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1* A quick comment from Johnny stating how he didn't mind being covered in crows because he was liking the attention. It only becomes a tear jerker when you remember that Mavis is hardly spending any time with him, such as canceling date night, to be with Dennis.* When Mavis angrily confronts Drac for endangering Dennis, she promptly moves her son's birthday to tomorrow so she and her family will move out of the hotel quicker, [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone greatly upsetting Drac.]]-->'''Mavis:''' Maybe you've let humans into your hotel, Dad. But I don't think you've let them into your heart.* Dennis nearly goes into tears when he sees the possessed Kakie. * After Drac screws up at the vampire camp that causes it to be destroyed, Dennis silently goes to him and tugs on his cape, asking "Papa Drac, are we the bad guys?"* Seeing Dennis standing on top of the packed boxes trying to turn into a bat. He asks Mavis if the reason they are leaving is because he isn't a monster. She assures him it isn't but he doesn't buy it. He may be a child, but he knows what is going on. * Seeing Dennis run away when Mavis is angry at Drac for nearly ruining his fifth birthday party is seriously heartbreaking for the human mind to see. He feels like everything that is happening is his fault for not being a vampire.


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