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1* Episode 12 of ''Solstrom'', entitled "Wind of Life" has the scene where the toy shop owner celebrates the birthday of his favourite toy. It may sound bizarre and a tad [[{{Narm}} narmy]], but it's an incredibly heartbreaking scene.* ''Amaluna'' has the Chinese pole scene, where Romeo and Miranda are separated and the Chinese pole climbing by Romeo represents his crossing into the DespairEventHorizon. The moving music doesn't help matters either.** Another moment in said show is when Romeo is sent back down to earth by the tight wire acrobats in purgatory, only to be trapped by Miranda's pet lizard.* After the "Battlefield" sequence in ''KA'', the [[spoiler: evil Counselor tries to comfort his equally wicked son, who has been blinded by his own explosives and is wailing in pain.]] The actors put so much emotion into it. It's telling that it's been dialed down since then, because it was probably {{Narm}} for other audience members.* The opening sequences of ''Quidam'', ''"O"'', and ''Corteo'' have deeply moving music, and on top of that, in the last example it's for a gathering for the dead protagonist (the show is his deathdream as he ascends to Heaven).* The curtain call for ''Quidam'': Most of the cast emerges as the Chienne Blanches -- who are perpetually dressed in white, with face-concealing cowls, as befits the title's Latin meaning of faceless passerby. [[spoiler: And then they remove them.]]* Another ''"O"'' moment is the "wedding" transition: A bevy of cheery brides and grooms cavort onstage until the music to the melancholy "Nostalgie" kicks in, the lights change, and a woman pushing a laundry cart takes the veils from each bride and tosses them in the cart as the dancers grow still. Combined with the business in the foreground between the Little Dancer and the two men who have fallen for her -- Guifa and the slightly grotesque Eugen -- climaxing when Guifa gives Eugen back the flower he hopes to woo her with, it's so sad, leading to a most welcome bit of MoodWhiplash when the mood revives for the Russian Swings act for the couples.* "Ninkou Latora", the song from ''Theatre/{{Dralion}}'' that plays during the double trapeze. Towards the end of the song (4:03), the music gets so intense and powerful that it just suddenly floods you with emotion before calming down. Its even more tearjerking when set to the visuals on the DVD.* The ending of ''Theatre/{{KOOZA}}'' is both heartwarming and gutwrenching, as both the Innocent and the audience have to accept that the adventure must come to a close. * The very end of ''Love'' is a clip of John Lennon laughing and saying "This is Johnny Lennon just sayin' good night to ya's all, and God bless ya's." There's just something about it...* "Birth of the Sky" from ''ZED'', a beautiful ballad by Erato the Sky Goddess amidst a starry sky and flanked by four nymphs. It's followed by "Birth on Earth", its counterpart by Abraka the Father of Earth. Both songs come together to show a lot of love and passion the respective worlds have, and you know that their desire to come together will work out.* ''Theatre/{{VOLTA}}'':** [[ "The Bee and the Wind"]], a PlayingTheHeartStrings and OneWomanWail-heavy piece performed during [[HappierTimesMontage the BMX flatland & ballet duo between Young!Waz and his mother]], is easily one of the saddest songs in Cirque history.** "[[ Inside Me]]", the ElevenOClockNumber, has an air of bittersweet triumph, with Waz having come to terms with his differences, and [[HarsherInHindsight took on a more tragic context]] following [[FatalMethodActing the death of Yann Arnaud]] in the spring of 2018.------


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