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1* [[spoiler: Darren's death]] at the end of series 3 is a case of ShootTheShaggyDog. He's just narrowly avoided getting killed by Elmo, getting wounded in the process. He phones Nidge to let him know that he's coming for him [[spoiler: [[DoubleTap Only to take two bullets]] [[BoomHeadshot to the head]] from [[DarkActionGirl Lizzie]].]] * Siobhan looks like she's about to [[HopeSpot get Nidge banged up]] by framing him for Git Loughman's murder. After all the shit she goes through with Pauley and the Gardaí, it's quite jarring to see her get killed in the crossfire by Patrick. [[AlasPoorVillain This is capped off with Nidge getting shot while Warren looks on from an upstairs bedroom]]. DownerEnding indeed.* Rosie walking away from Darren at the end of series 2 for [[DeathOfTheHypotenuse perfectly understandable reasons]]. This essentially destroys whatever good is left in Darren and drives him into a downward spiral and it also renders most of his actions [[AllForNothing for absolutely nothing]]. At the start of series 3, it's briefly stated that even his own sister wants nothing to do with him.* [[spoiler: Debbie's death by way of an overdose]] is so sudden and jarring on top of all the [[DomesticAbuse other]] [[HookersAndBlow shit]] [[spoiler: she]] has gone through, especially since [[spoiler: her own parents want nothing to do with her.]]


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