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1[[quoteright:314:]]²[[caption-width-right:314:"Want some hot soup? I'll just add some more wood to the fire." ]]²²->''Sit here by the fire with me and I'll tell you about the forests and the trolls that live there.''²²''Trudvang Chronicles'' (or ''Drakar och Demoner: Trudvang'' in the original Swedish) is a fantasy [[TabletopRPG tabletop role-playing game]] from Sweden, it actually is the 8th incarnation of the Drakar och Demoner franchise, it is produced by Riotminds. Like many others of its kind it is inspired by folktales and the like,but it strives to depart from the usual tropes associated with most fantasy games by way of sticking to its Scandinavian source mostly, with just tiny sprinkles of other culture's mythos (i.e.: there are minotaurs in the setting, but they are called trolltjurs or "troll bulls" and do not live in mazes). It has really high production values, from the way it is written to the setting itself to its unique art, all these elements work together to create a truly unique world.²²The setting itself focuses on the land of Trudvang, a huge continent teeming with forests, plains, and mountains, it is roughly divided into five regions; Osthem to the east, where the Stormlanders live, it is a harsh and unforgiving land full of mysterious woodlands, mountains and a somewhat barren land, all this has made its inhabitants quite fierce and strong, they follow an equally harsh faith called Gerbanis which comprises two opposed pantheon of gods Storm's Host and the Chaos Gods. At the center of the continent lie the Middlands, a land of vast plains and rolling hills, with few if any woodlands, its inhabitants are called Middlanders who are brave warriors and horselords, they follow an animistic religion called ostro(think of Rohan from The Lord of the Rings meets the Celts). ²In the west lies Vastermark, a land chivalrous knights and sages who follow the teachings of the one true god Gave and try to spread his teachings to all the pagan nations, even if it has to be delivered from the tip of their swords. In the north lies the great mountain range Järngard which serves as a border between all the other nations and the snow-covered and deadly land known as Isvidda, realm of the hrimthurses or frost giants and finally, ² to the south lies an archipelago known as Soj where the reclusive elves live, there are dwarfs in Trudvang but they inhabit in many underground kingdoms throughout the world, there are also many kinds of trolls in Trudang's forests as well as other kinds of monsters, like dragons and skosgras. ²²In 2013 it was adapted into a short film called "Drakar och Demoner Trudvang - Tronländaren" [[note]]Dragons and Demons Trudvang - The Thronelander[[/note]] watch it [[ here.]] ²²After years of being a Swedish-only game it was released in English in 2017 after [[ a successful]] Website/{{Kickstarter}} campaign by [=RiotMinds=].²²In 2019, Creator/{{CMON}} held a Website/{{Kickstarter}} campaign [[ to fund]] ''TabletopGame/TrudvangLegends'', a storytelling cooperative board game based on the setting.²²[=RiotMinds=] held another Website/{{Kickstarter}} campaign [[ in 2020]] to fund ''Trudvang Adventures'', an adaptation for 5 Edition ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''.²----²!!This tabletop RPG provides examples of:²²* ActionGirl: Trudvang's women are not battlefield shy at all, nor there seems to be any cultural norm against this in any nation. The Stormlanders have shield maidens, it is expected among most of the wild-peoples of Trudvang for women to fight alongside men, it is also not uncommon to find warrior women among Middlanders or the ranks of the Virann armies.²* AnotherDimension:²* BadassNormal: In Trudvang, magic is quite rare and dangerous, so most characters tend to be this.²* DarkActionGirl: Ark women, they come from a barbarian people addicted to the fear they instill on their enemies, can ride the powerful Tornodlas (Tower Lizards)that have a breath that rots flesh on contact, they are one of the few races reviled by most other peoples. And with good reasons.²* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Fighting against dragons and demons is this. To put this in perspective, dragons are described as something akin to the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings, just to give an example of their power, a dragon breed known as the Iron Dragons exiled the whole elven pantheon from Trudvang through sheer force.²* HalfHumanHybrid: There are half elves and half trolls or gråehjon. The first are said to be "gifts" from the elves to the chosen humans, but the second are almost always the result of rape. And both tend to feel out of place.²* HumanSacrifice: Stormlanders often sacrifice other humans to their gods, as well as the followers of Haminjes, a religion where the spirits of vanquished enemies are tied to the vanquisher's soul to strengthen it, they also gain some abilities through this.²²----


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