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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:Pictured above: the natural response to these entries.]]˛˛!!!RGB arc˛* Green receiving the Pokedex in the penultimate chapter, and her emotional rant about feeling abandoned beforehand, is both this and a Heartwarming Moment.˛˛!!!Yellow arc˛* Red getting the living crap beaten out of him while Pika could do nothing but watch and cry "Piiiiiiiiii!" was incredibly heart-wrenching.˛* We see a peek of Lance's past, and as a little kid, he sees a bunch of Pokemon dying in industrial waste. As he desperately hugs a Dratini to his chest, crying, his Viridian powers let him ''feel'' just how much it's suffering. The experience was so bad that even after his defeat, he didn't perform a HeelFaceTurn, not exactly. He still held the same views that HumansAreBastards; he just knows that he'll fail if he tries to KillAllHumans again because Yellow will stop him. Although this finally changes in the [=HeartGold/SoulSilver=] arc.˛˛!!!GSC arc˛* Another one crossing over with Heartwarming: it's brief, but it's kind of moving that Lt. Surge is visibly horrified at the notion that the Masked Man drowned two boys. It really feels good after the Yellow Arc had just about everyone hoping the Team Rocket members had some permanent CharacterDevelopment. It's especially ironic, considering he tried to do the same to Red in the RGB arc.˛** Likewise his horror and pleading with his men to recognize him when the Mask of Ice is controlling them. After freeing 3 of them he tells them to help the others while they beg him not to go.˛* Crystal's distress after getting her butt kicked by Suicune and losing her capturing skills. It's really sad to see Crystal so broken and upset, and even more so if you've been in a similar situation where a traumatic event makes you lose the ability to perform your special talents, especially if you lose them forever, depending on how severe the trauma and injury is. It doesn't last long though, and she gets better.˛* [[ Janine's reaction]], after forfeiting her match to Falkner to pursue the man she thought was her father, only to realize that it wasn't Koga. Her words to Falkner, after he catches up to her, don't help at all.˛--> '''Janine''': You mentioned that you'd follow your father's footsteps and become a leader. It seems that I have fought a similar opponent again... I guess this is my fate.˛** Janine is also just [[DarkIsNotEvil so damn nice]], compared to her father, that one can't help [[TheWoobie feel sorry for her]] for the inevitable moment she actually finds him and learns of his sinister deeds. ˛* There have been hints of it throughout the past two arcs, but Green's past is finally shown in its fullness...good ''lord'' this girl went through ''shit'', yet she remained determined the whole time to bring an end to the one responsible for her pain and protect the ones she cared for.˛** Silver's HeroicResolve to protect Green, the one person in the world he cares about, is touching. When he gets the tar beaten out of him by Will and Karen, it's heart wrenching. Then we find out he couldn't bring himself to fight them properly because he was afraid they were working with the Mask of Ice because they had StockholmSyndrome which makes it all the worse when Will laughs in his face and tells him that he and Karen ''willingly chose'' to serve under the Mask of Ice because they thought it'd be ''fun.''˛* The end of the Gold/Silver/Crystal chapter of ''Special'', when we find out Pryce's reasons for wanting to be able to travel through time, and we hear the song, "A Boy and his Lapras". Not a [[AntiVillain total villain]], after all; just [[WellIntentionedExtremist really misguided.]]˛** Seeing Gold, eyes closed, seemingly lost in time. He isn't. It's still sad, however.˛* Red is trying to come to terms with being unable to become the Viridian gym leader due to his injuries from his fight with Lorelei. While he is told of a cure soon after, he tries hard to accept that he [[HandicappedBadass will never be as strong as he used to be]] and must ask Blue to carry his responsibility.˛˛!!!RS arc˛* Starting with their meeting at Fortree City, just about ''all'' of the scenes Ruby and Sapphire share with each other are this. ˛** The incident at Fortree City is particularly jarring because of how it ''starts'' so pleasantly, with the two beginning to find common ground, get along, and reveal they have hidden depths to their rather extreme personalities. Then, Ruby enters his MoralEventHorizon, and Sapphire lets loose a ReasonYouSuckSpeech so severe it actually moves ''her'' to tears.˛*** And then you have to take into account the reason she wore the clothes that he gave her was because she felt he was really a good person deep down and the message stated she'd look cute in it, so it felt like a betrayal to her enough that she stripped right there and went back to making a grass skirt because she didn't want to have anything to do with him.˛** Fortunately, the rest are at least partially [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments tears of joy]]. ˛*** Most notably, the flashback both have simultaneously, to the moment they were children and good friends, plus the traumatic event that changed their lives forever. Neither realizes the friend they met then and dedicated their whole life to is their current rival/temporary ally, but of course ''we'' do--and it is ''beautiful.'' The really sad part? Wondering if they will live to learn the truth about each other.˛*** Ruby was so horrified by this event (specifically how scared of him Sapphire was and the trouble Norman got into) that he vowed never to battle again. Norman and Sapphire have given him a fair amount of flack for his unwillingness to battle not realizing his reasons.˛*** Then, they ''do'' learn, in the process of confessing their feelings for one another. The sad part here? Ruby just leaves Sapphire locked up to protect her from the battle, which also implies he believes he may very well die, and Sapphire undoubtedly believes it, too. Of course he doesn't, but he comes close.˛*** After the action finale, the ending scene is mostly for laughs. Yet it's still kind of sad we never got to see them kiss. Oh well; at least they're friends now.˛* Toward the end of the arc...˛--> '''Ruby: Because of me, you sacrificed your dream, your honor... everything!'''˛* Also, when Mimi came back to Ruby, after everything he'd done. Ruby's speech, along with the fact that ''he's'' crying too...˛* A minor detail that speaks volumes if you think about it. With Wallace is getting the crap beaten out of him, Norman's corpse is being burned, Winona is unconscious from being strangled, and Ruby barely staying conscious in her arms, Sapphire looks ready to break down. People important to her are getting hurt and she ''can't'' do anything about it, just like how it was during the Salamance incident.˛* Steven Stone dying. Fortunately, it doesn't last.˛˛!!!FRLG arc˛* Red losing all confidence in himself at being a Pokedex Holder due to his TraumaCongaLine.˛** First, he gets knocked out by one of the new Rocket Admins with a Self-Destruct. When he wakes up, he finds out that the entire island is held hostage, and they're killing people and burning their homes until they hand over the Pokedex Holders.˛** Second, a bunch of the islanders gang up on Red and blame him for the destruction of their homes, even throwing rocks at him.˛** Finally, he gets steamrolled by Deoxys, with his entire team nearly dying while TakingTheBullet for him.˛* Green and her parents. The first time she sees them in twelve years, they're sucked into a big black hole (No wonder she went near-comatose afterward). Then when she finally gets to talk to them, she has to leave them behind because, as she says through her own tears, "it's her destiny to fight evil." Godspeed, Green. Godspeed.˛* The near end of the arc when Giovanni saves Silver from flames. Silver still rejected him after that, but was given a talk by Blue. Then he [[HeroicBSOD cried]].˛** Likewise just when it looks like Green might be able to have an actual conversation with her parents and that Silver can come to terms with his heritage they are [[DiabolusExMachina attacked by Sird]] who [[TakenForGranite turns the heroes to stone]] and Oak tries to keep Green's parents from seeing what has happened to her. ˛˛!!!Emerald arc˛* Emerald's back story.˛˛!!!HGSS arc˛* The ending. Giovanni is able to get his medicine and helps save the world...and then reveals that he was EvilAllAlong and leaves Silver behind to rebuild Team Rocket. Gold and Silver turn down his offer to join them, and Silver is shaken by the entire experience, vowing to make his dad turn good.˛˛!!!DP arc˛* Diamond and Pearl arc- when all three protagonists wake up the first morning after separating to defend each of the lakes, each of them is reflecting on the morning routine they shared with each other for the last month, only to realize that now they suddenly feel very alone without the other two. All three of them start crying, and it's just a heartbreaking moment.˛˛!!!Platinum arc˛* Diamond pushes [[TakingTheBullet Pearl out of the way of Giratina's attack]] and [[HeroicSacrifice seemingly dies from the impact]]. The way Pearl is begging that this has to be one big joke...˛** Made all the worse because Diamond's catchphrase of "I'm Pokeaayy!" after getting hurt is the result of Pearl telling him he needed to think up a good one line gag. Pearl is crying over his friend begging him to say that line.˛˛!!!BW arc˛* N reveals to White that Gigi has always wanted to battle instead of just performing. When White tries to jump out of the Ferris Wheel and urges Gigi to do the same... Gigi ''abandons'' her, deciding to stay with N. White slips and falls, and she's left as a sobbing, broken wreck on the ground.˛** In a similar incident, Black's dreams have changed and aren't appealing to Musha anymore, who decides to bail on him.˛*** As it turns out, N was wrong about Musha leaving; it decided to leave in order to find a Moon Stone and evolve, in hopes that Black's dreams would return if it did.˛* Black ends up trapped in the Light Stone. White tries to pick the stone up, but it flies away before she can even touch it. She breaks down and cries as the stone flies out of sight.˛** Even worse? He reveals to White before disappearing that he never forgot about his promise of advertising the BW Agency in the Pokemon League. His last thoughts are of whether he managed to pay off his debt, which White shakily admits after he's gone that he already has.˛˛!!![=B2W2=] arc˛* At the end of the arc, Ghetsis is about to fall off the Plasma Frigate, and N grabs his hand to save him. When Ghetsis asks why, N says that while their paths diverged, he still is grateful to Ghetsis for adopting him when he was a homeless, starving child, and he still loves him as a father. Ghetsis' response? [[MoralEventHorizon To spitefully call N a "monster" and rant about how he disgusts him while beating him to near-death with his cane.]] [[TheWoobie Poor, poor N...]]˛˛!!!XY arc˛* We get a major one right off the bat: X used to be a promising, up-and-coming trainer, but now is a depressed shut-in who refuses to leave his room no matter how much his friend pleads with him to come out. Everything points to the paparazzi being at fault, and you wonder just how bad things went for him to go down this far.˛** Also, unlike her game counterpart, Shauna is much more pessimistic, likely stemming from watching all of the above. And yet, despite doubting things will ever change, she still hopes for the day all of her friends can be together and happy again. Finally, she ends up losing one of her Pokemon when her hometown is destroyed.]˛* The series opens with [[DoomedHometown the heroes' hometown being destroyed]].˛* Later on, we find out just what X's first encounter with the {{Paparazzi}} was like. Right after his victory at the tournament, he tried getting away from the crowds to catch his breath, only for two reporters to corner him backstage. They then swipe Kanga's ball, forcing the exhausted mother out so they can take pictures of her, then try to ''drag her baby out of her pouch''. X can't do anything to stop them because they're older and stronger.˛˛!!!Sun and Moon arc˛* The story of Sun's great-grandfather.˛* The Aether family of course. Their videogame story was sad already, but this manga give them a different one: It turns out that Faba is the one that pushed Mohn into the Ultrahole, making Lusamine believe that her husband abandoned her. The grief caused Lusamine to start an obsession and creating the abuse on her children, forcing them to never change and stay with her forever. And to make stuff worse, Faba wants to keep the family ruined forever, so they never learn that he is the cause of their misery.˛* Contrary to Ruby's Mimi or Black's Musha, Sun actually tells Lillie to release Cent afterward, stating how it was only with Sun in order to buy the island back.˛˛!!!Sword and Shield arc˛* It turns out a year ago, Schilly lost all five of her Pokémon in the Slumbering Weald while battling the two Heroes of Many Battles.˛----


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