali ate copious amounts of camembert cheese every night in order to have the dreams that he later painted.²* Paula Deen ''loves'' butter. She puts it on ''every dish she makes''. She even made a dish accompanied by ''shots of melted butter''. The "Ross Report" segment on ''Series/TheTonightShow with Jay Leno'' turned this into a drinking game: every time Jay high-fived Ross, they would roll the clip of Paula Deen downing the melted butter shot.²* German chancellor Helmut Kohl had [[ Saumagen]], a country dish from the Palatinate that amounts to German pork haggis. He used to serve it at dinners with other heads of government, including UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher, UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan and UsefulNotes/BillClinton, drawing the mockery of the German press.²** Another regular occurrence was that, when in the Frankfurt (Germany) area, he tended to slip away from his aides and security personnel, who after several such incidents knew where to find him: in a butcher's shop in central Frankfurt, eating one of their trademark hot sausages.²* Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was known for his enormous appetite. His advisor Asaf Shariv says that Sharon's favorite meal was "meat in every way". When Sharon first went into a vegetative coma in 2006, doctors attempted to use the smell of roasted meat to wake him. It did not work, and Sharon remained in a coma until his death in January 2014.²* InteractiveFiction writer Creator/EmilyShort makes no secret of her fondness for cheese, once writing a [[ list rating Interactive Fiction games according to cheese content]]. In one rather charming IF game, there was a puzzle featuring tyromancy (divination by cheese). The game featured about 30 different cheese varieties, all with [[FoodPorn full descriptions of sight, smell AND taste]].²* [[ Don Gorske]] takes this to an extreme: not only are Big Macs his TrademarkFavoriteFood, but he (quite literally) eats ''almost nothing else'' (not even the fries).²* Try to find a Bobby Flay recipe that doesn't call for chili peppers in any form. This applies, in a way, even when he appears on ''[[Series/IronChef Iron Chef America]],'' as not a battle goes by where Flay doesn't make his two signature oils as part of his dishes.²* ''Series/GoodEats'' host Alton Brown has his kosher salt, and his fresh-ground black pepper (he has used the latter in a ''dessert'').²* College students, generally being either low on funds or disinclined to complex meals, have a few favorites. Packet versions of East Asian dishes such as mi goreng or ramen are both popular, as they are very easy to make and can be mixed in with any number of other things. Chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils are also much beloved, especially among vegans and vegetarians. ²* Jamie Oliver admits to being addicted to chili peppers, and claims that he needs to nibble on them to get going every morning.²* Creator/ShigesatoItoi loves croquette rolls, so inevitably they were a regular feature of the ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER}}'' trilogy.²* When he was coaching the Washington Redskins in the 1970s, famously quirky head coach George Allen had the same thing every day for lunch: a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and a glass of milk, made by his secretary. This prompted NFL Films President Steve Sabol to say once "Thanks to him, I'll never look at a jar of peanut butter the same way again."²* During the late 1960s, Music/EricClapton was a huge fan of Machintosh chocolates. Music/TheBeatles' song "Savoy Truffle" was about Clapton's love of sweets.²* Music/FrankZappa with the "[[Music/BurntWeenySandwich Burnt Weeny Sandwich]]", which involved splitting a hot dog lengthwise and roasting it over an oven flame, then eating it with two slices of bread and mustard. He also liked to eat Hormel Chili with Beans cold right out of the can.²** Also well known as a coffee fiend; it and cigarettes were the only substances he normally indulged in.²* Creator/HPLovecraft seems to have loved ice cream (plus other sweet things) and baked beans. Of course, his least favorite was seafood--a rather unfortunate thing for a [[UsefulNotes/CuisinesInAmerica New]] [[HollywoodNewEngland Englander.]] At least we have an explanation for ''Literature/TheShadowOverInnsmouth''...²* Creator/DwayneJohnson sure does love pie. He also implied Wrestling/JohnCena likes Fruity Pebbles, though whether that's true or not has never actually been confirmed. Then there's Wrestling/{{Sheamus}}'s apparent obsession with potatoes and Wrestling/MattHardy's addiction to grapes.²** Out of character, Johnson is a huge fan of donuts. On his cheat days [[note]]Days on which he allows himself to break his otherwise strict diet[[/note]] he is known to eat them by the dozen.²* Writer and food critic Creator/AnthonyBourdain '''LOVED''' pork. He even said he went on heart medication because he refused to give it up.²** He also loved anything spicy, as well as durian.²* WebVideo/VlogBrothers Creator/{{John|Green}} and Music/HankGreen make a big fuss about their favorite foods: Pizza and corndogs, respectively. The former even has [[ a shirt in honor of his love for pizza]]. Each has a fondness for the other's favorite food, though; when Hank did the episode of ''WebVideo/CrashCourse Anatomy & Physiology'' about [[ smell and taste]], he expressed ''extreme'' discomfort at having to hold up a pizza for ten straight minutes while only taking ''one'' bite out of it (several minutes in, at that). ²* Comedian Creator/GabrielIglesias and chocolate cake. Fans often send him cakes backstage at his shows - a practice he encourages.²* Auburn University linebacker Cassanova [=McKinzy=] admitted that he chose the school over Clemson because the former had a Chick-fil-A right on campus. After his statements, many news sources noted that Clemson actually does have the chain on campus. Oops.²* Gamers with Mountain Dew and Doritos (according to the people who make them anyway).²** Tabletop gamers doubly so, along with Cheetos.²** M&M's and Cheez-Its are also very popular with gamers, in part because they don't leave behind any residue on the hands and fingers.²** Geeks in general are stereotyped as junk food junkies.²* After word got around that [[Music/TheBeatles Beatle]] Music/GeorgeHarrison loved Jelly Babies, [[YourFavorite his many fangirls started pelting him with them at concerts]]. It was even worse in the United States, where girls couldn't get their hands on Jelly Babies and instead threw jelly ''beans'', which are far tougher; describing it to a reporter, George said, "Imagine waves of rock-hard little bullets raining down on you from the sky." Furthermore, he completely subverted the trope by saying that neither he nor anyone in the band liked Jelly Babies to begin with. (He ''had'' claimed to like them in a 1963 interview, but it's easy to imagine how he might have lost his taste for them after being hit with them one too many times.) George's love of Jelly Babies remains a RunningGag in Beatles fandom.²* Prussian king UsefulNotes/FrederickTheGreat loved potatoes so much [[UpToEleven he turned them into a staple crop of his kingdom]]. Since his peasants were not too fond of the new vegetable, legend says Frederick posted his guards around a potato field, hoping that people would "steal" and cultivate them after realizing they were so important that the royal guard watched their fields. It worked.²** That Frederick did this is doubtful, as the first records of the tactic link them to French agronomist [[ Antoine-Augustin Parmentier]] "guarding" his potato patch in Sablons in the mid-to-late 1780s (late in Frederick's life); the association with Frederick did not come until later, so the tale about Frederick is probably apocryphal. That said, it's generally accepted that when Parmentier did his "guarding" trick, the local (French) peasants adopted the crop. (''Webcomic/ScandinaviaAndTheWorld'' did a cute rendering of the story in a [[ 2016 comic]]). It's also true that for his part, potatoes were definitely Parmentier's Trademark Favorite Food, as well, as he wrote incessantly about how awesome potatoes were, how they would save Europe from famine, etc., etc., etc., even to the point of sending bouquets of potato flowers to the King. This had an effect on French culinary nomenclature, as many potato dishes are named after him for this association (for instance, the French variation of shepherd's pie is called ''hachis Parmentier'', while potato salad is called ''salade Parmentier'').²** Frederick did, however, encourage production of potatoes, using a rather more traditional Prussian method: severe penalties for farmers who refused to grow them, with regular checks by the Army to ensure they complied. Parmentier's obsession with the potato actually came from his time held prisoner by the Prussians during the UsefulNotes/SevenYearsWar; the food for [=POWs=] included potatoes.²* NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who made his name with the UsefulNotes/{{Seattle}} Seahawks, ''loves'' Skittles, and is often seen snacking on them on the sidelines during games. This became a RunningGag when the Hawks made it to the Super Bowl - confectioneries and stores around town were finding increasingly creative ways to incorporate them into game-day treats.²** When the Hawks won the Super Bowl, he turned the tables, showering his fans with Skittles from the victory parade. ²* In most of the United States, cereal and donuts are popular breakfast foods. In Texas, however, particularly parts south of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, breakfast tacos (soft flour or corn tortillas filled with savory fillings such as potatoes scrambled with eggs or refried beans and melted cheese) are a beloved breakfast food that people can't get enough of.²** Texans also love their kolaches for breakfast. The Czech pastry was brought by immigrants in the 19th century, and while traditional varieties contain fruit or a sweet poppy seed filling, since becoming a fixture in Texas they’ve been stuffed with everything from sausage to scrambled eggs to barbeque. In the historical Czech Belt in Central and Southeast Texas, along with the major metro areas, kolache bakeries are as ubiquitous as donut shops are elsewhere, and most bakeries and gas stations throughout the state will stock at least a few varieties.²* Music/BritneySpears is always seen with Cheetos, Fanta or a Starbucks Frappucino. She also had a favor toward cafe mocha when she was younger. She's a favorite of the paparazzi and the photos are infinite proof and in interviews, she notes it too.²* Creator/SelenaGomez is known to love fried pickles, often combined with french fries, a delicacy [[WordOfGod she claims]] she acquired as they served it in movie theaters in her home state of Texas. She often jokes about how unusual (and hard to get) the snack seems to be outside of her home state.²* Creator/MichaelJFox: Prior to becoming a vegetarian, he really loved chicken.²* UsefulNotes/AmericanCivilWar general Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was said to have a fondness for peaches.²** Many folktales mention him also having a fondness for lemons and while the man himself said they were a "rare treat ... enjoyed greatly whenever it could be obtained from the enemy's camp", many historians believe that his obsession with lemons was an exaggeration. ²* Emperor Franz Josef of Austria loved a certain type of fluffy pancake known as [[ Kaiserschmarrn]]. His wife, Elisabeth (Sisi), loved sorbets with crystallized violets. ²* Electronic/metal musician Music/{{Celldweller}} really likes Reese's Puffs cereal. In his behind-the-scenes video regarding the making of his first album, he even states that after he rented the studio he recorded the album in, Reese's Puffs were the only food he had with him.²* [[NewAgeRetroHippie Hippies]] and granola.²* {{Hipster}}s: Anything vegan, organic or gluten-free.²* [[ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}} Charles M. Schulz]] was known to [[ ingest a ham sandwich and a glass of milk]] when drawing comic strips.²* Just judging from her constant Photoshopped pictures humorously/surrealistically displaying the food in weird settings or referencing it in pictures, Music/MileyCyrus certainly has a thing for pizza. ²** She has taken to avocados as well, even [[ getting an avocado tattooed]] on the back of her arm in 2015.²* Creator/MaraWilson and saltine crackers, as depicted in the header of her Website/{{Twitter}} account as of March 2015.²* Music/JimiHendrix was said to have a thing for strawberry upside-down cake.²* Creator/{{Zendaya}} goes nuts for Häagen-Dazs ice cream (preferably coffee flavored).²* Chilean President [[ Ramón Barros Luco]] always asked for a sandwich of beef strips and melted cheese on toast in the cafeteria of the Chilean National Congress. His cousin, Senator Ernesto Barros Jarpa, liked a similar one but with ham rather than beef. The sandwiches were named "[[ Barros Luco]]" and "[[ Barros Jarpa]]" and now are staples of Chilean fast food.²* Thanks to Kevin Garnett and the 2007-08 Boston Celtics, [[ the peanut butter & jelly sandwich]] has now become the go-to pregame meal for the UsefulNotes/NationalBasketballAssociation in general -- and for some, it can get to SeriousBusiness levels.²* UsefulNotes/{{Donald Trump}}'s former press secretary, Sean Spicer, has a habit of swallowing pieces of gum whole.²* UsefulNotes/TokugawaIeyasu was said to be very fond of tempura (which at the time was a very popular dish among the Japanese that was developed from Portuguese's dish). There was an urban myth that Tokugawa Ieyasu died from over-consuming a lot of tempura (in truth, he most likely died from cancer or syphilis).²* According to U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's first wife, Jane Chapman, he liked to eat baked beans cold, out of the can as a vegetarian.²* Steve Jobs infamously ate only fruit at one point, which is why he named his company Apple.²* A common joke is that a rugby flanker's diet primarily consists of the opposing team's [[ArchNemesis fly half]] (AKA 5/8ths, or [[SeparatedByACommonLanguage outside half]], depending on region).²* Music/TaylorSwift is noted for being rather fond of sushi and baked goods.²* Music/WeirdAlYankovic is famous (infamous?) for his love of his own invention, The Twinkie-Weiner Sandwich, which is comprised of a Twinkie (cut longways across the bottom) into which a hot dog is inserted, then topped with spray cheese. Since becoming a vegetarian, Al has used tofu dogs in the recipe.²* Baseball has several foods associated with the sport: hot dogs, pizza by the slice, nachos, peanuts and Cracker Jack, the last two of which is mentioned in the song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Bubble gum and sunflower seeds are also popular among players who don't want to or ''can't'' chew tobacco (players who made their MLB debut after the 2016 season are banned from in-game tobacco use).²* Creator/RobertRodriguez: breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas, for which he shares his grandmother's recipe in a ''Film/SinCity'' extra.²* A woman named Elizabeth Sullivan drank three Dr Peppers every day for over ''forty years'', living to the ripe age of 106, testing Dr Pepper's ad campaign. %% There's no period in the name of the drink.²* Louisiana Governor and Senator UsefulNotes/HueyLong was so fond of the [[ Ramos gin fizz (also known as a "New Orleans fizz") cocktail]] that he even brought a bartender from New Orleans to the New Yorker Hotel in New York City to teach its staff how to make the drink so he could have it whenever he was there.²* Pregnant women may have specific cravings that they like to eat.²* During the 2010 world cup, Walkers Crisps released a series of flavours based on trademark foods from each country. A few examples-²** England – Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding²** France- Garlic Baguette²** Germany – Bratwurst Sausage²** Spain – Chicken Paella²** Italy – Spaghetti Bolognaise²** The US – Cheese Burger²** Argentina – Flame Grilled Steak²** Japan – Teriyaki Chicken²* [[StrawCharacter Anti-environmentalist strawmen]]: Spotted owls, or any other endangered species.²** Meanwhile, straw environmentalists are usually eating either [[GranolaGirl granola]] or something composed of tofu.²* Like fish? Enjoy your kittens... [[ sea kittens]], that is!²* WebOriginal/LOLCats and "cheezburgers"²** [=LOLdogs=] and hot dogs²* At least LeeroyJenkins has chicken.²* MemeticMutation says the ''entire'' community at www.Website/{{fark}}.com loves bacon. Then again, ThereAreTwoKindsOfPeopleInTheWorld: those that would kill for bacon, and those that can't eat it for religious or dietary reasons.²* Not quite real life because it's more of general stereotypes, but stoners frequently eat pizza (specifically Domino's), and college students favor Taco Bell. These came from somewhat possible origins, Domino's delivers and Taco Bell is some of the cheapest food available. All of these foods also happen to be sold in places that are open late at night.²** Tabletop gamers, similarly, have Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and Twinkies.²*** The Mountain Dew has a logical reason: it provides caffeine without the time and equipment needed to make coffee.²*** Energy drinks such as Red Bull, V and Jolt Cola also count.²** A stoner's favorite food is whatever's handy.²** Although any liquid can help the throat of a stoner after smoking pot, Arizona Iced Tea usually gets referenced more often compared to other drinks. ²** A stereotypical example of a "stoner's favourite food" are funyuns. Expect most jokes referring to stoners made on late night talk shows to include a mention of the snack.²** One of the effects of marijuana is the rise of serotonin levels in your brain, making you feel hungry and enhancing your sense of taste, so pretty much anything with a lot of flavor, especially sweet or salty snacks, is most sought after by those of a stoned persuasion. Even something as bland as celery tastes good when you're stoned.²** ''Everything'' tastes good when you're stoned. Even most of the foods you don't like. ²** ExploitedTrope: When Washington State passed a vote to allow recreational marijuana use, the Seattle Police department showed up at the annual Hempfest gathering (the country's largest pro-pot rally) with free bags of Doritos and Funyuns. Each bag had a brief "dos and don'ts" flyer attached explaining the rights and restrictions of the new pot laws. ²* Contrary to popular belief, although rabbits do like carrots, the food they will actually go nuts for the most is bananas. Don't give them too much of either, however--they get bunny diabetes [[note]]One could call it, "bunnybetes" or "diabunnies", LOL[[/note]].²** Likewise with mice and peanut butter.²* Order the same thing from a restaurant every day (or as good as). [[NeverLiveItDown They soon associate you with that food]].²* Caucasian girls and women are associated with pumpkin spice lattes...and vapidness. ²----


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