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1* To ''VideoGame/SilentHill2'', ''[[VideoGame/SilentHill3 3]]'', and ''[[VideoGame/SilentHillOrigins Origins]]'' in the [[ UFO Ending]], which invokes the RuleOfFunny to hilarious effect.* Dahlia's references to the Music/SexPistols:** Apparently Harry named her "assets" [[ Sid and Nancy]].** "[[ I'm pretty and you're vacant...]]"* You can find posters for the [[VideoGame/FatalFrame Camera Obscura]] photography studio around town.* The guy you call to work the bridge is named [[Creator/JimmyStewart Jimmy]] [[Creator/FrankCapra Capra]], a portmanteau of the lead actor and director respectively of ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife''. The former played a man who, in desperation, was going to jump off a bridge on a dark, snowy night.* The high school you visit in the game is named Midwich High School, so naturally their home team is called the [[Literature/TheMidwichCuckoos Cuckoos]].* Lisa remarks that [[Film/{{Clerks}} she's not even supposed to be at work that day]].* One of the mementos that Harry finds is a barbie-like doll without its head in a freezer. Hmm, [[Series/{{Dexter}} could the Ice Truck Killer have made a stop in Silent Hill?]] * The paintings in the art room look like UsefulNotes/PlayStation-era Harry Mason.----


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