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1* The Nirvana mutiny that rediscriminated the men on board had dashed Slade’s building hope of finally having a place to belong and was forced to flee. Then the massacre of the Melanos fleet dashed his hopes again. He went into a blind rage and slaughtered any Harvester ship in his path until he passed out from exhaustion.˛* Slade returning to the Nirvana after the Melanos massacre completely devoid of life an emotion, seeming to have given up on humanity’s survival because of the petty feud going on.˛* [[spoiler: Slade’s first death left a heavy impact on the ship, especially to the three Dread Pilots]].˛* Duero's [[spoiler: near HeroicSacrifice when he puts Barnette into the last escape pod, much to her horror, just when she started to develop feelings for him. Luckily, Slade saved him before the desert planet exploded]].˛* Jura gets mortally injured in the fight against the clone Nirvana with Slade carrying her body in, begging Duero to save her. ˛** It gets worse. Duero's diagnostic showed that [[spoiler: Jura suffered injuries to her ovaries which made her infertile. [[DespairEventHorizon Jura didn't take the news well]] as she saw it as a FateWorseThanDeath to the point she nearly becomes suicidal. Having children with Slade was her dream since she discovered beforehand to her surprise that she was truly in love with Slade. Thankfully this gets reversed once she, Dita, and Meia became Tekkamen]].˛* Slade informs Duero that he knows why he's trying to ground him from fighting [[spoiler: because he was dying. He seemed to accept his fate that he can't be cured but promises to kill as many of the Radam as he can before dying in battle]].˛* [[spoiler: Dita, Jura, and Meia undergo a dangerous medical process in a desperate attempt to save Slade, but then get attacked by the Radam. They became devastated when they discovered Slade was dead because of the interference. As a result, the three go into an UnstoppableRage and fly out to kill as many Radam as they could for causing Slade's death]].˛* Once Slade rediscovers his lost past as Ranma Saotome, [[spoiler: he gets the bomb dropped on him that Magno is his long lost mother, Nodoka. However, Slade had nothing but anger at her for supposedly abandoning him to Genma and not being there when he needed her the most. He effectively disowns Magno as his mother and states he will leave her and the Nirvana for good once the Radam has been dealt with]].˛** [[spoiler: Magno was left heartbroken that Slade had been giving her the cold shoulder and wanted desperately to reconnect with her son before dealing with the Radam as she couldn't take losing him again]].˛** [[spoiler: Slade himself unknowingly sheds tears of regret for his harsh treatment of Magno and felt he may have gone too far in his anger at her]].


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