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1* Church refusing to help Twilight get home is enough to make you feel bad for Twilight, but the ultimate KickTheDog moment is his response to her last plea, and this is just Chapter 2!²--> '''Twilight:''' If you don’t help me I could be trapped here forever! My friends, my family will never know what happened to me! Don’t you care?²--> '''Church:''' Honestly? No Twilight, I don’t give a shit about what happens to you.²* The build-up and death of [[spoiler: M.I. Rainbow Dash. At this point, the M.I. believes she's really Rainbow and begs her "friends" in the most tear-inducing way possible not to let Sunset Shimmer kill her, but they don't intervene. Her implanted memories quickly fade as she has no idea who she is before she dies.]] This scene is very painful to read. You have been warned.²* Pinkie Pie after she's freed from O'Malley. Having him in her mind affected her so badly, that she ends up avoiding her friends at all costs because she's afraid that one day, she might end up doing horrible things to them like O'Malley did.²* [[spoiler: ''"She just didn't know what went wrong."'']] Or, how to make the entire fandom want [[spoiler: Meta's]] head on a pike.²* [[spoiler: Grif finding out Kaikaina is dead.]] Oh, boy. Where to begin? ²** For starters, [[spoiler: we see her body, so it's canon in this universe.]] ²** [[spoiler: When the Reds reunite, Grif was just telling the group how he managed to lead a successful mission against the Freelancers with only one casualty, and it leads into a [[MoodWhiplash nasty argument]] between him and Sarge. In an effort to one-up Grif's [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech scathing insult,]] Sarge bluntly tells him that his sister is dead complete with adding that [[KickTheDog she's probably being a tramp in death like she was when she was alive]] to put it lightly.]]²--> [[spoiler: '''Simmons:''' Okay, I like seeing Grif suffer as much as the next guy, but I gotta admit, [[WhatTheHellHero that was low even for you, sir.]]]] ²** And to twist the knife further, [[spoiler: Grif's complete breakdown when Fluttershy proves that she's dead by giving him her dog tags.]]²--> [[spoiler: '''Grif:''' I wasn’t there! I was ''never'' there when she needed me! I ''wanted'' to be there for her, but then mom left and I had to support us by myself and then I got drafted...a ''one man draft!'' Can you believe that bullshit?! She was so [[ThatSoundsFamiliar damn shy and nervous all the time,]] I just wanted her to be happy! I didn’t think she’d turn out like...that. He was my friend, and he was her age...they got along pretty well, so I thought I’d get ‘em together. And they were doin’ well for awhile...she was happy! She was confident! But then he started getting her mixed up with his fuckin’ junkie pals, and suddenly she’s a fuckin’ addict! Fuckin’ asshole leaves her as soon as he gets bored screwing her so she finds comfort with another guy who’s just as bad, then another guy, then ''another'' guy and before I know it she’s addicted to ''that'' too! Then I got drafted and I had to leave her all alone and...This...this makes no sense. I lost her years why the ''fuck'' does it hurt so much ''now?'']]²*** [[spoiler: Because of how similar Kaikaina was to Fluttershy before she spiraled, when Grif hugs Fluttershy, he's holding his sister again one last time.]] Damn, Flynt.²* In a way, [[spoiler:Agent Maine's death. After Twilight is able to reclaim Church's AI chip from him, he doesn't even try to attack; he just looks at the blood--both dried and fresh--on his hand for a long moment, then willingly lets himself drop into a lava-filled chasm. Applejack wonders if that meant he'd been able to see clearly again in that moment; it's easy to consider that perhaps he'd been considering [[TheseHandsHaveKilled the full ramifications of his actions]] up to that point, including the fight that he'd just had with someone who'd been willing to trust him, only to be backstabbed when the Meta resurfaced.]]


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