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1* The entire comic concerning Inkwell. A proud and powerful mare who saved Celestia's life decades ago is now an old half-senile kook that most of the school staff think is overdue for retirement. While the issue has a happy ending, Inkwell surely does not have long left, and the issue as a whole works as a microcosm of all the fanfiction about Twilight having to endure this same fate with her friends.* In Fluttershy's story, when her art piece ends up being unveiled at the convention by Rarity, the other ponies immediately begin commenting on it, overwhelming the poor pegasus. But there's a small detail that makes the scene even sadder; while some of the comments are criticisms, some of them are actually ''compliments''. While some of the ponies are criticizing Fluttershy's piece (a knitted statue of herself surrounded by butterflies), others are saying things like "Doesn't it make you think of spring?" and "The artist is an expert crafts-pony." But Fluttershy doesn't even seem to notice these compliments until Princess Celestia shows up.----


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