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1%%²%% Unadjusted entries of the medium have been moved to this page's discussion. If you are familiar with one of the works, a revision to reflect this new rating would suffice. ²²* ''Manga/AkameGaKill''²** Type -1: [[PuppetKing The Emperor]]²** Type 0: Empire citizens.²** Type 1: Bodyguards, Capital soldiers, [[BadassNormal Najenda]], Tatsumi before gaining [[InstantArmor Incursio]].²** Type 2: [[OurMonstersAreDifferent Danger Beasts]], [[ShearMenace Sheele]], [[EliteMooks The Three Beasts]], [[VoluntaryShapeshifting Chelsea]], [[CharlesAtlasSuperPower Rakshasa Demons]], [[{{Lunacy}} Enshin]].²** Type 3: Any unmentioned [[EmpoweredBadassNormal Teigu users]], [[spoiler:[[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass The Prime Minister]]]].²** Type 4: [[AnimalisticAbomination Ultra Class Danger Beasts]], [[spoiler:Tatsumi after upgrading [[AdaptiveArmor Incursio]]]], [[spoiler:[[HumongousMecha Shikoutazer]]]], [[spoiler:Akame after activating her trump card]], [[spoiler:[[WaveMotionGun Mine using the full extent of Pumpkin's power]]]].²** Type 5: [[WorldsStrongestWoman Esdeath]][[note]]With her ice powers, she can create an entire army of artificial soldiers, freeze time, and cover the entire Empire in snow[[/note]], possibly [[LivingWeapon Tyrant]].²²* ''LightNovel/AntiMagicAcademyThe35thTestPlatoon''²** Type -1: Takeru's sister (allegedly).²** Type 0: Ikaruga w/o SuperMode, Nagaru, most humans.²** Type 1: Takeru & Ouka w/o their {{Super Mode}}s, Usagi.²** Type 2: Most Academy students and Inquisition mechs.²** Type 3: Most wizards and witches, Takeru w/Lapiz, Ouka w/Vlad, Ikaruga (SuperMode), Mari, Lapiz in general, Sougetsu, Mephistopheles.²** Type 4: Haunted.²** Type 5: [[spoiler:Sougetsu/Loki.]]²²* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan''²** Type -1: Carla Jaeger, most children (excluding [[ChildrenForcedToKill Eren and Mikasa.]])²** Type 0: Most people.²** Type 1: Most soldiers, [[TheAce Mikasa]], [[WorldsStrongestMan Levi]] (without maneuver gear).²** Type 2: Military Horses, Soldiers with 3D Manuever Gear, [[spoiler:the [[MindManipulation Reiss]] and [[TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening Ackerman]] families]].²** Type 3: [[OurTitansAreDifferent Normal Titans, Aberrant Titans]], [[AFormYouAreComfortableWith Titan Shifters in human form]].²** Type 4: [[OneWingedAngel Titan Shifters in Titan form]], [[spoiler:military forces with anti-Titan weaponry]].²** Type 5: [[spoiler:[[GreaterScopeVillain The First King]], [[MonsterProgenitor Ymir Fritz]]]].²²* ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}''²** Type -1: Characters younger than high school students (such as Tsukihi Araragi, Mayoi Hachikuji and Nadeko Sengoku)²** Type 0: All normal people. ²** Type 1: Kaiki Deishuu, Hitagi Senjougahara.²** Type 2: [[OurMonstersAreDifferent Most Oddities]], [[spoiler:Tsukihi's]] true power as a young Phoenix, Hitagi until the end of her arc, the Original Apparition Killer.²** Type 3: Stronger Oddities, Koyomi Araragi, Karen Araragi[[note]]For some unexplained reason.[[/note]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Shinobu Oshino]], Suruga Kanbaru, Meme Oshino, Yodzuru Kagenui, Yotsugi Ononoki.²** Type 4: [[PhysicalGod God-like Oddities]], Hanekawa Black, Shinobu after feeding on blood, [[spoiler:Nadeko Sengoku]] as the Snake Goddess.²** Type 5: Kiss-shot Under-blade in her prime, The "Darkness".²²* ''Manga/{{Bastard}}'' ²** Type -1: Hobbits²** Type 0: Villagers, [[{{Tsundere}} Tia Noto Yoko]] before the two-year time skip. ²** Type 1: Metallicana Soldiers, Samurais, Orcs, Goblins. ²** Type 2: Luche Ren Len, Princess Sheila, Geo Noto Sort, Tia Noto Yoko after the two-year time skip, Elves, Dwarfs. ²** Type 3: Ninja Master Gara, Dai Amon, Kai Harn, Sean Ari, Gain Esperanza.²** Type 4: [[{{JerkwiththeHeartofaJerk}} Dark Schneider,]] Arshes Nei, Kall-Su, Ede Ee, Abigail, Anthrax, Demon Gods made from the Old World, Lars Ul Meta Licana, Giants, Angels. ²** Type 5: Dark Schneider with the Black Sabbath spell[[note]]Black Sabbath is a spell that creates a massive fiery explosion, burning it's enemies and sends them to another dimension. Without control over the spell, it could potentially destroy the Earth[[/note]]. ²** Type 6: Seraphs, Devils/Top-Tier Demons, [[{{PowerAtAPrice}} Majin Dark Schneider, The Dragon Knight Lucifer]], [[spoiler:Possibly Lucifer: Luche Ren Len's REAL name and identity]], Porno Diane, The Seven Demon Kings, Satan. ²** Type 7: {{God}}, [[spoiler:Adam of Darkness Dark Schneider.]]²²* ''[[Manga/{{Gunnm}} Battle Angel Alita]]''²** Type -1: Cylinders, Shumira, Lou, Kaos without relying on {{psychometry}} combat potential.²** Type 0: Koyomi, the majority of non-enchanced humans, some cyborgs.²** Type 1: Average non combat specialized cyborg, some combat specialized cyborgs, Ido, Figure Four, Zappan.²** Type 2: Ping.²** Type 3: Alita in early volumes without Berserker Body, Sechs before ZOT, Elf & Zwölf, other AR-2's, Makaku, Jashugan, Kaos while fully relying on {{psychometry}} combat potential, Den, Zazie, Desty Nova.²** Type 4: Alita after obtaining Imaginos Body, Sechs after (and during most of) ZOT, Vilma, Mbadi, Super Nova, Zekka, Don Fua.²** Type 5: Possibly Melchizedek and Zeus.²²* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}''²** Type -1: Post-torture Griffith, post-Eclipse Casca.²** Type 0: Civilians, Farnese, [[{{Mooks}} everyday knights and soldiers]].²** Type 1: The original Band of the Hawk, Golden Age Guts, Isidro, Serpico, Azan, Silat, Boscogn.²** Type 2: [[OurMonstersAreDifferent Common monsters]], [[OurDemonsAreDifferent weaker Apostles]], [[WasOnceAMan Apostle Spawn]], [[OurElvesAreBetter elves]], Black Swordsman-era Guts, [[spoiler:Farnese after learning basic magic]], Sonia, the Tapasa.²** Type 3: Stronger Apostles, Pishacha, [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Guts using the Berserker Armor]], Serpico using wind spirits, Schierke, [[EvilSorcerer Daiba]].²** Type 4: Skull Knight, Flora, Emperor Ganishka, [[SeaMonster the Sea God]].²** Type 5: [[DemonLordsAndArchdevils The]] [[EldritchAbomination Godhand]], [[ElementalEmbodiment Four Elemental Gods]], [[spoiler:[[OneWingedAngel Emperor Ganishka in his "Shiva" form]]]], [[spoiler:[[RealityWarper Skull Knight with the Sword of Actuation]]]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler:[[AnthropomorphicPersonification Ideal Realm beings]], the only one seen thus far being [[GreaterScopeVillain The Idea of Evil]].]]²²* ''Manga/BlackButler''²** Type -1: [[SuperDeformed Normal Tanaka]], [[DeathByOriginStory Ciel’s]] [[BodyHorror Parents]], [[spoiler: [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Queen]] [[AndThenJohnWasAZombie Victoria]]]]²** Type 0: [[UsedToBeASweetKid Ciel]] [[TheChessmaster Phantomhive]], [[{{Foil}} Alois Trancy]], [[RichBitch Madame]] [[SympatheticMurderer Red]], [[PrettyFreeloader Prince Soma]]²** Type 1: (Low) [[StuffBlowingUp Baldroy]], [[ColdSniper Mey-]][[GunsAkimbo Rin]], [[PoisonousFriend Lau]], (High) Serious Tanaka, [[WorldsBestWarrior Agni]]²** Type 2: (Low) [[SuperStrength Finnian]], [[SpeaksFluentAnimal Snake]], [[MusclesAreMeaningless Ran-]][[CarryABigStick Mao]], [[AlwaysIdenticalTwins Timber, Thompson, and Canterbury]], [[HammerSpace Hannah]] [[PowerOfTheVoid Annafellows]], (High) [[InvincibleHero Sebastian]] [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Michaelis]], [[PowerGlows Agni during Samadhi]], [[{{Hellhound}} Pluto]]²** Type 3: (Low) [[{{Shinigami}} Grell]] [[ChainsawGood Sutcliffe]], [[BrilliantButLazy Ronald]] [[ImprobableWeaponUser Knox]], [[TheRival Claude Faustus]], (High) Sebastian [[PowerLimiter when given a direct order]], [[BadBoss William T.]] [[CelestialBureaucracy Spears]]²** Type 4: [[FallenAngel Angela]]/[[GenderBender Ash]], [[PerpetualMolt Sebastian’s]] [[GameFace true]] [[EldritchAbomination form]], [[spoiler: [[GrimReaper Undertaker]]]]²** Type 5: [[Myth/HinduMythology Kali-]][[PhysicalGod Ma]]²²* ''Franchise/BlackRockShooter''²** Type -1: Yomi, [[EvilCripple Kagari]].²** Type 0: Mato, Yuu, Arata, Saya, [[LivingWeapon Ron]].²** Type 2: Black★Gold Saw in the OVA, any unnamed Other Selves, Nana Gray.²** Type 3: B★RS and Dead Master in the OVA, the main Other Selves in the anime, the Apostles.²** Type 4: [[PowerBornOfMadness Insane]] [[SuperPoweredEvilSide Black★Rock Shooter]], Mato with [[AllYourPowersCombined the power of the other Other Selves]], Rock, Dead, the Souls[[note]]They appear to have control over their own dimension[[/note]].²** Type 5: White★Rock Shooter, Stella[[note]]She kills White★Rock Shooter with an attack that pierces through the moon and creates an explosion visible from space[[/note]].²** Type 6: Ram[[note]]She managed to destroy a part of the Threshold, which appeared to hold up multiple worlds[[/note]], Rock after eating Dead's soul.²²* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}''²** Type -1: Plus souls on Earth, tiny hollows.²** Type 0: Humans, plus souls in Rukongai, demi-hollows and weak hollows.²** Type 1: Keigo, Tatsuki, Mizuiro.²** Type 2: The Karakura Superheroes, average-strength hollows, Don Kanouji, humans and souls with mild spiritual power.²** Type 3: Ichigo (Pre-Bankai), Menos-level hollow, Fullbringers and other humans with great spiritual power[[note]]Includes X-Cution, Chad, Ururu, Jinta, Orihime's normal level, and Fullbringers can absorb other powers to become stronger[[/note]], Soul Reapers below a single-digit rank ([[AlmightyJanitor except Rukia]]), Quincies.²** Type 4: Captain-level Shinigami, Visored, Quincy post-Sanrei glove, Arrancar[[note]]Especially the Espada and particularly the Top 4 Espada.[[/note]], Tsukishima, Yukio, [[spoiler:Bankai Ginjou]], the Stern Ritter[[note]]In particular the Elite Guard once empowered by the [[ThePurge Auswählen]].[[/note]], Zero Division[[note]]Actually stated to be more powerful than the ''entire'' Gotei 13 combined. Assuming that's not hyperbole, that would push them collectively into Type 5[[/note]], Post-Dangai Ichigo and Hogyoku Aizen [[note]]Both are on the high end of this tier[[/note]].²** Type 5: Bankai Yamamoto[[note]]Specifically stated to be able to dry up all of Soul Society if given sufficient time[[/note]], Yhwach, Ichibee Hyōsube of the Zero Squad[[note]]He controls all the "black" or "darkness" in the world as well as names.[[/note]], [[spoiler:Orihime's true potential (allegedly)]], [[spoiler:Mimihagi]], [[spoiler:Ichigo with the true Zangetsu]][[note]]Possibly Type 6, as Ichibee of the Royal Guard had planned to use his body to create the next Spirit King, which requires enough power to sustain three worlds.[[/note]].²** Type 6: The Spirit King[[note]]His death would cause at least three dimensions to collapse[[/note]], [[spoiler:Yhwach after absorbing the Spirit King's power.]]²²* ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex''²** Type -1: 3rd Princess Villian, [[spoiler:Othinus after [[BroughtDownToNormal losing most of her power]]]].²** Type 0: Normals, most Level 0 Espers.²** Type 1: [[BadassNormal Level 0s with combat ability, Skill-Outs, Anti-Skills, Shiage Hamazura]], Touma Kamijou against non-espers/Magicians.²** Type 2: Level 1-3 Espers.²** Type 3: Level 4-5 Espers (with three exceptions), PoweredArmor and Academy City's mechs[[note]]they can match/outmatch level 4 espers[[/note]], most Magicians, Biagio Busoni.²** Type 4: [[AntiMagic Touma against anything supernatural]], [[AttackReflector Accelerator]], [[SwissArmySuperpower Teitoku Kakine]], [[ComboPlatterPowers Sogiita Gunha]], [=Equ.DarkMatter=], [[KungFuJesus Saints]], [[NoSell Terra of the Left]], [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking the Pope, Vasilisa]], Knight Leader, [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower 2nd Princess Carissa, Maiden of Versailles]], Birdway, [[TheArchmage Ollerus]].²** Type 5: Awakened Espers[[note]]So far, only [[spoiler:Accelerator and Kakine]] have reached this point[[/note]], [[spoiler:[[PowerCopying Rensa]]]], [[spoiler:Mikoto fused with the [=MISAKA=] Network[[note]]Essentially achieving an artificial Awakening[[/note]]]], [[SuperMode Index's "John's Pen" Mode]], [[RealityWarper Aureolus Izzard]], [[BlowYouAway Vento of the Front]], [[KungFuJesus Acqua of the Back]], [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Laura Stuart, Queen Elizard]], [[spoiler:2nd Princess Carissa with [[AncientArtifact Curtana Original]]]], [[spoiler:Knight Leader with Curtana's blessing]].²** Type 6: (Low): The hypothetical Level 6 Esper[[note]]So far, only [[spoiler:Accelerator]] has reached this point[[/note]], [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Archangels]], [[spoiler:Fuse=KAZAKIRI]], [[spoiler:Mikoto had she fully completed the Level 6 Shift]], [[HolyHandGrenade Fiamma of the Right]]. (High): {{God}}, anybody who becomes ''[[AbstractApotheosis La Persona Superiore a Dio/The One Above God]]'', [[EldritchAbomination The Invisible Thing]], [[PhysicalGod Aleister Crowley]], [[EldritchAbomination Aiwass]], [[spoiler:[[TheArchmage One-Eyed Othinus]]]], [[spoiler:[[SocietyOfImmortals True GREMLIN]]]]. ²²* ''Manga/{{Claymore}}''²** Type -1: Raki, Clare as a child.²** Type 0: Humans²** Type 1: Human soldiers and Bandits, [[spoiler:Raki as an adult[[note]]He is implied to be completely human despite the ability to kill ordinary Yoma with ease[[/note]]]], cadet Claymores.²** Type 2: Members of the organization (implied).²** Type 3: Yoma; Abyssal Eaters; Double-digit Claymores.²** Type 4: Single-digit Claymores; Awakened Beings, Semi-Awakened Claymore & survivors of the Northern Campaign regardless of former rank; Abyssal Ones, Dragonmen[[note]]Maybe higher; it's stated that only a ''tiny'' portion of their power is responsible for all Yoma and Awakened Beings[[/note]], [[spoiler:the Riful-like Awakened Being]][[note]]Capable of matching Priscilla in power[[/note]], [[spoiler:Miata (Awakened)]], Priscilla[[note]]Based on her abilities so far. There is a TREMENDOUS gap between her and almost every other character, and she even destroyed our only Type 5, below, without any effort at all[[/note]], Teresa[[labelnote:Spoiler!]]After emerging from Clare's consciousness, she clearly outmatches Priscilla even ''before'' Awakening.[[/labelnote]].²** Type 5: The Destroyer ([[spoiler:Rafaela and Luciela merged]]).²²* ''Anime/CodeGeass''²** Type -1: Nunnally.²** Type 0: Civilians.²** Type 1: Soldiers, the Black Knights, etc.²** Type 2: [[PsychicPowers Geass users]], [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Suzaku]], [[EmpoweredBadassNormal Jeremiah]] [[PowerNullifier Godwald]] after becoming a {{Cyborg}} .²** Type 3: Code-bearers[[note]]their powers include {{immortality}}, [[TouchedByVorlons bestowing]] and [[AntiMagic immunity]] to Geass powers, and becoming [[spoiler:ApocalypseMaiden]][[/note]], Generation 1 through 6 Knightmare Frames, The Generation 7 Knightmare Frames ([[SuperPrototype Lancelot and Guren]]), The Generation 8 (Knightmare Frames piloted by he Knights of the Round).²** Type 4: [[FantasticNuke The Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament (F.L.E.I.J.A.)]], The Generation 9 Knightmare Frames ([[LightningBruiser Lancelot Albion and Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements]]).²** Type 5: [[KillSat The Sky Fortress]] [[SwordOfDamocles Damocles]]. ²** Type 6: God ([[spoiler:or better said, Origin of Geass]]).²²* ''Anime/CrossAnge''²** Type 0: Momoka, Untrained Norma, Sylvia, Jasmine²** Type 1: Momoka with combat added, [[BadassNormal Tusk]], Julio, Mana Leaders, Humans with Mana²** Type 2: [[TheHero Ange]], [[ActionGirl Hilda]], Jill, Vivian, Salia, Coco, Rosalie, Ersha, [[UnskilledButStrong Chris]], Mirada, [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Zola]]²** Type 3: [[TheAce Salamaniday]], [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens Other DRAGONs]], Paramails²** Type 4: Vilkiss, Ragna-mails, Enryugo²** Type 5: Hysterica, [[ChekhovsGunman Aura]], Vilkiss's GoldenSuperMode, [[spoiler:[[BigBad Embryo]] in his normal dimension]]²** Type 6: [[spoiler:[[{{God}} Embryo]] in a [[DimensionLord different dimension than his own]]]]²²* ''Manga/DaiNoDaibouken''²** Type -1: [[TeamPet Gome]].²** Type 0: The Humanity, Chu.²** Type 1: Human Soldiers and Fighters, Most Monsters.²** Type 2: [[TheHero Dai]], [[SquishyWizard Pop]] and Maamu (at first), Brass, [[TheBigGuy Crocodine]], The Sages of Papunika, Flora, Brokeena, [[FortuneTeller Merle and Nabara]], Nova, [[QuirkyMiniBossSquad the Dragon Riders]], some monsters.²** Type 3: [[TheAce Aban]], Dai later in the story[[note]]Bordering Type 4 when use his [[UnstoppableRage Dragon Crest]][[/note]], [[TookALevelInBadass Pop as Mage]], Maamu as Fighter, [[CombatMedic Princess Leona]], Hyunkel, [[TheArchmage Matoriv]], [[TheDragon Hadler]], [[ArchnemesisDad Baran]], Myst-Vearn, [[MonsterClown Kill-Vearn]], Flazzard, [[EvilSorcerer Zaboera]], [[UltimateBlacksmith Lon Berk]], [[ChromeChampion the Shinei Kidan]], Dragons.²** Type 4: (Low): [[BigBad Demon Lord Vearn]], Dai with the double Dragon Crest, [[PowerUpgradingDeformation Hadler's hyper Demon form]], Baran in his Ryumajin form, [[spoiler: Myst-Vearn's true power]]. (High): Dai’s Ryumajin power, [[spoiler: Vearn's real body]].²** Type 5: The Gods, [[spoiler:Gome's true power]].²²* ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack''²** Type -1: Dolls, Yin, July, Mao.²** Type 0: Ordinary humans, Saito, Kano, Matsumoto, Gai, Kiko.²** Type 1: Human soldiers, Kirihara, Huang, [[spoiler:pre-Heaven's Gate Hei]].²** Type 3: Most contractors.²** Type 4: Havoc, Harvest, Amber, [[spoiler:Shion]], [[spoiler:Hei/Bai utilizing [[RealityWarper his/her true power]]]].²** Type 5: The Gate, [[PhysicalGod Izanami]] (implied).²²* ''LightNovel/DateALive''²** Type 0: Civilians.²** Type 1: Anti-Spirits Team/AST soldiers without their equipments.²** Type 2: [[TheHero Shidou Itsuka]], AST soldiers with their equipments, the robot {{Mooks}} used by Deus Ex Machina/DEM group.²** Type 3: [[BroughtDownToBadass Spirits after having their powers sealed]], [[spoiler:Shidou when he uses Spirit powers]], anyone with the [[SuperPrototype White/Scarlet Licorice]], [[WorldsStrongestMan the strongest Wizards of DEM]].²** Type 4: [[OurSpiritsAreDifferent Spirits]] in general (either in their normal or [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Inverse Forms]]), [[spoiler:[[MonsterProgenitor Phantom]]]], [[spoiler:Shidou after the events of volume 12]].²** Type 5: The Angel [[LotusEaterMachine Eden]], the Angel [[SemanticSuperpower Michael]].²** Type 6: The First Spirit/Mio Takamiya²²* ''Manga/DeathNote''²** Type 0: [[ActionSurvivor Members]] of the Task Force, normal humans.²** Type 1: [[TVGenius Light, L, Near]], Soichiro, Mello, Naomi Misora, members of the SPK, Watari [[spoiler:and ''everyone'' in his orphanages]].²** Type 2: Misa, [[spoiler:Higuchi, Mikami, Takada (movies), Soichiro]][[note]]All of whom gained the Shinigami eyes[[/note]].²** Type 3: {{Shinigami}}s.²** Type 4: [[GreaterScopeVillain Shinigami]] [[YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm King]][[note]]Possibly. It really all depends on whether he ''created'' the Death Notes, or just holds on to them[[/note]].²** Type 5: [[RealityWarper The power of the Death Note itself]].²²* ''LightNovel/TheDevilIsAPartTimer''²** Type 0: [[BroughtDownToNormal Most main characters in human form]], [[NiceGirl Chiho]]²** Type 1: [[BroughtDownToBadass Sadao and Emi in human form]], [[DropTheHammer Suzuno]] [[MasterPoisoner Kamazuki]] (possibly a type 2, as she may have a degree of SuperStrength)²** Type 2: [[MundaneUtility Sadao when using magic]], [[CoolSword Emi when using Better Half]], [[SinisterMinister Olba Mayer]]²** Type 3: [[NighInvulnerable Alciel]] and [[WingedHumanoid Lucifer]] in their demon forms, [[ChildMage Emerelda Etouver]], [[GoodOldFisticuffs Albert Ende]], [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Archangel Sariel]]²** Type 4: [[{{Lunacy}} Sariel when close enough to the moon]], [[MagicKnight Emi as the Hero Emilia]]²** Type 5: [[PersonOfMassDestruction Sadao in his demon form]]²** Type 6: Miki Shiba ²²* ''Anime/DevilmanCrybaby''²** Type -1: [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Akira]] (pre-transformation).²** Type 1: [[TeenGenius Ryo]], [[FragileSpeedster Miki]], Miko.²** Type 2: [[HalfHumanHybrid Akira in his human form (post-transformation)]], low level demons.²** Type 3: [[LightningBruiser Akira in his Devilman form]], most demons ([[DarkActionGirl Silene]], Kaim).²** Type 4: [[DragonInChief Xenon]], [[PsychicPowers Psycho]] [[TheDragon Jenny]], [[spoiler: [[FusionDance Akira by the end of the series]].]]²** Type 5: [[PersonOfMassDestruction Satan]][=/=][[spoiler:[[HumanoidAbomination Ryo]]]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler: [[EldritchAbomination God]]]].²²* ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' (non-''[[Anime/DigimonXrosWars Xros Wars]]'')²** Type -1: [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Fresh Digimon]].²** Type 0: Human characters, [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter In-Training level Digimon]].²** Type 1: DATS Humans, Spencer/Suguru, Some [[EvolutionaryLevels Rookie]] level Digimon, "junk" Digimon (e.g. Numemon, Sukamon, Veggiemon...).²** Type 2: Most Rookie Digimon.²** Type 3: Most Champion, Armor, and some Ultimate level Digimon, [[Anime/DigimonFrontier H-Spirits]], [=DigiGnomes=].²** Type 4: Most Ultimate, B-Hybrid, A-Hybrid, Golden Armor, Z-Hybrid, and Mega level Digimon.²** Type 5: Apocalymon, [=MaloMyotismon=], [=Imperialdramon Paladin Mode=], Omnimon [[note]]beating several thousand megas effortlessly will do that for you. [[/note]] [[EldritchAbomination D-Reaper]], Lucemon Fallen and Satan mode, [[GodEmperor Yggdrasil]], "Super Ultimate" Digimon[[note]][=UlforceVeedramon=] Future Mode, the final forms of Daemon and Arkadimon, Chronomon[[/note]], Millenniumon, Fanglongmon, Ogudomon, Grandracmon, Dexmon, Alphamon with Ouryu Sword, [=UltimateKhaosmon=], [[{{Living MacGuffin}} Calumon]], Jesmon, Raguelmon.²** Type 6: NEO, [[DeusEstMachina ENIAC]], [[EldritchAbomination ZeedMillenniumon]], Susanoomon, Omnimon X.²** Type 7: [[HaveYouSeenMyGod The Creator]].²²* ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars''²** Type 0: Akari, Nene, Yuu, Kiriha, most adults.²** Type 1: Taiki, Zenjiro.²** Type 2: Juvenile digimon.²** Type 3: Mature Digimon.²** Type 4: Shoutmon X4/X5/X7, [=MetalGreymon=], Bagramon, [=DarkKnightmon=], Bagra Generals, Death Generals, [=OmegaShoutmon=], [=ZekeGreymon=], Shoutmon DX, [[spoiler:"[=BagraKnightmon=]"]].²** Type 5: The Code Crown, [[spoiler: [=DarknessBagramon=], [=MegaDarknessBagramon=], Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode (Possibly Type 6 do to defeating [=ZeedMilleniumon=] below), the Brave Snatcher, Quartzmon]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler:[=ZeedMillenniummon=][[note]][=DarkKnightmon=]'s manga-exclusive final form]][[/note]].²²* ''Anime/DogDays''²** Type 0: Most Commentators, Pega²** Type 1: RedShirt, Cinque before mastering his artifact.²** Type 2: Millhiore, Couvert, Ricotta²** Type 3: Cinque, Nanami, Rebecca after mastering their artifact, Eclair, Gaul²** Type 4: Brioche, Leonmichelle, Valerio, Adel[[spoiler:aide]] [[spoiler:Adult Cinque, Gaul, Rebecca]].²** Type 5: True Dragons, [[spoiler: Dragon Eater]], [[spoiler: Unsealed Pega]].²** Type 6: Sky Whale, [[spoiler: Verde]].²²* ''Franchise/DragonBall''²** Type -1: Talking animals²** Type 0: Humans, Pilaf²** Type 1: [[FakeUltimateHero Hercule]], [[ScienceHero Bulma]], [[BadassNormal Tenkaichi finalists]], Launch, Red Ribbon higher-ups, Chi-Chi, Ox King.²** Type 2: Oolong, Puar, Uranai Baba, Videl, [[IdiotHero Goku]] at the beginning of the series, [[spoiler:Monaka]].²** Type 3: Goku and [[OvershadowedByAwesome Krillin]] after training with Master Roshi, [[PsychoForHire Mercenary Tao]], [[DirtyOldMan Roshi]], [[FunnyAnimals Korin]], [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots Arale]], most fighters during the Red Ribbon Army and 22nd Budokai Sagas, Bora, General Blue, Yajirobe[[note]]He held his own against Goku during the King Piccolo Saga[[/note]], Most of King Piccolo's Mutated Nameks, [[TheMedic Dende]], Chi-Chi, Ox King, Babidi.²** Type 4: Roshi in his buff form, Goku after drinking the Ultra Divine Water, Shenron, King Piccolo, Kami, Popo, Raditz, Nappa, Most fighters during the 23rd Budokai, [[CantCatchUp most Z Fighters during the Saiyan Saga]], Frieza's mooks, Guldo, King Kai, Bardock, King Vegeta (Type 5 in "Filler").²** Type 5 [[note]] Specifically, Frieza had the ability to destroy a planet with little effort, while Cell can ostensibly destroy a solar system and the characters only continued to get more powerful from there. Other characters can be compared/contrasted by ki level.[[/note]]: Saiyan Saga and Namek Saga Vegeta, Dodoria, Zarbon, Ginyu Force except Guldo, Piccolo after absorbing Nail and Kami, Freeza, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Future Trunks as Super Saiyans, the Androids, Cell, anyone who achieves Super Saiyan 2 or 3, [[TheJuggernaut DBZ Broly]], the Universe Six fighters except Hit, most of the fighters in the Tournament of Power. ²** Type 6: [[EldritchAbomination Majin Buu]], Ultimate Gohan in the Buu saga, [[DarkMessiah Zamasu originally]], the [[FusionDance fusions]], [[Anime/DragonBallGT Omega Shenron]], Goku and Vegeta in their [[BeastMan Super Saiyan 4 form]], [[DestroyerDeity Gods of Destruction]], [[RealityWarper Angels]], [[PhysicalGod Goku and Vegeta after becoming gods, Golden Frieza]], [[TimeMaster Hit]], [[EvilTwin Goku Black after gaining Super Saiyan Rose]], [[DarkMessiah Zamasu after gaining immortality]], [[RealityWarper Super Janemba]], [[SatanicArchetype Zamasu]] [[spoiler:after becoming one with [[EldritchAbomination Future Trunks' multiverse and timeline]]]][[note]]High-tier, but still not Type 7 given the [[CurbStompBattle ease]] that he was defeated by one higher up on the list. Also, he was killed, disqualifying him even further.[[/note]], Toppo, [[TheAce Jiren]], Broly in Dragon Ball Super.²** Type 7: [[Creator/AkiraToriyama Tori]]-[[CreatorCameo Bot]], [[TheOmnipotent Super Shenron]] [[note]]As ''Super'''s GrandFinale reveals, he can even grant a wish to [[spoiler:undo a multiversal CessationOfExistence caused by two Zen'Os]].[[/note]], [[TopGod Omni King Zen'O, Future Zen'O]].²²* ''Manga/DGrayman''²** Type -1: Regular golems, ²** Type 0: Average Humans, regular members of the Black Order²** Type 1: Trained Humans, Level 1 akumas²** Type 2: Miranda, CROW Members, Magic users, Level 2 akumas, Fou²** Type 3: Most Exorcists, Fou, Level 3 akumas, Some Noahs, [[spoiler: Howard Link post Atuuda]]²** Type 4: Level 4 akumas, The Earl of Millennium, Jasdevi, Road, Lulu Bell, Tyki Mikk (theorically)²²* ''Manga/ElfenLied''²** Type -1: Children like Kanae. [[CruelandUnusualDeath Number 28]]²** Type 0: Average Humans. Kouta, Yuka, Nozomi or Mayu.²** Type 1: SAT Operatives, Bando, The Unknown Man, The Agent.²** Type 2: Average Diclonii, Lucy in her childhood.²** Type 3: Teenage Lucy, Nana & other experienced Diclonii.²** Type 4: Vector Attack Craft, Mariko [[SendInTheClones and her clones]], [[TookALevelInBadass Nana at the second half of the manga, Lucy late in the Manga]], [[EldritchAbomination Anna Kakuzawa]].²** Type 5: [[spoiler:[[PersonOfMassDestruction Lucy at the end of the Manga]]]].²²* ''Manga/FairyTail''²** Type 0: Non-mages, normal exceed.²** Type 1: Treasure Hunters.²** Type 2: (Low): Lucy in early chapters, Levy. (High): Regular Fairy Tail mages.²** Type 3: (Low): Elfman, Pantherlily. (High): Dragon Slayers, God Slayers, Devil Slayers, most S-class mages, [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Etherious Demons]].²** Type 4: [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking The strongest Guild Masters, Gildartz]], [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Dragons]], [[spoiler:Mavis Vermillion]], The Celestial Spirit King, [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Mard Geer]], the Spriggan 12[[note]]For the strongest members High to bordering on Type 5.[[/note]], most characters post-TimeSkip.²** Type 5: [[TheArchmage Ze]][[TheDarkArts ref]], [[TheJuggernaut Acno]][[TheDreaded logia]], possibly [[spoiler:[[SealedEvilInACan E.N.D.]]]], [[spoiler: [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Irene]] [[RealityWarper Belserion]], [[MasterOfAll August]][[note]] these two are lower tier than the others but still belong in this class thanks to Irene's ability to warp the entire land mass of a country and summon a meteor from space with little cost to herself, August is stated to be her equal and her actual superior in 12 belongs here as well.[[/note]]]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler:[[JerkassGods Ankh]][[GreaterScopeVillain seram]]]], [[spoiler: Zeref with Fairy Heart]], [[spoiler: Acnologia after absorbing the Space Between Time]].²** Type 7: [[spoiler: The One Magic]].²²* ''LightNovel/FateApocrypha''²** Type 0: Sieg (in the beginning), Avicebron, Gordes Musik Yggdmillenia, Roche Frain Yggdmillenia, Reika Rikudou.²** Type 1: Caules Forvedge Yggdmillenia, Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillenia[[note]]like Darnic, we never see her true powers in action, but it's safe to assume she's at least in this level of magical power[[/note]].²** Type 2: Kairi Sisigou, Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillenia, Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper.²** Type 3: Darnic Prestone Yggmillenia[[note]]he never really uses his true powers in the series, but one can assume he's a highly skilled mage, due to the feats he could accomplish outside the events of the series.[[/note]], Sieg (with both [[spoiler: Siegfried and Frankenstein's]] powers), Astolfo, Atalanta, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Shakespeare[[note]]it's note really clear how Shakespeare's powers work, but putting him here seems fit due to his Noble Phantasm being able to summon a corporeal replica of a historical being (Gilles de Rais), which is the most remarkable feat he actually did on-screen[[/note]].²** Type 4: Ruler, Mordred, Siegfried [[spoiler: before his HeroicSacrifice]], Chiron, Vlad Tepes in Romania, Atalanta after [[spoiler: using [[OneWingedAngel Agrius Metamorphosis]]]], Spartacus.²** Type 5: Karna, Achilles, Semiramis inside the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, [[spoiler: Sieg after turning into Fafnir]], [[spoiler: Vlad Tepes as a vampire]].²** Type 6: The Grail itself.²²* ''LightNovel/FateZero''²** Type -1: Kariya Matou late in the war, [[spoiler: Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi after his fight with Kiritsugu]], [[spoiler: Aoi Tohsaka after the war]]²** Type 0: Ryuunosuke Uryuu, Kariya Matou in the beginning of the war, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Shirley, Caster (without his spellbook).²** Type 1: Waver Velvet, Maiya Hisau, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, Norikata Emiya, Natalia Kaminski, Risei Kotomine (probably), Assassins (individually), Caster's minions.²** Type 2: Kiritsugu Emiya (without Avalon), Irisviel von Einzbern, Tokiomi Tohsaka.²** Type 3: Kiritsugu Emiya (with Avalon), Kirei Kotomine, Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.²** Type 4: Saber, Lancer, Berserker, Caster's Gigantic Horror.²** Type 5: Gilgamesh, Rider[[note]]via his Ionian Hetairoi[[/note]]²** Type 6: Angra Mainyu²²* ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar''²** Type -1: [[StayInTheKitchen Women]], children, the elderly, the sick.²** Type 0: Bat, most (male) villagers.²** Type 1: Mamiya, most non-martial arts soldiers and fighters.²** Type 2: Rihaku, raiders and gang members, novice martial artists.²** Type 3: Jagi, Amiba, Rei, Shin, Fudo, Yuda, Raiga, Fuga, Ryuga, gang leaders, higher-ranked martial artists, and Captain-level soldiers.²** Type 4: Kenshiro, Raoh, Toki, Souther, Shu, Huey, Shuren, Yuza, Ryuken.²²* ''Anime/{{FLCL}}''²** Type 0: Most people.²** Type 1: [[MadeOfIron Naota early on]], [[BadassNormal Amarao]][[note]]Borders on Type 2 since it's shown he can channel N.O.[[/note]].²** Type 2: Canti, [[AmplifierArtifact Naota later on]].²** Type 3: Haruko, most of the N.O. produced robots.²** Type 4: [[DeadlyUpgrade Canti when piloted by Naota]], the N.O. robot from Episode 5, [[spoiler:[[PowersViaPossession Naota when channeling the power of Atomsk]]]].²** Type 6: Atomsk.²²* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''²** Type -1: Dwarf in the Flask, [[spoiler:Envy and Pride in their true forms]].²** Type 0: Normal humans, Winry, Grumman.²** Type 1: Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes, Ranfan, Fu.²** Type 2: [[HalfHumanHybrid Chimeras]], Barry the Chopper, [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Olivia Armstrong, Buccaneer]], average Alchemists and (presumably) Alkahestrists.²** Type 3: State Alchemists and Alchemists and Alkahestrists of similar capability, Homunculus, [[VoluntaryShapeshifting really well-made Chimeras]].²** Type 4: Scar, [[EldritchAbomination Gluttony, Pride]], Wrath, [[HumanoidAbomination Hohenheim, Father]].²** Type 5: [[GateOfTruth The Gate of Alchemy]], [[spoiler:Father after absorbing God.]]²** Type 6: The Eye of God, [[EldritchAbomination The]] [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Truth]].²²* ''Manga/FutureDiary''²** Type 0: Civilians.²** Type 1: Aru Akise, Civilians with Child Diaries.²** Type 2: Diary Holders.²** Type 4: Murmur, [[spoiler:Minene after gaining a portion of Deus's power]].²** Type 5: [[spoiler:Yuno when she uses Deus's power]].²** Type 6: [[{{God}} Deus]], [[spoiler:Yukki after having Deus's power for 10,000 years]].²²* ''Manga/{{Gamma}}''²** Type -1: Hikari's sister, Mai Jinguji (post-injury)²** Type 0: Mizuki²** Type 1: Yuri (after losing her powers) and Miyuki, Nina Goto (without the Night Diver suit)²** Type 2: Discharge, Cannonball, Captain Lednev²** Type 3: Mr. Lostman, Presidentman, Blue Train, Hornetman, Night Diver (with her suit on)²** Type 4: Light Bright, Arturoman, Rock Rangers (as a team), Mighty Blow, Flame Bane²** Type 5: Lily Cure, Puella Magi Mika²** Type 6: Possibly Lily Cure in her prime²²* ''Franchise/GhostInTheShell''²** Type -1: People with cyber-brain sclerosis, The Laughing Man as he appears pretending to be a deaf-mute in a wheelchair.²** Type 0: Normal humans. ²** Type 1: Most non-combat cyborgs, JSDF forces, police, The Laughing Man in physical reality.²** Type 2: Specialized combat, military and armored police cyborgs, Tachikomas (AI spider minitanks), Military helicopters, Section 9 operatives.²** Type 3: Batou, Kuze, Heavy military armored suits, Heavy tanks, Naval gunfire, air-to-ground missiles.²** Type 4: Major Kusanagi, The Puppet Master, The Laughing Man (online), Tactical nuclear weapons.²²* ''Anime/GuiltyCrown''²** Type 0: Civilians.²** Type 1: Most of Funeral Parlor members, Endlave pilots. ²** Type 2: Anyone with the Void Genome, [[spoiler:Gai after [[BackFromTheDead he's resurrected]]]].²** Type 3: [[ViralTransformation Yuu]].²** Type 4: [[spoiler:[[ApocalypseMaiden Mana]] [[BackFromTheDead once she is resurrected]].]]²** Type 5: [[spoiler: Da'ath]].²²* ''Manga/{{Guyver}}''²** Type -1: [[TheChick Mizuki Segawa]].²** Type 0: [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Tetsuro Segawa, Sho Fukamachi]]; [[GirlNextDoor Natsuki Taga]]; Yohei and Shizu Onuma; Fumio Fukamachi; [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Genzo Makishima]]; [[ThoseTwoGuys Aso and Toki]]; [[{{Muggles}} Normal humans as a whole]].²** Type 1: [[AntiHero Agito Makishima]], [[{{Mooks}} Chronos workers/guards]], [[RedshirtArmy Human military/law enforcement personnel]], [[LaResistance Zeus' Thunderbolts]][[note]]Back when they were [[BadassNormal still human]], that is[[/note]], Oswald Lisker.²** Type 2: Mass-production [[BeastMan Zoanoids]], Aptom[[note]]Forms I to II[[/note]].²** Type 3: [[EliteMooks Hyper Zoanoids]], Enzyme; Masaki Murakami, Guyvers, Aptom[[note]]Form III onwards to his most recent Omega Blast form[[/note]], Shizu Onuma[[note]]as Griselda[[/note]], [[SuperSoldier Libertus]][[note]]These guys are more than a match for Hyper Zoanoids, and even in their human forms possess enough SuperStrength to crush mass-production Zoanoids with their bare hands![[/note]].²** Type 4: [[MonsterLord Zoalords]] except for Archanfel, Apollyon, [[MetaMecha Gigantic Guyver]].²** Type 5: Archanfel, [[AbusivePrecursors The Creators]], the hypothetical [[PhysicalGod Guyver Zoalord]], Gigantic Exceed.²²* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya''²** Type -1: Mikuru, [[ButtMonkey The Computer Society President]], [[spoiler: the AlternateUniverse Yuki]]²** Type 0: [[UnfazedEveryman Kyon]] and [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling his sister]], [[ThoseTwoGuys Taniguchi, Kunikida]], The StudentCouncilPresident, Sasaki (consciously).²** Type 1: Haruhi (consciously), Members of the Organization, [[HeroOfAnotherStory Tsuruya]], [[FutureBadass Mikuru (big)]], Fujiwara, Kyoko.²** Type 2: Mikuru when [[spoiler:Haruhi accidentally gives her EyeBeams]].²** Type 3: Members of the Organization and Kyoko whilst in Closed Space.²** Type 5: [[PhysicalGod Haruhi]] and formerly [[spoiler:Sasaki]] if Kyoko is to be believed ([[LockedOutOfTheLoop subconsciously]]).²** Type 6: [[RealityWarper Humanoid Interfaces, Kuyo]], [[EldritchAbomination the Data Overmind, the Sky Canopy Domain]].²** Type 7: [[TheOmnipotent Haruhi]] and [[spoiler:Sasaki]] (potentially), [[spoiler:Yuki when hijacking Haruhi's powers]].²²* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}''²** Type 0: Hellsing Organization grunts, Wild Geese mercenaries, [[OurGhoulsAreDifferent Ghouls]], normal humans.²** Type 1: Pip Bernadotte, Sir Integra Hellsing, [[spoiler: [[{{Cyborg}} The Major]]]], Iscariot Members.²** Type 2: [[CuteMonsterGirl Seras Victoria]], [[BattleButler Walter C. Dornez]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent most vampires]].²** Type 3: Alucard with {{Power Limiter}}s, Father Alexander Anderson, [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent The Captain]], [[spoiler:Walter after [[DeadlyUpgrade becoming a vampire]]]], [[spoiler:Seras after drinking Pip's blood.]]²** Type 4: [[TheOlderImmortal Alucard]] at full release, [[RealityWarper Schrödinger]], [[spoiler:Anderson after [[HumanoidAbomination using Helena's Nail]].]]²²* ''Manga/HunterXHunter''²** Type -1: Komugi²** Type 0: Mito, Alluka.²** Type 1: Gon, Kurapika, Leorio (in the beginning of the story), Neon Nostrade.²** Type 2: Killua (in the beggining of the story), Leorio (after learning Nen), Baise, Melody, Shachmono, Squala, Pakunoda, Kortopi, Palm Siberia [[spoiler: before turning into a Chimera Ant]], most Captain-level Chimera Ants before learning Nen.²** Type 3: Gon, Killua, Kurapika (after learning Nen)[[note]]during Emperor Time, and facing a member of the Phantom Troupe, Kurapika is probably as strong as a Type 4[[/note]], Kastro, Gotoh, Kalluto, Machi, Shalnark, Shizuku, Nobunaga, the Shadow Beasts, Genthru, Knuckle, Shoot, Palm Siberia [[spoiler: after turning into a Chmera Ant]], The Chimera Ant Queen, most Captain-level Chimera Ants after learning Nen.²** Type 4: Hisoka, Zeno, Silva, Illumi, Chrollo, Feitan, Franklin, Phinks, Bonolenov, Uvogin, Bisky, Razor, Morel, Knov, The Chimera Ants Royal Guards[[note]]in the very high end of this tier[[/note]] Gon (super-power mode during [[spoiler: his fight with Pitou]]), Isaac Netero, Meruem.²** Type 5: Meruem [[spoiler: (after consuming most of Youpi and Pouf's bodies)]], Nanika.²²* ''Manga/InuYasha''²** Type -1: Onigumo in the cave.²** Type 0: Most people, villagers, travelers, half-demons in human form, small demons like Shippo or Hachiemon they only as a trickster and pranksters can "fight", Kagome at beginning of the story.²** Type 1: Bandits, samurai, ninja, demon hunters without weapons, most "lesser demons" (those which look like giant insects and worms).²** Type 2: Most monks and priestesses, the band of seven (except the leader), demon hunters with their special weapons, some "lower demons" (especially if they have a sliver of the sacred jewel), Kagome at the end of the story.²** Type 3: (Low): Weaker half-demons, weaker demons in human-like form, most wolf-demons and bat-demons, Kikyo, the leader of the band of seven, Miroku with his Kazaana, Naraku at the beginning of the story, very strong monks and priestesses; (High): Inuyasha, Koga, Ayame (probably), stronger half-demons, the Panther-Devas, stronger demons in human-like shape, the most "descendants" of Naraku.²** Type 4: (Low): Sesshomaru at beginning of the story, Taigokumaru, Menomaru, Kaguya, Takemaru and So'unga together, the four gods of war, half-demons in demonic form/demonic frenzy (you only see Inuyasha so); (High): Inuyasha with Tessaiga, Sesshomaru at the end of the story, Naraku at the end of the story, the Panther-King, Ryukotsusei, the final shape of the four gods of war.²²* ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''²** Type -1: Bodyless Dio, Holly Kujo under the effects of her Stand, people with their Stand Discs removed.²** Type 0: Normal humans, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Hayato Kawajiri.²** Type 1: Jonathan Joestar before learning Ripple, Dio Brando before becoming a vampire, Jotaro before gaining his Stand abilities.²** Type 2: Untrained Ripple users, lower grade Stand users, zombies, [[StupidJetpackHitler Stroheim]], Spin users.²** Type 3: Trained Ripple users, higher grade Stand users, vampires, [[OurVampiresAreDifferent the Pillar Men]].²** Type 4: Kars after becoming the UltimateLifeform, [[TheDragon Vanilla]] [[HeroKiller Ice]] with [[PowerOfTheVoid Cream]], DIO with [[TimeStandsStill The World]], Jotaro with [[TimeStandsStill Star Platinum: The World]], Akira Otoishi with [[ShockAndAwe Red Hot Chili Pepper when absorbing all electricity in the town]], Yoshikage Kira with [[GroundhogDayLoop Killer Queen Bites the Dust]], [[CombatClairvoyance Diavolo]], [[spoiler: [[SuperMode Silver]] [[FreakyFridayFlip Chariot]] [[SquishyWizard Requiem]]]], [[spoiler:[[ArtImitatesLife Ungaro]], [[LivingMemory Donatello Versace]]]], Enrico Pucci with [[GravityMaster C-Moon]], [[spoiler:Diego Brando from Another Universe with THE WORLD]].²** Type 5: Funny Valentine with [[WindsOfDestinyChange D4C: Love Train]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler:Giorno with [[NoSell Gold Experience Requiem]]]], [[spoiler:Pucci with [[TimeMaster Made in Heaven]]]], [[spoiler: Johnny Joestar with [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning Tusk]] [[OneHitKill ACT 4]]]], [[spoiler: Gyro Zeppeli with [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning Ball Breaker]]]], [[spoiler:[[VideoGame/JoJosBizarreAdventureEyesOfHeaven Heaven Dio]] with [[RealityWarper The World]] [[RewritingReality Over]] [[BrainwashedAndCrazy Heaven]]]].²²* ''Anime/KabaneriOfTheIronFortress''²** Type 0: Civilians²** Type 1: The samurai/bushi²** Type 2: Kabane, the Kabaneri²** Type 4: Black Smoke, corrupted Kabaneri²²* ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple''²** Type 0: Civilians.²** Type 1: Most martial artists, soldiers, police officers.²** Type 2: Shirahama Kenichi, Furinji Miu, the eight fist of Ragnarok, Ikki Takeda, Renka, Tochuumaru, YOMI members, expert fighters, weaker master-level fighters.²** Type 3: Masters[[note]]particularly those from Ryouzanpaku and YAMI[[/note]].²** Type 4: Furinji Hayato, Raou Nitenen, Furinji Saiga, Senzui.²²* ''Anime/KillLaKill''²** Type -1: [[TeamPet Guts]].²** Type 0: [[QuirkyHousehold Mankanshoku family]], [[{{Mooks}} No-Star Students]].²** Type 1: [[BadassNormal Ryuko Matoi without Senketsu early on]], [[GunsAkimbo Tsumugu Kinagase]], [[MasterSwordsman Satsuki Kiryuin without Junketsu]], [[BroughtDownToBadass The Elite Four without their goku uniforms]], [[MadeOfIron Mako Mankanshoku]].²** Type 2: [[{{Mooks}} 1-Star]] and [[EliteMooks 2-Star Students]], [[GoneHorriblyWrong experimental Goku uniform students]].²** Type 3: [[PowerLimiter "Embarassed" Ryuko Matoi with Senketsu]], 3-Star Students (the student council), [[BlackSwordsAreBetter Satsuki Kiryuin with Secret Sword Bakuzan]], [[CuteMonsterGirl Ryuko Matoi without Senketsu later on]], [[BewareTheSillyOnes Mako with her fight club uniform]] [[note]]At the upper end of this Tier, bordering Type 4. She has the largest discrepancy between her normal and Super states and with a uniform, her ReadingsAreOffTheScale[[/note]], [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman Satsuki with Junketsu]].²** Type 4: [[AdaptiveArmor Ryuko Matoi with Senketsu]], Satsuki Kiryuin with Junketsu ([[spoiler:powered up with Ryuko's blood and Senketsu's life fibers]]), The Elite Four ([[spoiler:with 3-Star Uniforms Marks III-IV]]), [[ArtificialHuman Nui Harime]], [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Ragyo Kiryuin]], [[spoiler:[[HumongousMecha the Honnouji Academy Final Defense Apparatus]]]], [[spoiler:Ryuko using [[{{BFS}} Sen-I-Soshitsu Graduation]]]].²** Type 5: [[EldritchAbomination The Original Life Fiber]] [[spoiler:after absorbing Nui Harime]]; Ragyo [[spoiler:wearing Shinra Kouketsu]]; Ryuuko [[spoiler:wearing Senketsu Kisaragi]].²²* ''Manga/KotouraSan''²** Type -1: [[IllGirl Haruka Kotoura]] during [[SickEpisode Episode 8's first half]] [[note]] Due to a high fever, her {{Telepathy}} [[BroughtDownToNormal is disabled for the entirety of this episode]] until TheStinger. [[/note]], Kumiko Kotoura in the PresentDay [[note]] A Level 0 normally, but here due to [[DrowningMySorrows intense depression supplemented]] [[TheAlcoholic by alcohol]].[[/note]]²** Type 0: Yuriko Mifune, Dai'chi Muruto, Zenzou Kotoura, Haruka Kotoura during Episode 8's second half [[note]] She becomes healthy enough to walk on her own, but still no {{Telepathy}} due to her fever's aftereffects. [[/note]]²** Type 1: Hiyori Moritani [[note]] Anime-only where she is the HeirToTheDojo. [[/note]], Yoshihisa Manabe, Detective Tsukino²** Type 2: [[{{Telepathy}} Haruka Kotoura]] normally, [[spoiler: [[MySignificanceSenseIsTingling Chizuru]] [[PosthumousCharacter Mifune]] before being DrivenToSuicide]]. ²²* ''Anime/LittleWitchAcademia''²** Type -1: Diana's sick mother.²** Type 0: Muggles, Diana as a child, Andrew, Andrew's father.²** Type 1: Akko at the start [[note]]Implied she has some sort of ability right from the start that hasn't been unlocked yet making her better than a Tier 0[[/note]], [[{{Expy}} Chumlee]].²** Type 2: Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka, Lotte, Sucy, Fafnir, Hannah, Barbara, Akko with the Shiny Rod before it's true power is released.²** Type 3: Diana, Most teachers, Ursula as a child, Croix when she was a child, Croix's {{Magitek}} minions.²** Type 4: Ursula now, Croix now.²** Type 5: Ursula as Shiny Chariot [[note]]Able to do heavy damage to the moon[[/note]], Croix with the [[EvilCounterpart Dark Rod]], [[spoiler:The Dark Rod in it's nuke form]], [[spoiler:Akko after obtaining the full power of the Shiny Rod]] [[note]][[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Was able to defeat the Dark Rod]] by [[OneHitKill killing it in a single blow]][[/note]], [[spoiler:Akko and Diana's GoldenSuperMode]].²** Type 6: [[RealityWarper The Grand Triskellion]].²²* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha''²** Type -1: [[WheelchairWoobie Hayate in A's]].²** Type 0: [[MuggleBestFriend Alisa and Suzuka]].²** Type 1: [[BadassNormal Most of Nanoha's family]].²** Type 2: Yuuno, the average TSAB mooks, most of the Numbers[[note]]Uno, Due, Quattro, Sette, Dieci, Wendi, Deed[[/note]], the Forwards[[note]]Caro, Erio, Teana, and Subaru[[/note]] at the beginning of ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers''.²** Type 3: Nanoha[[note]]although she borders on type 4 when using the [[CastFromHitPoints Blaster System]][[/note]], Fate[[note]]although she borders on type 4 when using [[FragileSpeedster Sonic Drive]][[/note]], Chrono, Zest, Lutecia, the Wolkenritter, the stronger Numbers[[note]]Tre, Cinque, Sein, Otto, Nove[[/note]], the Forwards[[note]]Caro, Erio, Teana, Subaru[[/note]] [[TookALevelInBadass by the end of]] ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers''.²** Type 4: Precia, Jail Scaglietti, Hayate from ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'' on[[note]]although she's something of a SquishyWizard[[/note]], Vivio with the powerup from the Saint's Cradle, Signum when [[FusionDance Unisoned with Agito]].²** Type 5: Reinforce Eins while powered by the Book of Darkness²²* ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic''²** Type 0: Civilians²** Type 1: Alibaba before conquering his first dungeon, Fanalis²** Type 2: Sinbad without his Djinn, Aladdin before his training at Magnoshutatt, Ki using swordsman, A magic tool user²** Type 3: A Djinn weapon equip user, Mages, A household member with a vessel²** Type 4: A Full Djinn equip user, Djinn, Magi²** Type 5: The [[spoiler:Father of Al-Sarmen]]²²* ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''²** Type -1: Albert Chamomile, Chachazero.²** Type 0: Average Vetus inhabitants[[note]]Humans[[/note]], Aisaka Sayo.²** Type 1: Martial arts experts, Vetus military[[note]]contemporary Earth military[[/note]], non-magical beasts.²** Type 2: Average Magicus inhabitants[[note]]demihumans and untrained magic-users[[/note]], [[KiAttacks martial artists who can use Qi]], Arika, Akashi Yuuna, Konoe Konoka, Hasegawa Chisame, Miyazaki Nodoka, Saotome Haruna, Izumi Ako, Murakami Natsumi, Sasaki Makie, Asakura Kazumi, Ookochi Akira, Naba Chizuru, Yukihiro Ayaka, Kasuga Misora.²** Type 3: Trained mages, Magicus military[[note]]war mages, mage-knights[[/note]], average daemons, soldiers, magical beasts, Inugami Koutarou, Nagase Kaede, Ku Fei, Tatsumiya Mana, Sakurazaki Setsuna, Karakuri Chachamaru, Takane D. Goodman, Mahora Academy mage-teachers, Anya Cocolova, Ayase Yue, Chao Lingshen, Princess Theo, Fate's minions.²** Type 4: [[TheHero Negi Springfield]], [[WorldsStrongestMan Nagi Springfield, Jack Rakan]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Evangeline A. K. [=McDowell=]]], Takahata Takamichi, Gateau Vandenberg, Kurt Godel, Konoe Eishun, Albireo Imma, Zecht Filius, Konoe Konoemon, Zazie and Poyo Rainyday, Vrkso Nagasya, Ryoumen-Sukuna-no-Kami, Averruncus/Atur/Adad series, Tsukuyomi, Dynamis, the Gravekeeper, wielders of Code of the Lifemaker, daemon soldiers (wartime).²** Type 5: Kagurazaka Asuna.²** Type 6: [[TheMaker The]] [[BigBad Lifemaker]].²²* ''Manga/MedakaBox''²** Type 0: Regular Students.²** Type 1: [[BadassNormal Zenkichi]] [[CrazyPrepared Hitoyoshi]], [[CuteBruiser Onigase]] [[KinkyCuffs Harigane]], other Normals.²** Type 2: [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Kouki]] [[InstantExpert Akune]], [[MakeMeWannaShout Mogana]] [[SuperNotDrowningSkills Kikaijima]], [[CombatPragmatist Nekomi]] [[WeakButSkilled Nabeshima]], other Specials.²** Type 3: The vast majority of [[DifferentlyPoweredIndividuals Abnormals]].²** Type 4: [[PowerCopying Medaka]] [[AwesomenessByAnalysis Kurokami]], [[SuperpowerLottery certain Abnormals]], [[TheDreaded Misogi]] [[ImplacableMan Kumagawa]], other Minuses, [[spoiler: Zenkichi in Altered God Mode]].²** Type 5: [[NoSell Shishime]] [[DemonicPossession Iihiko]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler:Kumagawa with All Fiction[[note]]given that he can undo all of existence at any time he wants[[/note]], Medaka at the end of the series[[note]]She offhandedly creates a universe[[/note]].]]²** Type 7: [[PhysicalGod Ajimu]] [[TimeAbyss Najimi]].²²* ''Manga/MobPsycho100''²** Type 0: The Telepathy Club, Ichi Mezato, Kenji Mitsuura.²** Type 1: The Body Improvement Club.²** Type 2: Arataka Reigen, the Awakening Lab Espers, [[spoiler: most of Claw's recruits]].²** Type 3: Teruki Hanazawa, Ritsu Kageyama, Dimple, [[spoiler: Arataka Reigen 1000%]], Shou Suzuki, Claw's Scar Cadre, most other Espers and Evil Spirits.²** Type 4: Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama, [[spoiler: Keiji Mogami]], [[spoiler: Touichirou Suzuki]], [[spoiler: Divine Tree Empowered Dimple]], [[spoiler: Lord Psycho Helmet]]²** Type 5: [[spoiler: ??? Mob]]²²* ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia''²** Type -1: [[spoiler:[[HourOfPower All-Might most of the time]]]].²** Type 0: [[UnSorcerer Deku at the beginning]], [[UnSorcerer most Quirkless people]].²** Type 1: Deku after 10-month training, police officers.²** Type 2: [[CastFromHitpoints Deku after first getting One For All]], [[PowerNullifier Aizawa]], Stain, [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway most people with Quirks]], most student heroes.²** Type 3: Deku after learning Full Cowl, [[HavingABlast Bakugou]], [[GravityMaster Uraraka]], [[SuperSpeed Iida]], most pro heroes and villains, [[ArtificialHuman Noumu]].²** Type 4: [[WorldsBestWarrior All-Might]], [[SuperPowerLottery Todoroki]], [[spoiler:"All For One"]], [[spoiler:[[SuperpoweredEvilSide Dark Shadow unleashed]]]], most heroes in the Top Ten.²²* ''Franchise/{{Naruto}}''²** Type 0: Most non-ninja characters.²** Type 1: Most non-ninja fighters: bodyguards, bandits, soldiers.²** Type 2: Academy ninjas after learning basic jutsus, low-level genin, [[SummonMagic low-level summons]].²** Type 3: High-level Genin, chuunin, [[EliteMooks low-level jounin]], samurai, White Zetsu clone, [[SummonMagic most summons]].²** Type 4: [[SummonMagic The more powerful summons]], [[{{Kaiju}} Tailed Beasts]] and their [[SealedInsideAPersonShapedCan jinchuuriki]], [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Kages and other shinobi/samurai warlords]], Legendary Sannin[[note]]Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru[[/note]], high-level jounin, most of the [[StandardEvilOrganizationSquad Akatsuki]], anyone with [[ComboPlatterPowers the Rinnegan or Mangekyo Sharingan's various abilities]], anyone with [[SuperMode sage power]], [[spoiler:[[CombatMedic Sakura Haruno]] by the end of Shippuden]].²** Type 5: [[PhysicalGod The Sage of Six Paths]][=/=][[spoiler:Hagoromo Otsutsuki]], [[spoiler:[[EldritchAbomination the Ten-Tailed Beast]] and any of its jinchuuriki]], [[spoiler:Madara after [[CameBackStrong his resurrection]]]], [[spoiler:Hamura Otsutsuki]], [[spoiler:[[EvilMatriarch Kaguya Otsutsuki]]]], [[spoiler:Naruto and Sasuke at the end of Shippuden]], [[spoiler: Momoshki and Kinshiki]].²²* ''{{Franchise/Nasuverse}}''[[note]]Decoration Disorder Disconnection Visual Novel is probably not connected to the Nasuverse, but it is listed here for convenience.[[/note]]²** Type -1: [[ZombieApocalypse The Dead]].²** Type 0: Ordinary humans, [[UnfazedEveryman Mikiya Kokutou]].²** Type 1: Ryougi/Nanaya Shiki (without their [[MagicalEye Mystic Eyes of Death Perception]]), [[FunPersonified Fujimura Taiga]], [[BadassNormal Souichirou Kuzuki, Soujuurou Shizuki]][[note]][[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu though these two have a habit of ripping apart beings as high as Type 4]][[/note]].²** Type 2: [[SquishyWizard Most Mages]] and [[ChurchMilitant Executors]], [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Fujyo Kirie]], [[AxCrazy Shirazumi Rio]], [[IneptMage Shirou]] throughout most of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight''.²** Type 3: [[ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve Most Phantasmal Species and Spirits]], Ryougi/Nanaya Shiki (with [[MagicalEye MEODP]]), [[MindOverMatter Asagami]] [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity Fujino]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Dead Apostles]], [[WorfHadTheFlu Arcueid during]] ''VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}}'', [[HalfHumanHybrid Tohno Akiha, Tohno SHIKI]], [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Heroic Spirits/Servants]] with little or no magical abilities, [[BadassTransplant Shirou with Archer's arm]].²** Type 4: Transcedent Phantasmal Species and Greater Spirits, entities with Reality Marbles, [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Daemons]], [[GaiasVengeance Counter Guardians]], [[ImplacableMan Araya]] [[BarrierWarrior Souren]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent True Ancestors]], [[TheDreaded most beings in the Dead Apostle Ancestors list]], [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Lorelei Barthomeloi]], [[HalfHumanHybrid Kouma]] [[WorldsStrongestMan Kishima]], Servants with high magical abilities, most humans and [[HalfHumanHybrid A-rays]] during ''Literature/AngelNotes''[[note]]most of them can casually cause nuclear-weapon levels of destruction without effort[[/note]].²** Type 5: [[PhysicalGod Arcueid normally]], True Daemons, [[TheArchmage practitioners of True Magic]] (includes [[TimeMaster Aozaki]] [[StuffBlowingUp Aoko]] & [[SpaceMaster Zelretch]][[note]]with the right circumstances, they are able to defeat even the Ultimate Ones among the Type 6 below[[/note]]), [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight the Holy Grail]], [[OurGodsAreDifferent Divine Spirits in general]], most powerful Servants (examples include [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Gilgamesh]], [[LightNovel/FateApocrypha Karna]], [[Literature/FateStrangeFake Enkidu]], and [[VideoGame/FateGrandOrder Solomon]]), [[VideoGame/FateExtra BB]], [[VideoGame/FateGrandOrder Heroic Spirits summoned by the World/Grand Class Servants]][[note]]summoned this way, they are ''much'' stronger than they were in life[[/note]], [[VideoGame/FateExtella Sefar/the White Titan]], [[spoiler:Abigail Williams]] as the [[DimensionalTraveler Silver Key]].²** Type 6: [[SentientCosmicForce The Counter Forces]] ([[MotherNature Gaia]] and [[HumansAreCthulhu Alayashiki]]), [[EldritchAbomination the Aristotles/Ultimate Ones/TYPEs]], [[Literature/AngelNotes Ado Edem]], [[LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai Origin of the Void]]/[[spoiler:「Shiki Ryougi」/Shiki's Third Personality]][[note]]her deep connection to the Root grants her [[TheOmniscient omniscience]] and nigh-omnipotent [[RealityWarper reality-warping abilities]], but WordOfGod states her combat ability only allows her to fight Servants defensively, and her reality warper powers are noted to be above "Primordial Demons" or True Daemons and right below Arcueid as her true self (ARCHETYPE-EARTH). This is also discounting Servant-like entities such as the Beast of Calamities, and she herself states in ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'' that she isn't as powerful as the true "Beast of Alaya" which she is currently acting as. As such, she is somewhere between Type 5 and Type 6[[/note]], [[VideoGame/MeltyBlood ARCHETYPE-EARTH]][[note]]an Ultimate One in her own right[[/note]], the [[UltimateEvil Beasts of Calamity/Evils of Humanity]][[note]]''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'' states they are threats which require ''seven'' Grand Servants to combat when fully manifested, and their powers can transcend timelines[[/note]], [[VideoGame/FateExtella Velber/the Umbral Star]][[note]]its mere presence in Earth's galaxy awakens Altera and triggers a "quantum timelock" - an effect which cuts off the branching of timelines and turn certain events into immutable facts across all timelines on Earth. The only other entities which can trigger this effect are the Counter Forces[[/note]], [[AkashicRecords Akasha]] the Root of Creation[[note]]although it was long thought to be the source of literally ''everything'' in the Nasuverse and records the past, the present and the future, ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'' shows the Outer Gods do not come from and are unaffected by the Root, being from "another reality". At the very end of the universe when everything returns to the Root, Outer Gods still freely roam around. However, the Root is still the source of everything ''else'' in the Nasuverse[[/note]], [[EldritchAbomination Outer Gods]][[note]]the limits of their powers aren't clear, but they don't appear to be truly omnipotent[[/note]], [[spoiler:Abigail Williams and BB]] as vessels for Outer Gods[[note]]mortal vessels of Outer Gods cannot fully access the source of their powers without ''serious consequences to reality'', which keeps them at roughly a Beast of Calamity's level of threat[[/note]], Ishizue Kanata, Ookumaneko Mokumoku[[note]]the last two are from Decoration Disconnected Disorder[[/note]].²²* ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''²** Type -1: Toji's little sister, [[spoiler:soulless Adam and Lilith]].²** Type 0: Citizens, the main kids outside their Evas, Ritsuko, the BridgeBunnies, Fuyutsuki.²** Type 1: Kaji, Misato, Gendo, [[EliteMooks the JSSDF]].²** Type 2: [[BigBad Keel]] [[{{Cyborg}} Lorenz]].²** Type 4: Evangelions, Angels, [[spoiler:Kaworu, potentially Rei]].²** Type 5: [[spoiler:Adam with his soul, probably [[{{Precursors}} the First Ancestral Race]], Unit-01 after becoming the Tree of Life, and [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt Lilith after getting her soul back and absorbing Adam]]]].²²* ''Manga/{{Nobunagun}}''²** Type 0: Ordinary people.²** Type 1: All E-Gene holders without their AU Weapons, [[RedShirtArmy ordinary military]], helper Evolutionary Invasion Objects.²** Type 2: All AU Weapons under normal circumstances[[note]]It's revealed that AU Weapons are specifically designed to fight [=EIO=]s and can't do much else.[[/note]], Gariko (aka "Galileo"), messenger-type [=EIO=]s.²** Type 3: Sio Ogura (aka "Nobunagun"), Adam Muirhead (aka "Jack the Ripper"), Jess Beckham (aka "Isaac Newton"), Maresh Mirza (aka "Mahatma Gandhi"), "Dai Zong", Annus (aka "Robert Capa"), regular [=EIO=]s.²** Type 4: Nobunagun "Three-Line Volley" mode; Carrier-type [=EIO=]s, Dogoo.²²* ''Manga/OnePiece''²** Type -1: [[MilesGloriosus Usopp before joining the crew]], [[NonActionBigBad Spandam]].²** Type 0: Most people without Devil Fruits, CharlesAtlasSuperpower, or [[AwesomenessIsAForce Haki]], minor fighting characters such as the Franky Family or the Newkamas.²** Type 1: [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething Vivi]], [[BadassCrew Galley-La]] and other major allies.²** Type 2: Usopp, Nami, Coby, Killer, average [[FishPeople Fishmen]].²** Type 3: Nico Robin, Chopper[[note]]Monster Point borderlines Type 4[[/note]], Franky, Brook, Kinemon, most Paramecia and [[{{Animorphism}} Zoan]] users, most of the Eleven Supernova pre timeskip, most of CP9, Crocodile[[note]]Would be a 4 if his KryptoniteFactor (water) wasn't so easy to obtain[[/note]], Gecko Moria[[note]]Implied to have been a 4 prior to becoming fat and lazy[[/note]], Pacifista, Smoker, the weaker Vice Admirals, Jimbei on land, Caesar Clown, most powerful Fishmen.²** Type 4: (Low) Luffy, Franky post timeskip, [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Zoro, Sanji]], some Paramecia users, most [[ElementalPowers Logia]] [[NighInvulnerability users]], Marco, [[NighInvulnerable Jozu]], [[MasterSwordsman Vista, Dracule Mihawk]][[note]]It's possible that Mihawk is actually on the mid to high end, given his reputation and the fact that we've never seen him even remotely close to fighting seriously.[[/note]], Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartholomew Kuma, [[LadyOfWar Boa Hancock]], Jimbei in water, the strongest vice-admirals, Enel, Trafalgar Law. (High) , the Admirals, Garp, Silvers Rayleigh, Sengoku, [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Shanks]], [[PowerFloats Shiki]], [[TheJuggernaut Zephyr]], possibly [[spoiler:Blackbeard post-TimeSkip, if he's gained full control over Whitebeard's Fruit]], [[WorldsStrongestMan Gold Roger, Whitebeard]].²** Type 5: The Ancient Weapons, possibly including [[spoiler:Shirahoshi]].²²* ''Webcomic/OnePunchMan''²** Type 0: Normal humans, Genos before he got his Cyborg body, [[spoiler:King]].²** Type 1: Mumen Rider, Tank Top Tiger, [[{{Salaryman}} Saitama]] (before training), Class-C heroes.²** Type 2: Wolf-level threats, Class-B heroes.²** Type 3: [[CombatTentacles Kombu Infinity]], [[PsychicPowers Fubuki]], Tiger-level threats, Class-A heroes.²** Type 4: [[{{Ninja}} Sonic]], [[AntiHero Sweet Mask]], [[{{Cyborg}} Genos]] and [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits the other Class-S heroes]], [[PsychicPowers Tatsumaki]] (borderline Type 5), [[GaiasVengeance Vaccine Man]], [[OurGiantsAreBigger Beefcake]], [[UltimateLifeform Carnage Kabuto]], [[FishPeople Sea King]], [[CreepyCentipedes Elder Centipede]], [[spoiler:[[BigBadWannabe Psykos]], [[MesACrowd Black Sperm]], [[PlayingWithFire Homeless Emperor]], [[EldritchAbomination "Monster King" Orochi]] and the other high-ranking members of the Monster Association]], other Dragon-level and Demon-level threats. ²** Type 5: [[WorldsStrongestMan King]] [[spoiler:[[FakeUltimateHero (only in reputation)]]]], [[TheGhost Blast (possibly)]], [[AllJustADream Subterrean King]], [[GalacticConqueror Lord Boros]] [[note]]Is a Star Buster according to the [[WordOfGod official guide by ONE]] [[/note]], [[spoiler:[[AntiVillain "Hero Killer" Garou]]]], God-level threats.²** Type 6: [[ComicallyInvincibleHero Saitama]], [[spoiler:[[GreaterScopeVillain "God"]]]].²²* ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt''²** Type -1: [[ButtMonkey Brief]], [[spoiler:[[LivingMacguffin Panty at the very end of the series]]]].²** Type 0: [[IronButtMonkey Chuck, Fastener]].²** Type 1: [[CompleteImmortality Garterbelt]], low-tier ghosts, [[spoiler:[[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Brief in Episode 12]]]].²** Type 2: [[FallenAngel Panty, Stocking]], [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Scanty, Kneesocks, Corset]].²** Type 3: [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Panty and Stocking when they transform]][[note]]At least at the end of the series[[/note]], high-tier ghosts, Trans-Homers, Corset when [[CombatSadomasochist his corset is tightened]] and/or when [[EquippableAlly equipped with Scanty and Kneesocks]].²** Type 4: The most powerful ghosts, [[spoiler:Chuck in his {{Hellhound}} form, Fastener in his [[ScaledUp dragon form]]]], [[spoiler:Panty and Stocking with the Ultimate Weapon]].²** Type 5: [[spoiler:[[EldritchAbomination The Other Gods]], the power of Brief's penis, [[HellOnEarth Corset when combined with the Gates of Hell]], [[ Stocking in the never-made Season 2]][[note]]Implying that she becomes Corset's new connection to Hell[[/note]]]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler:[[{{God}} Judgement]]]].²²* ''Manga/{{Parasyte}}''²** Type 0: Satomi, Yuko, Akiho, Mitsuo, Hirama, Uragami, [[spoiler:[[HumanAllAlong Mayor Hirokawa]]]], Kazuyuki, Nobuko.²** Type 1: Yamagishi.²** Type 2: [[SpiderSense Kana]]. ²** Type 3: The parasites, [[LovecraftianSuperpower Shinichi and Migi]][[note]]Specifically, after [[CameBackStrong the latter resurrects the former.]][[/note]]²** Type 4: Gotou²²* ''Anime/PrincessMononoke''²** Type 0: Irontown's habitants.²** Type 1: San, [[LadyOfWar Lady Eboshi]], Jiko Bou.²** Type 2: [[CursedWithAwesome Ashitaka]], Moro's cubs, Boars.²** Type 3: [[NobleWolf Moro]], [[FullBoarAction Okkoto, Nago]].²** Type 4: The Spirit of the Forest.²²* ''Manga/{{Psyren}}''²** Type -1: Tatsuo pre Psyren.²** Type 0: Minor first time drifters, mundane soldiers/criminals/policemen.²** Type 1: Ageha and Hiryu without Psi.²** Type 2: Psi-novices (Ageha and Hiryu second drift; Kabuto without Yoyo, [[BrainyBaby Marco]]), [[NeuralImplanting Koichi Iba]], lesser Tavoo.²** Type 3: Advanced Psi-users (Main Drifters, Elmore kids[[spoiler:[[note]]Bordering to Type 4 when grown up[[/note]]]], [[ShockAndAwe Haruhiko]], [[{{Teleportation}} Lan]], Tatsuo, [[TheDeterminator Kagetora]][[note]]Is extremely good with Rise and thus very powerful, but doesn't have any fancy abilities otherwise[[/note]], [[TheMedic Ian]], Neo Amakusa psychicers), strong or human-type Tavoo, [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Scourge]].²** Type 4: [[BigBad Amagi Miroku]], W.I.S.E. Star commanders[[note]]All of them have immense destructive power, at least in the future, even if the lower ranks got beaten by Type 3's on several occasions[[/note]], [[SuperMode Nova]] users[[note]]Bordering to Type 5 for Ageha[[/note]], [[spoiler:Tavoo-Oboro]], [[spoiler:Kabuto [[RealityWarper with Yoyo]]]], [[ObsoleteMentor Matsuri]].²** Type 5: Nemesis Q, [[spoiler:[[ManBehindTheMan Mithra]] (with the tears)]].²** Type 6: [[PlanetEater Ouroborous/Quat Nevas itself]].²²* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''²** Type -1: Tatsuya, Kyousuke before Sayaka's wish heals his hand, [[spoiler:[[IllGirl Homura]] in the original timeline]].²** Type 0: Most civilians.²** Type 2: Most familiars of Witches.²** Type 3: Most magical girls, most Witches, [[spoiler:familiars used by Walpurgisnacht]].²** Type 4: Walpurgisnacht, [[spoiler:Madoka after a few of Homura's time loops (assuming that she contracts)]], [[spoiler:Homura with her time traveling ability]], [[spoiler:[[OurAngelsAreDifferent Sayaka]] [[SummonMagic in Rebellion]]]], possibly Kyubey.²** Type 5: [[spoiler: Kriemhild Gretchen]].²** Type 6: [[spoiler: [[AbstractApotheosis Ultimate Madoka]], [[MadGod Akuma Homura]]]].²²* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf''²** Type -1: Gosunkugi, Ranma (Moxibustion arc)²** Type 0: Nabiki, Kasumi, Nodoka, Akari, the Jusenkyo Guide. ²** Type 2: Akane, Tatewaki, Ukyo, Mariko, Kodachi, Soun, Dr. Tofu, Sasuke, the Golden Pair, Shampoo²** Type 3: [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Ranma, Ryoga]], [[InvoluntaryShapeshifter Mousse, Genma]], Hinako, Herb, Lime, Mint, Ryu, Pantyhose Taro, Rouge (Asura form), Cologne.²** Type 4: Happosai, the Orochi, Saffron. ²²* ''Manga/{{RINNE}}''²** Type -1: Ill-fated humans.[[note]]Particularly the silliest deaths, such as the girl who was killed [[WeaksauceWeakness knocking her head on a dugout's ceiling.]] ²** Type 0: Normal humans.²** Type 2: [[ISeeDeadPeople Sakura, Tsubasa, Annette, Otome]], Rinne (sans Haori), black cats.²** Type 3: Shinigami, Damashigami, Shirushigami, demons.²** Type 5: The Wheel of Reincarnation²²* ''Manga/SaintSeiya''²** Type 0: Average mortals. Saori Kido before finding out she's a Goddess.²** Type 1: Temple Guards, Tatsumi.²** Type 2: Steel Saints.²** Type 3: Bronze Saints on average.²** Type 4: Silver Saints and Specters on average.²** Type 5: Gold Saints on average, Bronze Saints reaching the Seventh Sense and/or wearing a Gold Cloth, Odin's God Warriors, Polaris Hilda, Poseidon's Mariners.²** Type 6: [[OurGodsAreDifferent Gods]], Saints who have reached the Eighth Sense (such as Shaka), Gemini Saga, Gemini Kanon, the three Judges of the Underworld, Pandora, Saints who resurrect their Cloths into God Cloths.²** Type 7: [[spoiler:[[{{God}} The Big Will.]]]]²²* ''Manga/SailorMoon''²** Type 0: Civilians²** Type 1: Sailor Senshi in their civilian forms²** Type 2: Hotaru (before becoming Sailor Saturn), Tuxedo Kamen (90s anime)²** Type 3: 90s Anime Sailor Senshi (generally), Tuxedo Kamen (without the Golden Crystal)²** Type 4: Manga Sailor Senshi, Shitennou²** Type 5: [[MessianicArchetype Sailor Moon]], [[ApocalypseMaiden Sailor Saturn]], [[FutureBadass Sailor Cosmos]] [[AGodAmI Sailor Galaxia]], [[EldritchAbomination The Chaos-Spawn]]²** Type 6: [[UltimateEvil Sailor Chaos]],²²* ''Anime/SenkiZesshouSymphogear''²** Type 0: Civilians²** Type 1: Genjuro, Miku²** Type 2: Ogawa, the Noise, Maria, Kirika, Shirabe.²** Type 3: Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris, Alca Noise²** Type 4: Synchronized Symphogear, X-Drive Symphogear, The AutoScorers, Fine, Carol Aged up, Saint Germain, Caglistoro, Prelati after getting their armor ²²* ''Manga/TheSevenDeadlySins''²** Type 0: Ordinary people, Elizabeth [[spoiler: at first]]²** Type 1: Rank-and-file Knights.²** Type 2: [[FullBoarAction Hawk]], [[AnimalsNotToScale Hawk's mom]], [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower Sir Twigo]].²** Type 3: Most of the titular Sins, The Holy Knights fighters, [[QuirkyMinibossSquad the Weird Fangs and Dawn Roar]], [[PlayingWithFire Cain Barzad]].²** Type 4: Some of the titular Sins wielding their [[AmplifierArtifact Sacred Treasures]], the Great Holy Knights, Myth/KingArthur, [[spoiler: awakened Elizabeth]], The Ten Commandments, [[spoiler:Meliodas after his powers are returned]], [[spoiler:Escanor]].²** Type 5: The [[GreaterScopeVillain Demon King]], the [[OurGodsAreGreater Goddesses]], [[spoiler: [[PhysicalGod Escanor at Noon]]]].²²* ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}}''²** Type 0: Normal people.²** Type 1: Gourry, Zolf, Dilgear, Martina, Sylphiel.²** Type 2: Weaker monsters.²** Type 3: Zelgadis, Amelia, Naga, Pokota, Luke, most monsters.²** Type 4: Lina, Rezo, Xellos, Filia, Valgaav, Luna, Fibrizo, Zelas, Dolphin, Garv, Grausherra.²** Type 5: Shabranigdo, Dark Star, Ceifeed, [[spoiler: the Giga Slave]].²** Type 7: The Lord of Nightmares.²²* ''Anime/SonicTheHedgehogTheMovie''²** Type 0: The president, Old Man Owl, most other people.²** Type 1: Sera, Dr. Robotnik.²** Type 2: Tails.²** Type 3: Knuckles.²** Type 4: Sonic, Metal Sonic, Metal Robotnik.²²* ''Anime/SonicX''²** Type -1: Maria , Lucky.²** Type 0: Chris and the rest of his family, the President, Molly.²** Type 1: Mr. Stewart and Mr. Tanaka, Decoe, Boko, and Bokkun, GUN grunts.²** Type 2: Tails, Cream, Dr. Eggman, Cosmo, Charmy, Big, Metarex mooks, Badnik Mooks.²** Type 3: Amy, Vector, Espio, Tails with his plane/mech, Rouge, Gamma and the rest of the E-100 series, Tougher Metarex²** Type 4: Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow (when removing his limiters, he borders the next tier), Biolizard, Chaos, the four metarex generals, The Scarship, Emerl.²** Type 5: Super Sonic and Shadow, Dark Sonic, Dark Oak, Perfect Chaos. ²²* ''Manga/SoulEater''²** Type 0: Normal humans.²** Type 1: Strong souls, Mifune.²** Type 2: NOT students, young witches.²** Type 3: Maka/Soul, Black*Star/Tsubaki, EAT weapons and meisters, most witches, Blair, Sid/Nygus, [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Free]], Mosquito, Giriko.²** Type 4: Maka/Soul ([[spoiler:After Soul becomes a Death Scythe]]), Black*Star/Tsubaki (during [[SuperMode Enchanted Sword Mode]]), Death Scythes, Crona, Stein, Death The Kid, Medusa, Arachne.²** Type 5: Lord Death, Asura, Excalibur and anyone wielding him, possibly Mabaa, [[spoiler: Death The Kid after becoming a true Grim Reaper]].²²* ''LightNovel/StrikeTheBlood''²** Type -1: Nagisa Akatsuki, Kanon Kanagi.²** Type 0: Normal humans, Asagi Aiba, Mimori Akatsuki, Kensei Kanagi.²** Type 1: Police; military, terrorists.²** Type 2: [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Therianthorpes]], humonculi, [[spoiler:Yuuma Tokoyogi]].²** Type 3: Yukina Himeragi, Combat Deacons, Astarte, La Folia Rihavein, Sayaki Kirasaka, [[spoiler:Motoki Yaze]], Kou Amatsuka, Nina Adelard, fighters with intelligent weapons.²** Type 4: Kojou Akatsuki, Dimitrie Vatler and Avrora Florestina [[note]]All three may be Type 5[[/note]], Familiars, Natsuki Namamiya, Nalakuvera, [[spoiler:Kanon Kanagi in angel form]], [[spoiler:Nagisa Akatsuki when possessed by Avrora]], Aya Tokoyogi, Mogwai, Wiseman.²** Type 5: [[spoiler: Cain]]²²* ''Anime/TenchiMuyo''²** Type 0: Noboyuki. ²** Type 2: Mihoshi, Kiyone, and other GP officers with physical enhancements [[note]]Mihoshi's causality bending is so vast that even Washuu cannot figure it out, pushing the effects of which to Type 6 when using it. But Mihoshi has no conscious control over (or even knowledge of) it so she stays at Type 2[[/note]].²** Type 3: Tenchi (without Lighthawk Wings), Yoshou and Ayeka without Royal Trees.²** Type 5: Ryoko, Kagato, Achika, Kain [[note]] Although in the scope of ''Universe'' exclusively, he's more of a 6, being by far the strongest ''Universe'' canon character [[/note]] , Yugi.²** Type 6: Z, Lighthawk Tenchi, The strongest Royal Tree Ships, The Souja, The Counter Actor[[note]]Possibly higher, given that it successfully strangled Tokimi's lower-dimensional shadow[[/note]], full power Ryoko.²** Type 7: The Choushin, [[spoiler:[[{{God}} Kami Tenchi]]]].²²* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''²** Type -1: [[TeamPet Boota]][[note]]Though his Spiral Power levels are comparable that of a Type 2-3's[[/note]], Gimmy and Darry pre-TimeSkip, [[spoiler:Lordgenome as the Biocomputer]].²** Type 0: Civilians.²** Type 1: Most named members of Team Dai-Gurren.²** Type 2: Viral, beastmen, pre-TimeSkip Simon²** Type 3: Lordgenome, Gunmen, post-TimeSkip Simon.²** Type 4: Gurren Lagann, Lazengann, the Four Supreme General's Gunmen, Mugann, the rest of Team Dai-Gurren's Gunmen post-TimeSkip.²** Type 5: Arc-Gurren Lagann, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Ashtanga.²** Type 6: [[spoiler:[[ApocalypseHow The Spiral Nemesis]] if it is {{sentient| cosmic force}}]], [[spoiler:[[TitleDrop Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann]]]], Lazengann once Lordgenome is revived[[note]]Shown when he tanks the Anti-Spiral's attack, which has the power of the Big Bang, and converts it into a drill[[/note]], [[spoiler:The Anti-Spirals, Anti-Spiral Nia]], [[spoiler:Granzeboma]], [[spoiler:Tengen Toppa mechas shown in TheMovie]], EOS Simon[[note]]He [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu beat the Anti-Spiral in a fistfight]] in TheMovie and is stated to have the powers of a god[[/note]].²²* ''Manga/{{Toriko}}''²** Type -1: The Billion Bird.²** Type 0: Normal humans, Most Chefs.²** Type 1: Komatsu (Pre Melk Knife), Zonge and his cronies, very low level capture beasts.²** Type 2: Most Bishokuya, low level capture beasts, Melk The Second.²** Type 3: (Low) Toriko (Pre Food Honor), Coco (Pre Food Honor), Sunny (Pre Food Honor), Komatsu (With Melk Knife), Beasts with higher Double Digit capture level, Baby Nitros. (High) Zebra (Pre President's training), mid level capture beasts, the weakest Nitros, Weaker Gourmet World Beasts, Adult Nitros.²** Type 4: High level capture beasts, including really any Gourmet World beast, The Four Heavenly Kings (Post Food Honor), Stajyuun, Grinpatch, Tommyrod, Buranchi, Teppei, Setsuno, Mansam, Yosaku, Melk The First, The Stronger Nitros. [[spoiler: The Four Beasts, the Original Four Beast]].²** Type 5: Acacia, Frohze/Joa, Ichiryuu, Jirou, Midora, the Eight King Beasts, the Seven Beasts of Area 6, most beasts with capture levels of multiple thousands, [[spoiler:Toriko's Blue Demon]], [[spoiler:Don Slime]], [[spoiler: Devil King NEO]], [[spoiler: GOD (Mature Form)]], the [[spoiler:Blue Nitro]], possibly Setsuno.²** Type 6: [[spoiler: [[TheMaker CENTER]], Acacia after eating GOD, CENTER and NEO, Toriko's White Demon, The Gourmet Gods from The Furthest Lands]]²²* ''Anime/TransformersCybertron''²** Type 0: [[NonActionGuy Coby, Lori and Bud]].²** Type 1: Minicons.²** Type 3: [[HumongousMecha Most Transformers]].²** Type 4: Megatron/Galvatron, Optimus Prime, 'Emperor' Starscream.²** Type 5: Primus, [[spoiler: Galvatron with the Omega Lock]].²** Type 6: The Freaking Black Hole.²²* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry''²** Type -1: Nanjo, Hideyoshi, Maria, Gohda, Kumasawa.²** Type 0: Kinzo, Natsuhi, Lion, Eva, Genji.²** Type 1: Krauss, Jessica, George, Rudolf, Ange, Rosa.²** Type 2: Battler, Erika, Kyrie, all of the Goats.²** Type 3: Shannon, Kanon, The Seven Stakes.²** Type 4: Beatrice, Eva-Beatrice, Virgilia, Sorcerer-Goldsmith, Ronove, Chiesters, Dlanor.²** Type 5: Willard.²** Type 6: Lambdadelta, Bernkastel[[note]]Both are borderline Type 7, the two can throw big bangs and crunches at will, and can create universe-spanning stories involving the above characters where they are the author-god at a whim[[/note]], [[spoiler:Sorcerer-Battler]], [[spoiler:Witch of Truth Erika]], [[spoiler:Witch of Resurrection Ange-Beatrice]].²** Type 7: [[AuthorAvatar Featherine Augustus Aurora]].²²* ''Anime/VariableGeo''²** Type -1: Daisuke[[note]]Satomi's kid brother, who suffers from [[SoapOperaDisease an unknown medical condition]] that keeps him bedridden[[/note]].²** Type 0: Washio, average citizens and spectators.²** Type 1: Manami Kusunoki[[note]]As in the games, she's still the weakest among the waitresses and lacks any spiritual power[[/note]].²** Type 2: Jun Kubota, Erina Goldsmith, Ayako Yuuki, Chiho Masuda, Damian[[note]]under normal circumstances[[/note]].²** Type 3: Reimi Jahana, Kaori Yanase.²** Type 4 (low): Yuka Takeuichi and Satomi Yajima[[note]]both their fighting capacities and spiritual power places them far enough beyond Type 3, that they technically rank at Type 4[[/note]], Damian[[note]]upon taking his meds and transforming into [[SuperpoweredEvilSide his alter ego]][[/note]].²** Type 4: The Old Master, The Mute.²²* ''Franchise/YuGiOh''²** Type -1: Anyone under the influence of a [[IronicHell Penalty Game]].²** Type 0: Little Yugi, Anzu, Mokuba, Sho, Honda (anime).²** Type 1: Jounouchi, Honda (manga), Mai, Manjoume, Asuka, Kaiser, [[ButtMonkey Yuma at the beginning of his series]].²** Type 2: [[TheRival Seto]], Judai at first, Johan, the Signers, anyone possessed by a Number.²** Type 3: Dark Yugi, [[{{Seers}} Isis]], [[MindControl Marik]], Shadi.²** Type 4: [[YourSoulIsMine Pegasus]], [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Dark Marik, Dark Bakura, the Supreme King]], Kagemaru and the Seven Stars, [[PsychicPowers Aki]], Rex Godwin and the Dark Signers, Astral, [[YourSoulIsMine Kaito Tenjo]].²** Type 5: Exodia, the various God Cards from each series (Egyptian Gods, Wicked Gods, Phantom Demons, Earthbound Immortals, etc.), Thief King Bakura, [[TheHeartless Zorc Necrophades]], [[HumanoidAbomination Yubel]], [[EldritchAbomination King of the Underworld]], [[spoiler:Paradox]], [[spoiler:Yuma and Astral fused together]].²** Type 6: [[HolyHandGrenade The Creator God of Light: Horakhty]], [[EldritchAbomination the Great Leviathan, the Light of Ruin]], [[spoiler:the Darkness of Justice]], the Crimson Dragon, Z-one, [[spoiler:Yusei in Over Limit Accel Synchro mode with Shooting Quasar Dragon]], Don Thousand, [[spoiler: Zarc]].²** Type 7: [[spoiler:[[AkashicRecords The Numeron Code]], hypothetically Godwin had he successfully absorbed the Crimson Dragon and King of the Underworld and hit the ResetButton on the universe.]]²²* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho''²** Type 0: Normal humans, including [[LoveInterest Keiko]] and [[AristocratsAreEvil the Black Book Club]].²** Type 1: Yusuke and Kuwabara before gaining powers.²** Type 2: Yusuke initially after dying (as a ghost with no special powers), Botan[[note]]TheGrimReaper is usually at least Type 5, but she demonstrates no abilities beyond being able to take the dead to the afterlife[[/note]], Class F-lower E demons and spiritually-aware people .²** Type 2-3: High Class E-C demons and spiritually-aware people, including Yusuke and Kuwabara once they get powers, Kurama, Hiei, most fighters in the Dark Tournament, old Genkai, and most of Yusuke's initial targets as a Spirit Detective, Koenma.²** Type 3: B-Class demons and spiritually-aware people, including all four main characters (and the various hanger-ons they picked up from the Dark Tournament) by the end of the story, the Toguro Brothers, young Genkai. ²** Type 4: [[AfterlifeBureaucracy King Enma]]. Koenma when releasing his 700 years of stored Holy Energy. Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara at maximum potential. A-Class Demons, The Spirit-World Commando Force, Urameshi Yusuke once Ascended to Demonhood, Sensui Shinobu, The average S-Class Demon.²** Type 5: The Three Kings of The Demon World[[note]]Given that they keep the legions of S-class demons in check[[/note]], Raizen's Friends, Yusuke, Yoko Kurama and Hiei. (The last three, by the end of the series.)²²* ''Manga/ZatchBell''²** Type 0: Normal humans, most Bookkeepers, Umagon at first.²** Type 1: Folgore, Sherry.²** Type 2: Dufort, [[spoiler: Kiyomaro post-resurrection]].²** Type 3: Most demon children.²** Type 4: [[GravityMaster Brago]], [[BlowYouAway Bari]], [[ShockAndAwe Zatch, Zeon]], [[TheBeastmaster Riou]], [[BigBad Clear Note]], Gorm, [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Ashlong and Elzador]], [[spoiler: Kyanchome with his [[MasterOfIllusion strongest]] [[RealityWarper spells]]]].²** Type 5: [[spoiler: [[AllYourPowersCombined The Golden Book]], Clear Note after merging with Shin Kuea Seunousu, the Demon King when deciding who lives and who dies]].²²* ''Manga/ZettaiKarenChildren'' and its spin-off ''Anime/TheUnlimitedHyoubuKyousuke'' [[note]] A government-issue PowerLimiter drops an esper's InUniverse PowerLevel scale by 3 levels. [[/note]]²** Type 0: Anybody without PsychicPowers (with few exceptions).²** Type 1: [[BadassNormal Kouichi]] [[TheStrategist Minamoto]].²** Type 2: All espers whose PowerLevels are anywhere from 1-3, [[PowerNullifier Andy Hinomiya]] [[note]] Regardless of how strong his power level actually is InUniverse, he'd rank here on this scale. [[/note]]²** Type 3: All espers whose PowerLevels are either 4 or 5²** Type 4: All espers whose PowerLevels are either 6 or 7 [[note]]Level 7 is the highest rank in the setting. The titular Children are also at this level[[/note]].²** Type 5: Kaoru when using the Triple Boost [[spoiler:and as the Queen of Catastrophe in the BadFuture]], Kyousuke Hyoubu [[note]]Due to ComboPlatterPowers (each of them is at least ranked Level 5 InUniverse) and goes [[UpToEleven beyond Level 7]] in terms of InUniverse PowerLevels. Borderline Type 6 on this scale[[/note]], Fujiko Tsubomi [[note]] for similar reasons as Kyousuke[[/note]].²----


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