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1''Whoops Apocalypse'' is a six-part 1982 television sitcom by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick, made by London Weekend Television for ITV. Marshall and Renwick later reworked the concept as [[InNameOnly 1986 film of the same name from ITC Entertainment, with almost completely different characters and plot, although one or two of the original actors returned in different roles]]. ²²Our main characters are -²²* [[UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan Johnny Cyclops]] - A naive and highly unpopular former actor turned President²* [[UsefulNotes/LeonidBrezhnev Dubienkin]] - The extremely old Soviet Premier who's actually a series of clones played by Creator/RichardGriffiths²* The Devil/Lacrobat- [[ArmsDealer International Arms struggler]] and MasterOfDisguise played by Creator/JohnCleese in the show and Creator/MichaelRichards in the film²* Kevin Pork- The Left Wing Prime Minister²²!!Tropes used in the show include:²* BadassBystander: A major sub-plot in the early episodes has the Soviets brutally interrogating a sweet, harmless elderly husband and wife whom they believe to be undercover agents for the West. The audience laughs merrily along at this, until suddenly...they beat the crap out of their interrogators, produce various spy-tech gadgets, and stage a jail break. ²* CannotTellFictionFromReality: The British PM thinks he's Superman. By the time the nukes start flying, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary join him in the delusion, as the Green Lantern and Hawkman respectively.²* CoffinContraband: This is one of the ways Lacrobat smuggles the Quark bomb to the Middle East (with the bodies of two circus dwarfs and himself in a ringmaster's outfit to complete the disguise). Unfortunately, he loses track of the coffin, and it ends up being taken to a crematorium. Kaboom. ²* DirtyCommunists: The Soviet and British Governments.²* IgnorantAboutFire: This show has a scene where the deposed Shah of Iran is aboard a space shuttle ([[ItMakesSenseInContext yeah...]]) and a fire breaks out. His idiot sidekick hands him what he thinks is a fire extinguisher, but is actually an oxygen cylinder. (This was {{foreshadow|ing}}ed in reverse in a previous episode.)²* InsistentTerminology: Johnny Cyclops objects to an incredibly destructive bomb being named after him and recommends "the Quark Bomb" instead. The Newsreader still describes it as "the Quark Bomb, formerly known as the Johnny Cyclops Bomb after the president of the same name" every time he mentions it.²* IncrediblyObviousBug: The tea lady brings in a trolley with two tray of buns, which start rotating, revealing that they're hiding reel-to-reel tape.²* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed:²** Cyclops is a (rather kind) parody of Reagan.²*** In the film, the previous president, a former circus clown is also a parody of Ronald Reagan²** Pork is a mix of (at the time) Labour Party leader Michael Foot and Peter Shore.²*** The foreign secretary was inspired by David Owen ²** The Jailed President in the Film is based of Richard Nixon ²** The Deacon is Alexander Haig(Haig was actually known as The Vicar in the White House but the writers didn't known at the time ²** Princess Wendy is a parody of Princess Diana²** Democratic Senator Jimmy Hennessy is a parody of Senator Teddy Kennedy).²* OurPresidentsAreDifferent:²** Cyclops is a bit of a focus group and personable, Kevin Pork is a PM lunatic.²** For the movie, President Barbara Adams is a President Minority and President Focus Group. British PM Sir Mortimer Chris is a Prime Minister Lunatic (his policies include creating new jobs by pushing employed people off cliffs).


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