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1!!Season 1* The faded pink children's towel that Reggie Ledoux wears around his waist when he's captured is from ''MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''. It's possible that he got it from one of his captives. It's probably not an intentional example, given that the show didn't even exist in 1995.* In the same scene, he begins mumbling something incoherent about the EternalRecurrence and Rust identifies it as Nietzsche, and tells him to shut up.* Errol Childress watches ''Film/NorthByNorthwest''.* Several concepts (The Yellow King, Carcosa etc.) are named in homage to ''Literature/TheKingInYellow''.* Cohle's line "L'Chaim, Fatass." is reference to a line uttered to ComicBook/TheKingpin by his former consigliere as FamousLastWords in an issue of {{ComicBook/Daredevil}} by Creator/BrianMichaelBendis.* The Tuttle family name is a hint that [[Film/{{Brazil}} they're all in this together.]]* [[ This]] shot of Maggie sleeping in her bed is suspiciously similar to the memorable [[ opening shot]] of ''Film/LostInTranslation''. * A SerialKiller keeps his [[Film/{{Psycho}} mummified dad around]], who used to be an AbusiveParent.!!Season 2* For his visit to Chad in the mall, Ray picks up a [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamCharsCounterattack MSN-03 Jagd Doga mobile suit model kit.]]* Velcoro admits he isn't exactly ''Series/{{Columbo}}''. Frank later asks if he's supposed to wait for Velcoro to pull a [[Series/TheRockfordFiles Rockford]].* There's a scene that takes place under a big ol' billboard for ''Film/AmericanSniper.''* Frank Semyon's plot to surreptitiously buy up land in order to profit when it is later bought by the government is a common one in Los Angeles noir stories, appearing in both ''{{Film/Chinatown}}'' and ''{{VideoGame/LA Noire}}''.* Velcoro's [[spoiler: near-death experience]] has overtones of David Lynch, particularly Series/{{Twin Peaks}}.* Woodrugh's fiancee and mother watch ''Film/SplendorInTheGrass'' in their motel room.----


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