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1-->''" itself. The secrets of the cosmos lie [[TitleDrop through the wormhole]]."''²-->--Opening narration²²'''Through the Wormhole''', sometimes listed as '''Through the Wormhole with Creator/MorganFreeman''', is a speculative science program hosted by Morgan Freeman. In the program, Freeman narrates explorations in the big questions of the universe -- TimeTravel, human consciousness, the existence of aliens, the edges of the universe, {{God}}, alternate dimensions, and more. These discussions come with interviews with experts in fields related to the topic of the episode, who may conduct experiments to support their theories, and sometimes short animations to explain to viewers a concept.²²The show is ''very'' science heavy -- you don't need a degree in physics to understand what the experts are saying, but it will help a lot.²²----²!!Tropes in this work:²²* AlienTropes: The ''entire'' index is discussed back and forth -- if aliens did exist, what would they look like, what would their society be like, what would they evolve like, etc.²* ArtifactTitle: The first season was primarily concerned with physics and space-related topics, such as dark energy and dark matter, how life began, time travel, black holes, etc. From the second season on, the topics stray into human consciousness, life after death, and the existence of a {{God}}.²* MohsScaleOfScienceFictionHardness: As hard as concrete. The show is thoroughly grounded in reality, and examines speculative science like time travel, aliens and alternate dimensions from the direction that we do not ''know'' they exist, but if they did, this is how we might discover them, and how they might exist in terms of our knowledge of scientific theorem.²* OurWormholesAreDifferent: Examined as a means of travel between space, time, and/or dimensions, if they could ever exist at all. The show also notes that black holes are ''not'' wormholes.²* TimeTravel: Examined, including the possibility that the physics of the universe would simply not allow backwards time travel to exist to avoid a GrandfatherParadox.²* TitleDrop: Aside from the opening narration, Freeman often delivers one if the topic involves black holes or wormholes.²* ViewersAreGeniuses[=/=]ViewersAreMorons: Mostly the former, some of the topics discussed are very complex and would only make sense to someone who knows a bit about physics and other topics. However, some episodes feature cartoons or other visual aids describing things in LaymansTerms after the {{Technobabble}} explanation is given.²* WiseBeyondTheirYears: Every episode begins with a flashback from Freeman from his childhood. If the flashbacks are true, Freeman was showing more insight and curiosity about the world around him as a child than some adults exhibit.²----


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