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Context Tearjerker / MortalKombatLegendsScorpionsRevenge

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1* The entirety of Hanzo's clan and family getting slaughtered which sets him on his RoaringRampageOfRevenge. Specifically:** Satoshi's death at the hands of Sub-Zero [[spoiler:(really Quan Chi in disguise)]], all while Hanzo is [[ForcedToWatch frozen in place and unable to stop it]], crying out his son's name. The tears he is leaking out and the tone in his weeps do not help matters.** Before that, Hanzo and Satoshi discovering the corpses of their clan and Harumi, Hanzo's wife/Satoshi's mother. Seeing Hanzo react is one thing, but seeing Satoshi -- [[AdultFear a young child, mind you]] -- being traumatized by it makes it more heartbreaking.


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