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1* Amber's nightmare was terrifying. Her break down after it was definitely this trope.²* Jalerom being forced to kill his own mother in a dream. The [[Wrestling/ShawnMichaels "I'm sorry... I love you."]] line didn't help.²** Feathurin is put through a similar experience with her familiar. If you didn't absolutely despise The Warden before, you will now.²* Jeminya's entire situation. see IronWoobie on the YMMV page.²* The scene in the Well. Not only was [[spoiler: Jeminya killed by the Balor]], but the subsequent fight almost tears the entire team apart. There’s a ''reason'' why many regard that session as their DarkestHour.²* Thedan’s note to Jalerom. It’s hard not to feel for JT as his father coldy informs him that he never loved him and saw him only as a tool, [[spoiler: even on his deathbed]]. The fact that Thedan was actually trying to be ''nice'' with this doesn’t help at all.²* [[spoiler: Jeminya and Rose’s]] WhatTheHellHero speeches are ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine'' levels of “[[MyGodWhatHaveIDone Will make you feel like an awful human being.]]” and unlike in ''that'' game, there’s absolutely no element of BlamedForBeingRailroaded to soften the blow. Everything the party did was their own choice.²* Rose being forced to [[spoiler: [[ShootTheDog kill Shiloh]]]], to complete their mission, and then her choosing to [[spoiler: [[HeroicSacrifice turn the gun on herself]]. Thank Heironeous the test turned out to be a FalseCrucible]].²* The party meets a pair of eloped lovers in Episode 53 when they accidentally stumble upon the secret wedding. [[spoiler: One episode later, The Warden has hideously fused them together using Assimilation Magic]].²** [[spoiler:They manage to subdue the two without killing them, thankfully, by reminding them of their love with the same song that was played at their wedding.]]²* Also in Episode 53, Amber and Kross have a HARSH falling out when Kross takes [[spoiler: Simula]] up on her offer to learn new skills from her. Amber has been heavily against the idea of [[spoiler: Simula]] being with the group since they found her in that forest, and hearing this and Kross's reasoning ([[IJustWantToBeSpecial he says it's to give something to the group]], though the rest of the group see this as incredibly selfish) makes Amber seriously consider beating Kross down right here.²** Her animosity towards him gets even worse when he accidentally gets a god killed for breaking the Primordial Pact. How bad does it get? [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere She leaves the party for a bit]] and after Rose talks to her, seriously considers killing Kross. In fact, she does attack him, but they're interrupted by Jalerom's mother.²* Speaking of Jalerom's mother, she comes to him and offers him the chance to become an Assassin; all he has to do is kill Kross. The very idea of it brings Jalerom to tears, because he just can't bring himself to do it.²* Episode 66 and Kross has left the group, with only a note left behind in Jalerom's pocket to tell the group. The entire party express sadness and frustration at his leaving, as well as some obvious disappointment. The wording of the note especially is sad, given why Kross had to be written out.²* [[spoiler:Jalerom's death]].²* While their initial meeting with Saint Suviel in Stygia was hilarious, it becomes less so when the group learns that [[spoiler:he was Levistus the whole time, [[TheReveal and they learn that he had lost his memory after falling into the River Styx thousands of years ago.]]]]²* After being a stoic jerk for most of the journey through Baator, Ravvas eventually breaks down about [[spoiler: his family being slaughtered trying to save him]] and his own PTSD. He later opens up to the party and tells them the full story, being his first and, to date, only moment of vulnerability.²* Amber's break down in Episode 97 is enough to bring even Josh to tears. He has to mute his microphone so the other players don't hear him.²* Because Sweetie Bloom got a new job, Rose had to be written out of the story due to being petrified for the foreseeable future.²* [[spoiler: After the party saves Arkoth and Hana from Baalzebul's stomach, Arkoth gains a human body and, after a tearful and heartfelt conversation with not just Hana, but the rest of the party -- where he makes up for all the horrible things he did to them on the prime material plane -- [[AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence walks off into a tunnel of light]]. The entire time, Hana is bawling her eyes out -- some of Aramau's best acting thus far.]]²** Though Aramau admitted that she actually WAS crying during that scene, so those tears were legit²** [[spoiler: It's implied that this was because, for the first time ever, Arkoth performed a selfless act to aid someone he loved.]]²* After a harrowing journey, the group finally finds and rescues Jeminya. Tears of joy all around, along with tears of sadness at just how banged up she is.²* The first episode of Season Four is incredibly somber, with everyone dealing with the repercussions of the previous episode. Such highlights include:²** Trying to decide what to do with the now-dead Rose.²** Ivan breaking down in Faerthruin’s arms after the deal Amber made with Asmodeus.²** Amber going full [[MamaBear Mama Deagon]] to comfort Jeminya.²*** What really sells the scene is the acting from everyone, especially Finn as Ivan, who sounds like he’s legitimately bawling his little eyes out.²* Episode 122 is all about Rose’s funeral, and how the characters deal with it, from Amber [[DrowningMySorrows drinking down four barrels of ale]] to Ivan singing in the streets.²** As Rose is being laid to rest, the wind kicks up into a sorrowful song that Ivan plays along with, and the rest of the congregation sings with it.²** Shiloh stays behind with Rose, not wanting to leave her side.²** As the funeral reaches its end, Rose seems to be smiling at her mourning friends.²** Eliyora’s tears are genuine, so much that her husband Chris had to bring her tissues.²* Hana stays behind while the rest of the group heads to Directian, and it’s unknown when they’ll meet up again.²* Everyone naturally reacts with shock to learn that 12 years have passed since they began their trip through Hell.²** And during that time, Sabaton has declared war with Directian.²* Amber decides to remain locked up in her room rather than go with the party to Gatless Town because she thinks the party doesn't trust her after what she did down in Nessus.²* Upon arriving in Gatless Town, the party finds it on fire. Jalerom loses it and goes looking for his mother, only to find a drow named Valli. And what does Valli show them? [[spoiler:The grave of Jalerom's mother, who was murdered in her sleep just before the war began.]]²* There's a point where Ivan, with help from Sazaen, returns to his old home. Why? Because he's briefly considering abandoning the party because of the events both in Baator and in Directian.²** He doesn't go through with it, but he does decide to stop being a goody-two-shoes, realizing that hugs and kind words rarely solve anything, especially during a war. It's so jarring to see Ivan go from all smiles all the time to being a stoic who is now more than willing to get in on the action.²* When it's revealed that [[spoiler:Ravvas]] started the war, everyone naturally feels betrayed by this. It's so devastating that Jalerom essentially declares their friendship over.²** To make things worse, [[spoiler:Ravvas KILLS IVAN!]] Needless to say, no one is happy.²* It turns out that Amarta gave up her god hood years ago when Seolic was killed.²* Much like Jalerom, [[spoiler:Ivan has a talk with Asmodeus after his death.]] Once he's revived, well, let's just say that [[spoiler:our favorite cinnamon roll of a gnome is now metaphorically dead,]] as he's become argumentative and screams for the death of [[spoiler:Ravvas]].²* [[spoiler:Faerthurin gets kidnapped during a battle by her resurrected father.]] Needless to say, the other characters, Jalerom especially, almost collectively lose it trying to find her.²* [[spoiler:Aymer]] has taken another student under his tutelage, who is a depressing look at [[WhatCouldHaveBeen what Faerthurin could have turned into had she stayed under him.]]²* After Jalerom is nearly killed by [[spoiler:his mother's assassin]] in sight of Nora, who idolized Jalerom, Jalerom feels as though [[BrokenPedestal he's let her down by letting her see him in a moment of weakness.]]²* There are tears of joy all around when Jeminya returns.²* During the battle in Episode 145, Bayleen gets instantly taken down by a swarm of magically-summoned blades.²* While Rime is pinned down by Kruul, she tries to use every spell she can to get free. The problem is, the only spell she knows that has no somatic components is Power Word Petrify, and Kruul's HP isn't low enough for that to effect him. Aramau spends a good five minutes going through her spells only to find that none of them work. You just want to give the poor girl a hug.²* When in the drow hall of records to look at the research that gave Ravvas the idea to interbreed the drow with the surface races, Rime sees her father’s name, showing that Rime is [[HalfHumanHybrid half-drow]]. She doesn’t dwell on it much due to the mission, but it’s clear she’s shaken.²* Rime finds the surviving children being treated like royalty (Ravvas’s orders), but despite this and Rime assuring them that she’s not hostile, the kids are understandably scared, considering Rime currently looks like a drow and it was a drow that killed their friend.²* Josh’s descriptions of the slave pens can evoke imagery of Nazi concentration camps. It’s both horrifying and heartbreaking.²* Asmodeus forces Amber to kill her own father. Varaugh is okay with this, but Amber is understandably not.²* Though Rime recounts the story with such a casual tone, she tells Jalerom about her first kill -- a Sabaton supporter in Gatless who hired her on as a maid. Rime goes on to recount how she became fast friends with the man's young son Walt, who loved to hear the stories about the Heroes of Directian, Amber in particular. So when Rime has to poison the boy's father, that just makes the friendship she made with Walt sting so much more than her just leaving would have. And despite promising to come back and play with Walt in the future, Rime never saw him again.²** According to WordOfThePlayer, this is why she was so horrified to learn that the war against Sabaton had been orchestrated by Ravvas. Because it meant that Walt's father had been murdered for nothing.²* After noticing that she smells of cookies, Jalerom asks Faleris about Reyin. Her response? [[spoiler:"He's not around anymore. I can't talk about it."]]²* After [[spoiler:Ravvas casts Karsus Avatar]] at the end of the previous session, the finale session opens up with Ivan trying to console Valil, who is so shaken up that he doesn't know how to respond. Doubles as heartwarming.²* When [[spoiler:Reyin]] returns, everyone is crying tears of joy.²* [[spoiler:Reyin]] mentions that his dad (Kross) died at some point between him leaving the party and now.²** He also gives a reason why he never answered any of Fae's scrys: He was being groomed to become the next Solonor.²* The surviving drow in the arena are still reeling from Ravvas's attack. Complete with Valil recognizing the monster that Ravvas truly is and denouncing their friendship.²* [[spoiler: Sure, she was a bloody monster, but it's still a little heartbreaking to see Elvanna die [[CruelAndUnusualDeath as the rot eats her alive]]]].²* [[spoiler: Simula sacrifices herself to cast the "soul dive" spell. Finally giving the party a chance to defeat Asmodeus.]]


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