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1''Hoo'' boy. This show may as well be ''Tear Jerkers: The Series''.----* Menma is driven to tears more than once. ** From episode one, no less: -->"Onee-chan was a bit air-headed, so maybe she hasn't even realized she died."\''"I know."''** One of the worst instances of this is in Episode 10 when [[KickTheDog Yukiatsu calls for all the friends gathered at the Secret Base to reenact "the question" that had driven a wedge in the group and indirectly led to Menma's death.]] (The question being "Do you love Menma?", directed at Jintan.)* Episode 5, when [[StepfordSmiler Poppo]]'s request for Menma to come out and reveal her wish slowly leads to him pleading in desperation for her to appear...which causes Menma to cry, in turn. [[HarsherInHindsight It's harsher]] when you realize ''[[ILetGwenStacyDie why]]'' [[ILetGwenStacyDie Poppo is so desperate to help Menma out]].** At the start of that episode, Yukiatsu's total meltdown after he's found out to have been crossdressing as Menma and admits his guilt over what he believes was his part in killing Menma, and how he'd been expecting Menma to appear before him to haunt or curse him for that.-->"Do I look like her? Well? ''Tell me! DO I?!''"* Anaru is driven to tears by her classmates' rumormongering in Episode 6, then to happy tears by Jintan standing up for her. Mrs. Honma also tears up when Jintan, Poppo, and Anaru come to pay respects to Menma.* Jinta, when he remembers that Menma will disappear forever if her wish is granted.* Anaru again during her AnguishedDeclarationOfLove.* Irene Honma, Menma's mother, in Episode 8 as she berates the group for growing up when Menma can't.* Episode 9. Just Episode 9.* Episode 10 "Thank you for doing this for me today! I'm going to Heaven tomorrow. I want to be friends with everyone til the end. Thank you."* Episode 11. Literally UpToEleven.** The main characters save Menma finally busting their big dam of feels to one another, revealing their deepest shames. Poppo, who has been a StepfordSmiler for the full show, reveals he saw Menma die and ran away to escape the guilt of not saving her.** Menma's letters to her friends, telling them what she loves about them. Especially the one to Jintan - "I love you, Jintan. My love for you is the sort of love where I want to marry you."** The song "I Left You", playing when Menma appears to be dying a second death due to her wish being granted, TheReveal that her wish began with a promise she'd made to Jintan's mother, and Jintan carrying Menma over his shoulders as he rushes back to the Secret Base.** Jintan losing his ability to see Menma, after being the only one who could for so long.** MENMA, WE FOUND YOU!!!*** ''You found me...''** Let's just say the entire final episode, in which [[EverybodyCries all the characters and most of the viewers spent most of it bawling their eyes out]]. Chances are your heart strings were twinged or a lump brought to your throat... or just full-on bawling.*** The Movie actually manages to make it worse, by showing what happens after Menma disappeared.* The thick air of nostalgia is enough to make for at least one per episode.* How much of a tear jerker this anime is, [[ it's consistently listed as #1 in the list of tearjerking anime]].* [[ArmorPiercingQuestion " you know how tall I am?"]]* In the live action drama, we actually see the young Peace Busters' reactions to Menma's death. All five of the children look down at the river that took their friend, tearfully crying out her name as if they're trying to call her back. It's one of the most heartbreaking flashbacks in the series.----


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