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1[[quoteright:350:]] [[caption-width-right:350:"[[HeroicSelfDeprecation Well, I went along my merry way, and I never stopped to reason...]]"]]* Needless to say, the part where Alice turns giant and starts crying so much she [[MakesSenseInContext floods a room]] can be this, though many would consider it a funny moment solely due to the Doorknob's freaked-out reactions.* When Alice is bullied by the flowers, her voice sounds at times as if she was going to break into tears from being humiliated by them. And it's not like one could have blamed her.* The White Rabbit had his pocket watch destroyed by the Mad Hatter and the Hare. Not only he tried to stop them without being able to do anything, his reaction after that is geniuinely heartbreaking. And it was his unbirthday present, no less!** Also, the poor guy (supposedly) lost his house before that because of Alice and the Dodo.* Alice's "Very Good Advice" song (pictured above). Especially when all the UglyCute birds in the Tulgey Wood start [[EverybodyCries crying along with her]], while fading away in the process. To be clear: the previous moments on this page could be construed as comical; in this one, not even the comic relief can keep it together.** The way that Kathryn Beaumont (the actor voicing Alice) delivers the line, "Someday, I'll give myself" can almost be heard as "Someday, I'll kill myself"; it might be a misheard line, but the idea that this child feels so hopeless and distraught that she would consider suicide is so heartbreaking.*** It gets worse if you take this misheard line in context of a point near the start of the original book that's pretty much glossed over in a single sentence: Alice often scolds herself so severely she cries, and she once hit herself (termed "trying to box her own ears" by the narrative) as punishment in a croquet game against herself. Considering that one sentence mentioned both, [[FridgeHorror one might wonder if that instance of physical harm]] [[SelfHarm wasn't a one-time occurrence.]]** As the poor girl tells the Cheshire Cat, she is so depressed she no longer cares about the White Rabbit and only wants to go back home, with the line "I want to go home!" being delivered in particularly heart-wrenching way.* You can't help but feel bad for the Mother Oyster if she learns her children has been eaten. Though it may be moot since they appear near the end.


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