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1[[quoteright:310:]]²²->''"You coax the blues right out of the horn, Mame\²You charm the husk right off of the corn, Mame..."'' ²²A 1966 {{musical}} with book by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee and music by Jerry Herman, ''Mame'' debuted on Broadway with Creator/AngelaLansbury starring in the title role.²²Based on the ''Literature/AuntieMame'' novels, it tells of the adventures of a young boy, orphaned by the death of his father, being raised as the ward of his wealthy, eccentric, and impulsive aunt during TheGreatDepression.²²It was made into a 1974 film starring Creator/LucilleBall (in her final film performance), with Creator/BeaArthur and Jane Connell reprising their stage roles as Vera Charles and Agnes Gooch respectively. Gene Saks, who'd directed the Broadway production, also helmed the film version. ²²----²!!The musical and film contain examples of:²²* BeautifulAllAlong: The 1974 film has Mame and Vera give Agnes a makeover.²* CharacterTitle²* ChristmasCreep: In the song "We Need a Little Christmas", Mame deliberately applies this, since she's at a low point in her life (having gotten wiped out in the 1929 stock market crash) and needs Christmas to cheer her up. Her nephew protests, "But, Auntie Mame, it's one week past Thanksgiving Day now!", implying that it's far too early to be starting the Christmas season. Since around the TurnOfTheMillennium that lyric is often changed to "one week ''from'' (or '' 'til'') Thanksgiving Day", as even most critics of Christmas Creep would not consider any time post-Thanksgiving to be early by modern-day standards.²* ChristmasSongs: "We Need a Little Christmas", now a holiday standard, was introduced here.²* CoolUncle: Auntie Mame is a female version.²* DreamingOfAWhiteChristmas: Immediately after the "We Need a Little Christmas" number in the 1974 film, it starts snowing. (Not entirely unheard-of for New York in November, but still...)²* TheElevenOClockNumber: "If He Walked into My Life"²* HippieTeacher: In the movie version of the song, "Open a New Window", we see Mame taking her nephew to many different schools with different educational philosophies, but she promptly pulls him out of an all-nude, all-boys' school headed by a nude headmaster.²* MovieBonusSong: "Loving You", added to give third-billed Robert Preston's Beauregarde a solo and a little more screen time.²* OneWordTitle²* ShoutOut / TakeThat: To Coco Chanel, Vera talks up her brilliance in fashion design but also did mutter "Would sell her own mother if she could."²* TheShowMustGoWrong: Vera Charles invites Mame to be in her "terribly modern operetta" about a lady astronomer as the singing moon-lady. Unfortunately, Mame enters at the wrong time and then falls off the moon, ruining the whole show. The exact details vary between productions, but it's bad enough that Mame gets fired right after the curtain call.²* TimeShiftedActor: The musical follows Patrick Dennis, both as a 10 year-old and as a young adult. As such, there are two actors. And they sing a duet at the start of act 2.²* TitleThemeTune: Sung to Mame after she (accidentally) wins the fox hunt toward the end of act 1.²-----


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